The Best Car I've Ever Driven
At the end of 2020, Alex drove the Cyan P1800, a car he's convinced is the best thing he's ever driven!
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  • Martti Suomivuori
    Martti Suomivuori

    Back in the days, nobody knew that the designer at Frua's (a subsidiary of Ghia) was Pelle Pettersson. Does not sound Italian, does it? Swedish design, helvete ändå! Vem skulle ha gissat det? (who would have guessed that?) Those lines have really stood the test of time.

  • JRNQ Productions
    JRNQ Productions

    What a beauty...surely one of the most perfect looking designs ever done.

  • Guy Noir
    Guy Noir

    Simon Templar would truly have been " The Saint " with this car .

  • Al Mansur
    Al Mansur

    Wow, that's a perfect beauty ❤️

  • Ožbej Ozimic
    Ožbej Ozimic

    500k by the way

  • capn4u

    Mom bought a '65 in '69 when I was 15 and student driving in Michigan snow. Great balance, much better than Grandpa's '64 356. Better looking to me as well, back then. LOL

  • ChriZ GaGuRoShoMo
    ChriZ GaGuRoShoMo

    I'd settle for a regular P1800. Been in love with that car ever since I saw it for the first time. Absolutely gorgeous.

  • Chosen Idea
    Chosen Idea

    Imagine if the Saint had this back in the day?

  • David O Brien
    David O Brien

    That is a car

  • seansamurai1981

    This car makes me moist. Best looking Volvo ever in standard guise but utterly stunning in this form.

  • BananasFroggy

    Gargamel is still hunting that smurf

  • Finntastique

    The P-1800 was always gorgeous. By the way, there's one P-1800 in California, I believe, that holds the Guinness world record for the car with most mileage with the original engine block and transmission. In excess of 3 million miles.

  • Lee Lifeson
    Lee Lifeson

    You wouldn’t use your mums name as a curse word! Please don’t use your creators name as a curse word.

  • DBZero123

    Lovely car! A friendly hint: Do make use of proper white balance shooting these videos. The multiple cuts shown around/after 1:30 make the car appear in all sorts of colours.

  • T. A.
    T. A.

    "Attention to detail" doesn't justify ridiculous price tags. Toyota can do "Attention to detail" for free. Calling it a bonus on a half million euro car is moronic.

  • Landon Thomas
    Landon Thomas

    I'm here for this guy's sexy rugby body. I fuckin love this guy.

  • Mads Gellert Madsen
    Mads Gellert Madsen

    You know, if you guys need someone to test out the speed limit....

  • Mads Gellert Madsen
    Mads Gellert Madsen

    You know, if you guys need someone to test out the speed limit....

  • Mads Gellert Madsen
    Mads Gellert Madsen

    That's a sweet Volvo!

  • Emiel S
    Emiel S

    My favorite car in GTA V

  • hairyaardvark

    Great video, love that car. Also love Singer and Alfaholics though and so no surprise there! What a machine

  • Martin Bidipbo
    Martin Bidipbo

    Super stupid price. You could do the job yourself for $30.000 and the price of the original P1800. Did any of you notice how shit the traction and acceleration was on the launch? Total shite.

  • Decca Brooks
    Decca Brooks

    Absolutely nailed it with this car. Perfect


    So that's what a nervous laugh sounds like. Don't poop your pants son😣

  • hugh tuck
    hugh tuck

    soon *all* cars will be banned - take drugs instead hahahahahahahaha

  • Sebastian Denenfeld
    Sebastian Denenfeld


  • F. D.
    F. D.

    Why would you even look at a computer on wheels (Polestar) when you could have THIS???

  • Kamote Industries
    Kamote Industries

    I’ll stop hating on electric cars once they are advanced enough to simulate a manual.

    • Kamote Industries
      Kamote Industries

      @Christ in Shades yea probably

    • Christ in Shades
      Christ in Shades

      No, you'll stop hating them when you finally grow up.

  • John Hogan
    John Hogan

    Ì saw the pic and said, "Oh is this that frikkin Volvo?" With a windfall amount of money, this is my kind of extravagance.

  • Ralph Clark
    Ralph Clark

    Almost nobody here is ever even going to get a glimpse of one of these. Come on Volvo give us an affordable production version

  • Keld Tundraking
    Keld Tundraking

    Well we know what Alex wants for his birthday.

  • Hans Leander
    Hans Leander

    P1800 is one of the most beautiful cars in the world. No wonders why the Saint (and Roger More loved the car) chose it

  • SIRROMON Mandi
    SIRROMON Mandi

    One word........ sick

  • Rinky Munoz
    Rinky Munoz

    This is a car for anyone who enjoys driving and has the proper skills to take a car close to or even to it's limits! Well done!!!

    • Christ in Shades
      Christ in Shades

      You should never be taking a car to its limits on public roads. The vast majority of drivers don't have the ability to do it anyway, it's just beta male boasting.

  • Enzo Maidana
    Enzo Maidana

    Volvo doesn't conquer the world because he doesn't want to...

  • Ynot Hump
    Ynot Hump

    That is just fucking beautiful...

  • Jim

    That's the longest driveway ever. Oh wait that is a road? Sorry my bad.

  • dalton knox
    dalton knox

    A mile away from the P1800 I drove in the 70's whose main claim to fame was style and reliability. One owner drove 3,000,000 miles in his.

  • Papwithanhatchet


  • Ivan Laws
    Ivan Laws

    Bit Insane - Mate.

  • Junu Jeong
    Junu Jeong

    hmm the gear lever seems pretty far, no?

  • P M
    P M

    Know that this is a resto-mod. The originals were really eye-catching but really disappointing performers.

  • Wm. Srite
    Wm. Srite

    Why do people bleep the LTwhite version of videos? That horrible sound is so much more offensive to the ears than what he is saying. Fuck...

  • alpeena

    wow....amazing..over and over.... interior is not singer level but still...the body and drive

  • Do One
    Do One

    now thats a volvo you wouldnt see a 70 year old man driving haha

  • Alfa75V6

    amazing , AMAZING , car and work but ...... i HATE the black wheels and black wheel trend ....

  • Skiboot Dier
    Skiboot Dier

    I have a 1972 Datsun 510 with a built SR-20 6-SPEED.. I'm your Huckleberry..😈

  • EvilScientistMoose

    1. Astounding re-imagining of the P1800...and the world is now a better place because of it. 2. I think it would have been absolutely amazing with only 250-300hp. Anything above that simply adds 'axe murderer' to a perfect ballet dancer's resume, and I'm not entirely certain that it was necessary, but then again, YT nitwits would lose their minds if it wasn't overpowered. 3. Would I still buy one anyway? No. I don't fit.

  • Gene Smith
    Gene Smith

    Half a mil buys a lot of 911 RS-

  • Geo Dud
    Geo Dud

    As beautiful as it is, no fucking way.

  • José Luis Limachi
    José Luis Limachi

    A beautiful piece of machine

  • mussinata

    this car is sooo hooot....

  • Charley Johnson
    Charley Johnson

    Odd that they beeped out all your F-bombs but allowed you to take the name of your Savior in vain with no beep. That's blasphemy .

  • sceptic33

    Nice looking car, shame about the noise and stink. They should have electrified it

  • Nigol T.
    Nigol T.

    This is what people want!!! Forget all that Supercar Bullshit!!! This is what they want.

  • brutusbn76

    this car sucks it looks like a black person built it

  • Jessica Bruno
    Jessica Bruno

    I never have car ambitions like "ooh i'd like to own that car". Never. Until now. That looks so steampunk and so perfect, even the colour! Just... wow.

  • nick 450
    nick 450

    it's so close to perfect for me. just smaller weels to help with that monster truck ride height. like seriously did those wheels come off a charger?

  • kerranz

    That guy has a super long driveway

  • Noah N
    Noah N

    Which turbo is it running?

  • Kezdő Tanuló
    Kezdő Tanuló

    The body of the car is a copy, nothing original. Small engine with turbo! Not too lasting and dependable after sll it is a volvo. Volvo sucks. Unsafe! And overpriced! Fake review!

  • Shoko Jim Hollingsworth
    Shoko Jim Hollingsworth

    Forgetting about stress whilst test driving half a million Euro on one lane roads, on the wet, in a dense fog. Brilliant!

  • Matt Bonneville
    Matt Bonneville

    Safe to say there was not any hard cornering in those conditions.

  • BunzeeBear

    Volvo is known for its crash strength, so find a brick wall and hit it head on. One of a kind is now NONE of a kind. Which now doubles its value. What good is it if there is only 1?

  • bob lewis
    bob lewis

    My high school guidance counselor drove one of these. She was COOL.

  • Ter s
    Ter s

    yooooooo tht sounds amaing

  • Nicholas Duckney
    Nicholas Duckney

    It’s like seeing a really hot woman and knowing you’ll never get to date anyone that beautiful, it’s like joy mixed with sadness.

  • homeinthewhiteoaks

    SO... Volvo made a C2 Corvette and only 50 years late?

  • Kovács I.
    Kovács I.

    This car looks perfect.

  • Fow Jay
    Fow Jay

    A brand new Ferrari 488 and Porsche GT2 RS or this thing?

  • zappatx

    Is it a new body or a 60s model updated??

  • Donald Shidal
    Donald Shidal

    "The Saint" needs one.

  • David Phelps
    David Phelps

    Beautiful auto.

  • Triumph Lover
    Triumph Lover

    Entertaining as hell video! Yet another fantastic car with a fak you price tag. Thank god for 200 hp motorcycles, or I'd just be another mere mortal out there contemplating selling my soul to get a taste what this fine gentleman conveyed so eloquently.

  • Allosaurus Fragilis
    Allosaurus Fragilis

    Hard to beat the drivability that low weight and high power gives. I believe its the same with aircraft but im not a pilot. But most people are just shuffling from a to b , which is why most cars are not like this.

  • easterriot1916

    Now I want to see a restomod karmann ghia. Edit: Spelling is hard sometimes...

  • Mark D
    Mark D

    wow wow wow what a beautiful beast! Always loved the original but this is just fantastic.

  • SysOp

    ANY CAR THAT COST MORE THAN A HOUSE SHOULD DRIVE BETTER THAN A HOUSE. Before I block your channel, here have a downvote!

  • Peter Roberts
    Peter Roberts

    I can just see Roger Moore in the White version...

  • Steven Thomas
    Steven Thomas

    Ditch the urine yellow and add air conditioning, then you might have perfection.

  • Sean Fenwick
    Sean Fenwick

    That is gorgeous.

  • smkh

    Does the Cyan come in other colours?

  • Bab Boon
    Bab Boon

    Its weird innit. My 18 year old R1 has the same top end and *faster* acceleration 0-60. Its worth maybe £5K being optimistic. This Cyan thing looks like a the Saint's car ffrom the 1960s resprayed, and would set you back a *hundred* times as much as my old R1. Still If they really wanted to I suppose I'd swap. It would be unkind to make them live with the guilt.

  • N4REK

    That is the name of the music sound please thanks

  • Tommy Fernandez
    Tommy Fernandez

    It is actually a 1800S not a P1800. The car in this video started life as a 1964 model. Original examples were built assembled by Jensen in England. In 1963 production was moved to Sweden and the model became the 1800S. In 1970,with the introduction of fuel injection, the designation became 1800E followed by the hatchback variant 1800ES. Only 1961 - 1963 models were P1800.

  • Angel I.
    Angel I.

    Clicked for P1800 and... WAIT POLESTAR?!

  • Barb Melle
    Barb Melle

    I am old enough to have had an original. They were a porky 2500 lb car with about 110 unremarkable horse power. Pretty good quality, but the performance just was not there. The one you demonstrate would have been a class leading sports car instead of just a sporty looking small car.

  • AM Radio
    AM Radio

    Emergency meeting! Cyan so sus, for killing it!

  • VisualArts Mr.Brandon
    VisualArts Mr.Brandon

    I think we saw his "O" face

  • Pavl Rakopv
    Pavl Rakopv

    You should have put a 1UZ VVTi into the MX5.... fits them like a glove... Bullet in Australia do it.

  • Kanabekas EU
    Kanabekas EU

    this what happens when ford thunderbird and 59 corvette have a child

  • just an average guy
    just an average guy

    What a completely oxymoronic product. 420 hp 1.6. I guess they had to do it.

  • Slick Tires
    Slick Tires

    Does it have power steering?

  • Gordon Clark
    Gordon Clark


  • Bill Kerr
    Bill Kerr

    Wonderful! I Want!

  • Yafi Selim
    Yafi Selim

    I love it so much !



  • scott satren
    scott satren

    I loved this beauty the first time I laid eyes on it. Thank God it's the nemisis of the soulless modern day supercar, just what the doctor ordered.

  • Chuck Itall
    Chuck Itall

    beautiful car,, only one,,,so some wanker gets it.. moving on.

  • chuck1prillaman

    They made a dangerous Volvo. Fantastic.