£2000 Track Car Challenge
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  • Jack L
    Jack L

    They should have stripped the car a bit. If they'd have removed the passenger and rear seats it would be possible for it to win tbh, and it wouldn't have cost any money.

  • Leutnant Obvious
    Leutnant Obvious

    ultimatley, u 3 should inherit clarkson hammond and mays work at amazon one day.

  • Harry Molore
    Harry Molore

    The sim racer was a cheeky bastard

  • Sn1de_

    As far as I'm aware, Carlos Sainz is quite new to sim racing, and zak brown's more of a team leader than a racer... That tool needs to get down to earth! Especially because gran turismo is not a real sim by any mean, but an arcady game.. Get the gamer in the car, he'll know what real life is

  • DanielGamerDK

    can i just have the box please

  • Jens M
    Jens M

    I can't wait to billed up my Clio

  • Will Haer
    Will Haer

    Saxo vtr would of been good

  • cronk

    1:12 driving in yeezy boosts? that must add another inch of pedal travel

  • ferrari 458_WHAT
    ferrari 458_WHAT

    You passed our vw t5 when you went for a test drive and I waved and obviously you ignored me 😄

  • ajrestivo

    i wanna see that dude get humbled in a real car

  • pro Elf
    pro Elf

    that 11 usualy was on renaults F1 cause F1 = 11 or Renault Elf = german 11 = elf

  • Swift sport
    Swift sport

    That sim racer got the personality of a damp mop

  • casebug787 Minecraft
    casebug787 Minecraft

    At 14:37 They went to wrench studios but DMO with his 1000hp Mercedes says “Wrench sauce Bitches”

  • Ollie Glasgow
    Ollie Glasgow

    Am I still in time to win 🤣

  • shooter mcgavin
    shooter mcgavin

    Why dose every thumbnail have him flexing

  • Gal Yona
    Gal Yona

    07:53 Alex, please don't ever stop doing that!

  • Alpha Male Drives Hard
    Alpha Male Drives Hard

    This reminds me a lot of Top Gear. Especially when Alex was doing the laps.

  • Triple M Gaming
    Triple M Gaming

    except for autotrader, what good sites can i go to find good car deals??anyone?

  • evo271

    You should've stripped everything that isn't visible on the camera and put new rubber on for better grip. Yes, cheating just to wipe that smug face of that dude. Aka the Clarkson way

  • Turbo

    If you live like a robot, you will become a robot. Go outside people and be humans again in the real life, before you lose all your senses. And most importantly, tell that to your children.

  • Shane Doyle
    Shane Doyle

    Yer man is such a knob! Does anyone know if that guy has been given a try out in any of the formlae? If he was that good surely he’d be worth taking a chance on to give a drive and a bit of training? Bollox! There’s walls everywhere on that track. If he has an off it’s gonna hurt. Sim is nowhere near that type of balls! I like to think I’m quick but I wouldn’t be going as quick as him. Fair play to the guy! 👏👏👏

  • Jan Bernauer
    Jan Bernauer

    This enginecover costs 350 € i've got one for mine

  • Muhammad Mallick
    Muhammad Mallick

    you could've gone for a 350Z

  • DominatingRage

    Why do you say it in miles using the same numbers miles aren't the same as km 1 mile is 1.6 km

  • MrSluby

    What happened to the cupra tbh :(

  • TGG

    Could you please do 300hp for under 5k

  • Zeshan Hussain
    Zeshan Hussain

    you should try get a drift car with a £3000 budget

  • nuttypeanuts2012

    The sim guys ego ffs what a plum

  • Tandem master
    Tandem master

    I love that clio I wish I had one now

  • Kyle Siixx
    Kyle Siixx

    can we get a part two of this, with the sim driver on track and CT on the sim.

  • Bigger On The Inside Pod
    Bigger On The Inside Pod

    “I had a few grand spare”

    • Brad P
      Brad P

      Bigger On The Inside Pod what unlikable bastard,right?

  • Barry Duff
    Barry Duff

    A few simple mods would have been nice, weight reduction for one. Lose the back seats and Alex's biceps and he would have found that extra second.

  • Darren Gardner
    Darren Gardner

    Wrench sauce big up dmo

  • Wiggysan Wiggysan
    Wiggysan Wiggysan

    7:51 for the *OLD ATT YERRAND*

  • Il vittore 25
    Il vittore 25

    15:50 such a top gear moment

  • Dominic Downs
    Dominic Downs

    4:43 how dose he not know that’s Silverstone!

  • Zoe Ahha
    Zoe Ahha

    my grandmother used to have a Clio like that, in blue. I miss it

  • General Mafro
    General Mafro

    The game laptimes are always innaccurate anyway, the cars werent the same and there is no risk involved playing a game, stick the smug gamer in the car on that day with alex and he would have shat his pants

  • Ryzza5

    I like my chances of winning the contents of that empty box...

  • Manuel Zengaffinen
    Manuel Zengaffinen

    Surprised how good Alex was driving. Wouldnt have expected that...

  • Zackeroo HQ
    Zackeroo HQ

    That sim driver shouldn't have been allowed... It should have been real vs real

  • Roshaan Sadiq
    Roshaan Sadiq

    when you realize Chris fix bought a track car for 1500 dollars

  • Amchoo_

    That Gamers Personality is next to none...All acting like a smartass..I bet if he would do a lap in a 15yr old car with questionable tires as fast as he could he would end up on his roof in no time...

  • Abdul Gamer 2009
    Abdul Gamer 2009

    Should’ve gone for a vauxhall Astra vxr

  • Jack Occleshaw
    Jack Occleshaw

    Can Alex not put his arms down my his side because his chest is built like a unit?

  • Scott Hotchkiss
    Scott Hotchkiss

    29:40 ah amazing

  • DonBismo

    yeah jack's right its not fair the sim driver could go practice on the track whenever he want he just turn on his pc and play the game but real life it wouldnt be easy to drive on a circuit whenever we want to, and the risk boy.. alex got balls to push that car to its limit, i mean they dont even change the tire, brakes, suspension, etc. it was so risky driving it on a circuit let alone it was raining

  • Lyrixc

    The £150 7 series still just chilling there

  • Motschga

    You know what you are dealing with when a "professional sim racer" uses a Logitech G923 and plays Project Cars 3... His driving didn't even seem too smooth. Would've liked to see it with someone in a comparable car in Assetto Corsa and proper Gear.

  • RIP SIC58
    RIP SIC58

    £2k car budget £5k for the exclusive use of the track

  • Armouredfalcon

    Professional Sim racer, playing Project cars 3, an Arcade racing game, with a logitech G923. Yeah Alex was never going to catch a dude playing an arcade game like that. Even Project Cars 2 would of been a better choice. Or any of the actual proper sims out there. I do get why he was using the logitech wheel, but theres no way in hell thats his normal sim setup. Nothing wrong with the logitech for entry level, but it'd be like turning up to a professional racing series in a road car in terms of sim racing.

  • jake welch
    jake welch

    I don't it's fair really real car to simulator you have older car when you race with new car but I'm sure it was awesome fun

  • Kristian Ellis
    Kristian Ellis

    BMW e46 330ci: 230 bhp Mini Cooper S: 200 bhp ish (if had the supercharger pulley swap mod) Just a suggestion

  • Neil Bowness
    Neil Bowness

    Real driving is incomparable to sim, this is a mute competition

  • Krzysztof Gąsiorowski
    Krzysztof Gąsiorowski

    Why not a EP3 Type R Civic?

  • Johannes Olerås
    Johannes Olerås

    Why does Brits have their washing machines in the kitchen? Boggles my mind.

    • Tom H
      Tom H

      small houses + no utlility room = dryer and washing machine in kitchen

  • Anej Z
    Anej Z

    If the car had fresh tires and if it didn’t rain it would be very close

  • Zach Dyer
    Zach Dyer

    How did they miss a mini cooper s r53!? well within budget and more than enough power???????

  • Harrison

    Project cars 3... a sim. Omega lul

  • Rasputin Varez
    Rasputin Varez

    yo, muscles. you have a serious muscle imbalance, you need to do more pulling workouts. rows, band pull apart that kind of thing. your front muscles are so much more developed than your upper back that they are pulling your arms into forward rotation

  • Ed Costin
    Ed Costin

    Currently holding the shit in had me giggling

  • luke 654
    luke 654

    Wait is he a formula champion of video games? How sad.

  • zamfir vicleanu
    zamfir vicleanu

    I think you should to a rematch ( remove all seats, spare tire, plastics carpets and do remap if you are alowed, bet you can iven beat his time)

  • L42 Nosnibor
    L42 Nosnibor

    No way was that a fair comparison, I'm impressed he got that close.

  • salt & vinegar squares
    salt & vinegar squares

    can’t believe you didn’t even consider an e36 323i or 325i, yeah it’d be clapped but it’d be fine for going round a track

  • Oscar Daniel Rendon Naranjo
    Oscar Daniel Rendon Naranjo

    If they were bought the RX8 they would’ve made it

  • Amchoo_

    7:52 SOLD!!!

  • Nathan Drake
    Nathan Drake

    he looked like a lot of fun

  • Jeff Bumgravy
    Jeff Bumgravy

    Oh wow, he just oozes charisma that lad....

  • Marcel Ledniowski
    Marcel Ledniowski

    that esports gamer seems so rude, acting like he's a proper f1 racer

  • Morten A
    Morten A

    u know they got some skils with the camra work when u can get that car to look ok

  • Overthinking

    That would be about 8 grand in the us

  • The Fishing Net Treasure Hunters
    The Fishing Net Treasure Hunters

    Love the video, keep it up.

  • WaifuRacer

    For a grand you can get 1.8 tt quattros, even the 225hp versions, in around the same condition as the megane... Almost 100% sure the awd and the aero of the TT would have helped greatly.

  • RWoody1995

    The levels of insecurity in the comments are immense, hating on a guy simply because he's not a real life professional racing driver... it's a fucking challenge video chill out!

  • Williams Oliver
    Williams Oliver

    *Track$hack* on Instagram is the fastest way for tracking your stolen car I recommend him

  • nervsouly

    Car Throttle challenges are becoming so hard, you could literally feed these guys boulders and they'd chew them down thinking it was soft candy.

  • Matteo Camerotto
    Matteo Camerotto

    Why aren't they using the same car?

  • JustPlaneNuts

    Problem I have is that he did that lap on project cars 3. Which is more like and arcade racing game then sim. Try either the first or second and then redo the challenge.

  • V8ncenzo saviano
    V8ncenzo saviano

    you should to remove all the seats and other stuff you dont need to make the car faster

  • Nico Rosberg F1 Fan
    Nico Rosberg F1 Fan

    Is it just me or does Cadwell Park look like the track that resembled Crystal Palace in the F3 race in the movie Rush?

    • oats

      I kept on seeing that as well

  • Nico Rosberg F1 Fan
    Nico Rosberg F1 Fan

    The 'competition' was not fair, a professional sim racer will of course be quicker in a more powerful, newer RWD car with better chassis, suspension and everything, he can also push it much harder on the sim without worrying about any consequences. Alex' performance in the Clio seemed to be very good.

  • Ionuț

    A chair and a wheel on some high specked PC does not simulate a race track lap challenge scenario. Not even close. No g-forces, no risk, no nothing. You can't imagine how hard, how physically and mentally tiring it is to drive fast on a race track. You have to experience that for yourself. It looks easy, but it ain't! On a sim you only get some of the sensation, but nothing real. I've had a Logitech G27 in the past, it was really fun! But only when I went to the race track, in a real car, I realized what it actually took to drive a car fast! Great (actual) driving Alex!

  • Leandro Anderrüti
    Leandro Anderrüti

    Pro Sim driver with Logitech 😂😂😂😂😂

  • kstricl

    Need a follow up vid where they do some basic bolt on upgrades (BRAKES!) and go out again with the same car.

  • TxX_Ghost_Xx T
    TxX_Ghost_Xx T

    Lmao mans got fake yeezys

  • mayte

    Why is our professional sim racing driver playing a shit game like PCars3? What respectable professional sim racer considers PCars3 a sim?

  • Geronimo553

    why would he not strip it of all the excess weight inside?? that is like the first thing you do for any racing car.

  • blue

    Really cool video👍

  • ceerw buty
    ceerw buty

    no consequences of crashing like Alex had.

  • theBMWF48dude

    I still use CDs on my Xbox One, and still plan to when I upgrade to the new Series X.

  • __

    Faster than Carlos Sainz my ass

    • ceerw buty
      ceerw buty

      I mean not to be negative, but "pro" and logitech dont go hand in hand, real pros use fanatecs or the more obscure direct drive units

  • Eduard Porton
    Eduard Porton

    A very cool episode, and a big props to the Clio! Remember Top Gear and the Clio V6, the first car that didn't break on the track in the hands of the stig!

  • Ailsa Ni
    Ailsa Ni

    Alex waddled to the car as if he’d already pooped himself!

  • asioe kiou
    asioe kiou

    1:31 “You won’t win this, this is an empty box”. “However you will win the contents of the box”. Which iss....

  • VangVangVang Tech Support
    VangVangVang Tech Support

    bro please add cc , im foreign so its hard to listen the british accent :')

  • ploppy boothanger
    ploppy boothanger

    You guys cheated. Maxed your budget on the wrong car and then took it to a performance specialist to be fettled for free. Glad you lost. Love a lot of your cheap car videos but not this one sadly

    • Ailsa Ni
      Ailsa Ni

      Alex . After a minute the car automatically closes its normal . Great choice btw Alex my 172 is still my favorite ever owned.

  • Aizawaboiii

    What was the racing game ??

    • Fragahlot

      Project Cars 3

    • asioe kiou
      asioe kiou

      wanna see that guy in a clio sport doing 2:01 minute rounds (he prob cant) Great vids lads, awesome driving Alex.

  • Wolfy

    Now tyres, brakes and suspension upgrade and a pro driver if needed to reach the time they were going for.

  • Yvonne and Chloe
    Yvonne and Chloe