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  • Ramon Blackz
    Ramon Blackz

    I don't get why he destroyed the stereo this Trend of Destroying things is really Weird to me smh

  • ZakkuEmanyueru

    i know its for entertainment... but... please dont destroy the interior with an angle grinder... these volvos are magnificent comfortable sofas which can take you anywhere in the world... and surprisingly the volvo 5pot diesel sounds as good as the volvo 5pot petrol?! all the benefits and none the drawbacks...

  • JCopeland 6734
    JCopeland 6734

    9:50 when I start tidying my room and my mum comes in

  • JCopeland 6734
    JCopeland 6734

    Payback time for Alex

  • Nothingam! Lyngdoh. T
    Nothingam! Lyngdoh. T

    Under steer means boring. Oversteer means fun

  • Thomas Leslie
    Thomas Leslie

    That guy sounds just like zerka

  • Nothingam! Lyngdoh. T
    Nothingam! Lyngdoh. T

    Wow the wise man is wise

  • spyburn007

    I’m sure Gareth is a nice guy but can we get him back in the spanners and away from the mic please?

  • Mac Collie
    Mac Collie

    Why did you just destroy the interior of a car you rated so highly? You should have just serviced it and gave it away, certainly didn’t earn you any new viewers.

  • Sebastian Tickleberry
    Sebastian Tickleberry

    Jesus some of you need a safe space now getting hurt about inanimate objects

  • Chris Hart
    Chris Hart

    If you go steady that £1 of fuel should get you 10 miles.

  • Gary Clifton
    Gary Clifton

    Had a pug 206 auto great car great on fuel would love this for weekends away with wife ur gradkids id love this ps out of work ar min getting over cancer

  • Micheal Phiri
    Micheal Phiri

    They should have made these in 2020. The seats are doing social distancing

  • Chris Hart
    Chris Hart

    The £1 means nothing he gave you a free car that's all.

  • Johnsxn

    I'll give you 1euro for it 😏

  • Mathias Stuhl
    Mathias Stuhl

    Finally alex got a car his size...

  • Paul Yeung
    Paul Yeung

    I knew it was a Cappuccino when Alex said yes it is a suzuki!!! I was LOLing how long it took them haha

  • Mister Sean
    Mister Sean

    Im Sweden he could have got atlest 1500 pounds for this. He basically gave it away :(...

  • Phoenix1128

    Honda Civic drivers shifting to 1st gear at 100mph: Pathetic

  • explornation uk
    explornation uk

    Now that's a car none of that computer driven crap. What a build.

  • vbddfy euuyt
    vbddfy euuyt

    I say we call the car “Jane” 😂

  • karl

    Give you 5 pound good profit

  • Mark K
    Mark K

    Alex I've liked your channels for a long time but I agree with some of the other comments here. These antics are becoming a little tiresome. There's no achievement in being gifted a car and damaging it through your credentials on Instagram.

  • Thomas Epstein
    Thomas Epstein

    I overfilled an old S40 with about 3l of oil and after it Burnt all the oil it still ran fine 😂 fantastic cars, c30 is now my daily driver

  • ChungaChingo

    3:21 4 year old selling a car😄😁

  • Martti Suomivuori
    Martti Suomivuori

    Back in the days, nobody knew that the designer at Frua's (a subsidiary of Ghia) was Pelle Pettersson. Does not sound Italian, does it? Swedish design, helvete ändå! Vem skulle ha gissat det? (who would have guessed that?) Those lines have really stood the test of time.

  • Tashfeen Fazal
    Tashfeen Fazal

    Put some new set of tires rims some general maintenance and maybe a wrap would be a nice couple of vids

  • Heiden

    Just one problem. Steering wheel in the wrong side.

  • Agbor Mark
    Agbor Mark

    I want it mate🧘🏾‍♂️

  • hot anime chick
    hot anime chick

    here at 999,963 views b4 1 mil squad

  • TheAnalXylophone

    Акцент вообще нихуя не палится, Мишань.

  • murray

    Nice snatch reference

  • Kacper Kulpa
    Kacper Kulpa

    Pozdrowienia z Polskii !!

  • 7ufsa

    diesel engines are nice

  • Idriss elbaz
    Idriss elbaz

    This is so not fair, they manipulate the race. I Prefer to enjoy landscapes and surrounding on my bike, than sit in a boring vehicle. Also life supposed to be enjoyed, not be a race. Ps: that shower is good for your immune system 😉

  • Flying Hedgehog
    Flying Hedgehog

    Looks like Gazza lol

  • Matias Petersen
    Matias Petersen

    What a great little kid! 😂

  • Xander Schilperoort
    Xander Schilperoort


  • Jon Ricketts
    Jon Ricketts

    I’d give you. £5 for it

  • Stevemechman

    Take it to the track and punish it hard

  • Aaron Willmott
    Aaron Willmott

    to retrieve the pound you just needed to plug it into the volvo infront you satanic mad man!!!!!!!

  • Gabri Fav
    Gabri Fav

    This comment section 20% I love Volvo 80% PoOr Cd PlAyEr

  • steven king King
    steven king King

    That kid is amazing 👏 good lad. 👍

  • Chris Jefferies
    Chris Jefferies

    I wish I could of had that Volvo especially at that give it s good Service go on for years more

  • John_ Ebenezer91
    John_ Ebenezer91

    Such a sweet little fella.👍🏻

  • Dilan Senaratne
    Dilan Senaratne

    I had my stolen car listed for sale in Dagenham by Romanians so this story is very accurate and one to beware off

  • Bernie Wright
    Bernie Wright

    Love how you say "you can just use normal fuel, normal filters...." as if that's not what the majority of people do. Probably 95% of older cars live on the cheapest parts.

  • Jay

    Do a collaboration with EVIL GT these guys are hilarious.

  • Amine Maazoul
    Amine Maazoul

    Also ne unbekannte schaut unerwartet vorbei und fragt ob er reinkommen darf ! und die Frau sagt ja ! Solche freundliche Leute kann man nur in NRW finden.

  • Fonnie Faxbear
    Fonnie Faxbear

    Anyone notice that ethan was reading the women's weekly?

  • Keaddart - ARC-7766
    Keaddart - ARC-7766

    I play forza all day..

  • Keaddart - ARC-7766
    Keaddart - ARC-7766

    Aryton Senna....

  • Tibanu

    I would have gived you 2 pounds for it!

  • Keaddart - ARC-7766
    Keaddart - ARC-7766

    The only thing I drove is a golf cart

  • Keaddart - ARC-7766
    Keaddart - ARC-7766

    I play car games when i'm in the toilet

  • MaZuRqV

    Dumb to destroy the radio...

  • Gaming York
    Gaming York

    Why would you destroy such a radio? I still use cds

  • Guntis Murāns
    Guntis Murāns

    Wtf is going on in UK?! Car worth 2000€ for 1£?!

  • maDeiNtHe80s

    Send that to Africa you would make a couple £€$

  • Panzer_Runner

    "You can't live in a car, but you can race a shed" - Jimmy Broadbent

  • Wolfer32

    So a Street Port is making the Intake and Exhaust Port slightly bigger and Bridge port is adding another layer near the Apex Seals for air to come in?

  • Chris Arch
    Chris Arch

    Are we just going to ignore the man in the balaclava in the background at 3:33?

  • Daniel Ward
    Daniel Ward

    Road test after you just found out the spring is not seated correctly and the antiroll bar is loose. Clever, I'd take my car there

  • Martin Ross
    Martin Ross

    Just got a zafira shitbox for free! Ok starter has a dead spot, fixed it with a hefty blow with a hammer. Boom, it's a I dont care daily. : )

  • Casey Hitchcock
    Casey Hitchcock


  • John citizen
    John citizen

    got a 5cyl. in my GMCtruck....

  • Amsyar

    Considering how old this car is, it perform very well

  • Sacral Bearman
    Sacral Bearman


  • Saatana

    So Eathan likes BDSM? So is he the dommie and Alex the sub? :D

  • Anton Lindbom
    Anton Lindbom

    My girlfriend bought a 03 V70 2.4T for 200 bucks. Afterwards she found 50 bucks in the glove compartment.

  • watchamovie1000

    Dumb, man. Destructive for no reason. 👎🏼

  • Emilio Flores
    Emilio Flores

    Most of this isn’t even true ngl

  • Vinde

    friend of me have just over 570k km on his v70

  • Moto Run
    Moto Run

    alex, let's restore it and flip it, and make profit from it

  • Daniel

    Turn it into a monster mate, 5cyl goodness.

  • El-Kwako

    You better have a test drive 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Boredwithgaming

    The kid put a pound in the cd player but i bet it would have still worked lol when you're done with it Alex i have £2 with your name on it waiting to buy and save the 285k mile volvo d5 such a good car and I wanted one for a while I even have a spare set of alloys that would look awesome on it I currently own and drive a v50 2.0d sport and the v70 somehow would be an uprade lol