Public Transport Vs Motorbike Challenge
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In this week's special video, we find out what's faster over a long distance: public transport or a motorbike?
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  • Z gamerZ
    Z gamerZ

    That cbr needs an exaust

  • cool_mat 99
    cool_mat 99

    Avanti all the way

  • Arijitology

    But But In India u will reach more fast to the destination on 2 wheels :-)

  • 7D_32_Saksham Das
    7D_32_Saksham Das

    Don't judge a person by his vehicle

  • Horace Reid
    Horace Reid

    Alex you absolutely fudged this one up! I thought you were gonna bring this home for the brotherhood of motorcycling! Instead I don't get to see ethans smug face freezing to death. Unreal

  • Mozzie

    If you did this in Germany the biker would have arrived before the train arrived at the station. It's completely normal to have 30min-1h delays. The worst I experienced was 4h but the problem was, I WAS ALREADY IN THE TRAIN

  • Idriss elbaz
    Idriss elbaz

    This is so not fair, they manipulate the race. I Prefer to enjoy landscapes and surrounding on my bike, than sit in a boring vehicle. Also life supposed to be enjoyed, not be a race. Ps: that shower is good for your immune system 😉

  • MrLeo3D

    It's should've been something like a touring bike instead of CBR.


    Boys I totally enjoyed that,you NEED to do more like this and the bants between you guys just killed it

  • Pankaj Vishwakarma
    Pankaj Vishwakarma

    Try it in mumbai-india..😂😂😂

  • rasewicht Lp
    rasewicht Lp

    Do one in Germany but give public transport a huge headstart

  • Luke Di Berardino
    Luke Di Berardino

    Bikes for life

  • Anish Gupta
    Anish Gupta

    Video presentation was 😭 shitiest i have ever seen by the way concept was awesome

  • Vice

    3:46 i Prefer this :D

  • vasilikosolov

    Should have used an adventurebike like the CB500X instead of a CBR500R its a lot more comfortable and you will mostlikely require less rest stops

  • British biker Mike22
    British biker Mike22

    Fuck jumping in that cold water and riding back in the cold that’s horrible

  • British biker Mike22
    British biker Mike22

    The taxi driver is a g

  • DNA

    Bike's and Car's

  • Martin Coppedè
    Martin Coppedè

    I think that race have sense only in urban transport, because a long range train reach higher speeds than a particular vehicle. I mean, I did that with my girlfriend in our city (I know that maybe -none cares- but... Yes, it's #Madrid) and, one time I can win over her and others she can defeat me but only when she or me have any traffic jam and then the public bus or metro can defeat the private transport...

  • adsfinch

    Ullswater and Preston train station, the 2 coldest places in England...

  • Steven Greenley
    Steven Greenley

    whole thing engineered just so he could take his top off

  • Martin Schönke
    Martin Schönke

    How does he have to stop for fuel that often?!? I can do over 400k on my bike

  • joe white
    joe white

    If he thinks that bike is fun/fast... wait till he gets on one which is actually fast....

  • Shikiouji

    as a former owner of the cbr650r, i am very happy with touring it. might need a bit longer breaks but its a delightful ride considering all the trackbike-like marketing honda has done for it..

  • black cabbage
    black cabbage

    ok this channel is officially the unofficial top gear we love (if you can say that..) MORE OF THIS GUYS!

  • Fur Nocte
    Fur Nocte

    Whoaaa, Oh my god ! I'm shocked ! Taking train on long distance is quicker than any other terrestrial vehicle ?! Hopefully it's still more expensive though. Let's do a test, try leaving London using public transportation. I think I can guess the final result...

  • Adhith Pranav
    Adhith Pranav

    Off course motorcycle. *Says before watching video

  • Abbas Imran
    Abbas Imran

    When is the decider??

  • Liam Nicholson
    Liam Nicholson

    Could do with a nice tail tidy on that bike. Would clean it up nicely

  • Little Dreamer Wants to Fly
    Little Dreamer Wants to Fly

    Why put GoPro in the fuel tank of the bike? 💩 would have been better for you to tug

  • Alberto Pelle
    Alberto Pelle

    He spent £20 on fuel?! for 300 miles?! that bike does 150 miles to empty max, and that is if you ride it in the best conditions, so no city commuting at all. a full tank is about 17 quids so double that for 300 miles i'd say you'd be looking more at 35/40 quid of fuel. Send me the gas stations imma go there to refill if I can spend 20£ for 300 miles lol

  • RazerHassan_YT

    OMG THAT IS LITTERALLY THE BIKE MY DAD HAS I THINK THATS A CBR 500 Edit: I just realised it’s a 650r

  • Hannah R
    Hannah R

    Biker won. The dudes who took public transport literally had to cheat and decisive the biker to beat him

  • TheAgalmic

    Rubbish, there's no way public transport won that.

  • Ian Allso
    Ian Allso

    On a bike any day, saves time and money, not to mention more convenient. Especially with heated grips, hand guards, and the right riding gear.

  • Owen Nielsen
    Owen Nielsen

    the answer to "would you rather be ______ or on a motorcycle?" is on a Motorcycle

  • Alex Sim
    Alex Sim

    I'd take the bike over anything else, it's just more fun! But this is coming from a guy who commutes every day, year round to work in NYC traffic (until COVID). You do need proper cold weather gear though.

  • G58

    They didn’t win. They cheated.

  • Alberto Morgado
    Alberto Morgado

    Hey BBC... did you saw this???? they stole your special show idea...

  • Boris Brzac
    Boris Brzac

    I didn't finished the video (barely started) and I already know that bike is the winner. Becasue fun factor :-)

  • Andrew Rymell
    Andrew Rymell

    £120 cheaper to go and return on the bike, and you have transport when you get to the destination. For the sake of 20 minutes I'd take the bike every time.

  • Narendra Bagus Adiyaksa
    Narendra Bagus Adiyaksa

    It's unfair, the motorcycle limited to the speed of camera crew car

  • Kevin Young
    Kevin Young

    Travelling around, spreading germs, just for fun. Hardly essential travel.......

  • Cornish_ Boy
    Cornish_ Boy

    “Sports bike” sorry but that’s generous it’s more or a commuter and get under the damn screen and you won’t get any where near as cold.

  • G Smith
    G Smith

    Why on earth would you ride to the Lakes on motorways?! Take your time and a couple of days and go the fun way! So many amazing biking roads in Oxfordshire, Northants, Leics, Derbyshire into the Peaks and north. If you wanted to challenge public transport for time just pack a picnic and go in a car, no stops?!?

  • Teddy Aasbang
    Teddy Aasbang

    Why only a 650

  • Konghulio

    love the motorbike content

  • Sheikh Aman
    Sheikh Aman

    Y'all could replace the current top gear team!

  • Lesueur Pienaar
    Lesueur Pienaar

    Get a better bike that does not have a fuel tank the size of a mouse's bladder.

  • Tauseef Azam
    Tauseef Azam

    I can not belive he lost that trip About 2 years ago I made a trip to Barcelona 1700 km from South West of London in 19 hours I know most of you guys may not believe that but I did that on my yamaha xj6n 2009 model bike It was fun and fantastic experience

  • jacob chris
    jacob chris

    I'm sooo looking forward to getting my CR125R in March this year!

  • Tom Mann
    Tom Mann

    Is a taxi public transport? I don't think so. Never saw the top gear lads using one.

  • White Rabbit
    White Rabbit

    Disgraceful you let these putzes win.

  • George Swift
    George Swift

    You’re argument of public transport bring more comfortable. Doesn’t matter to a biker 😂 we love riding. I’d take my bike over any form of transport

  • Tim Widder
    Tim Widder

    In Germany with no speed limits the bike would have won easily

  • crazy manc rider vlogs
    crazy manc rider vlogs

    So take it covid rules not in place here right ,, good race though ..

  • Tech vlogs
    Tech vlogs

    Malayalis undooo...😜

  • Kallum Emmett
    Kallum Emmett

    hey alex, idk if you do, but wear earplugs!!! youll get tinitus otherwise and its no fun: first hand experience

  • Hazed Metz
    Hazed Metz

    How is this not breaking lockdown? That's now local travel for sure hahsha

  • Shaun Hall
    Shaun Hall

    You ruined the CBR reputation. Cheers lad. Have to sell the bike now 😥😂

  • Boog Boog
    Boog Boog

    Taxi is literally a "private hire" car Not public transport.

  • Scott Wainwright
    Scott Wainwright

    fair play for the water dip at the end but you should of won y not a drive through 😀

  • Paul Edmeades
    Paul Edmeades

    What is the cost of public transport and the cost of the bike fuel? Please

  • Paul Ramsden
    Paul Ramsden

    CBR 650 seems slow compared to older bikes. I had a 1995 CBR 600 which could sit happily at 165mph. Miss those days of having a bike and itching to get one again

  • Arron Hatcher
    Arron Hatcher

    Moral of the story. Don’t have a support car following you!

  • docthebiker

    Protip. If your chest is getting cold buy a newspaper.

  • ChunkyMunkie

    "I'm not sparing the horses" that bike goes at least 50mph (idk what that is in kph) faster than what he did.

  • Bill Goldberg
    Bill Goldberg

    I've travelled from Europe (Belgium) to Brighton both on motorcycle and by train. Much faster on a bike, like it takes a few hours less. The test is kinda rigged because in most scenarios the bike would be faster.

  • J R
    J R

    Biking is 100x more fun

  • Spookzii

    As someone who commutes from London to Warwick on a daily basis on a bike, i am disappointed... (M40) you had the wrong bike for the job! Tracer 900 has more beans and is more comfortable to ride over long distances :) .... Alex you let us down.... but great vid guys

  • steven robinson
    steven robinson

    remember that time people stuck to 70 on the motorway? no? me neither

  • Keith Fox
    Keith Fox

    Im not angry im so disappointed with ya for loosing

  • C Bolt
    C Bolt

    Stop touching your masks, literally makes them pointless.

  • Chance Hooper
    Chance Hooper

    £80 for the first train ticket alone. That’s about a months worth of fuel on a bike.

  • Chance Hooper
    Chance Hooper

    Bike for the win. Always. Maybe a bit cramped up on a cb650r, but I’d do that trip for fun on my KTM adventure.

  • Liamski *
    Liamski *

    You guys should race Dominic cummings to barnard castle next. Sounds like essential travel to me.

  • Donar Odinson
    Donar Odinson

    Just do the same in Germany. EZ win for the Bike.

  • Michael Wright
    Michael Wright

    Top Gear rip off plain and simple , do something new boys

  • P M
    P M


  • Muhammad Alhaddad
    Muhammad Alhaddad

    mate u was riding 70mph the whole way, what rider rides follows the speed limits ; no rider

  • Richard Nicholson
    Richard Nicholson

    However if it was a true public transport vs motorbike race the taxi wouldn’t be allowed. If the last bit had been bus then walk the motorbike would have won. Even they said that whilst on the train that the taxi is cheating slightly.

  • SleinEater

    However, motorbikes are definitely a lot more fun!

  • Ludvig Hambraeus
    Ludvig Hambraeus

    *The BBC would like to know your location*

  • Dancersdiary

    the camera men wasn't wearing a mask while filming on the train ....hahaha at 6:15....

  • Plasma 659
    Plasma 659

    petition for alex to get a bmw s1000rr since he loves bmw's and bikes

  • owen glenn
    owen glenn

    This is carthrottle at its best!

  • John Rogers
    John Rogers

    Top gear/Grand Tour style episode without the fake rivalry, humiliating the locals or general smugness (or the budget) - just 3 good natured blokes having genuine fun with cars, and now bikes. I really enjoyed that.

  • Ahmad Riaz Pasha
    Ahmad Riaz Pasha

    I liked the bike part👍

  • Tony Rawlins
    Tony Rawlins

    But the bike is going as fast as the support car.! Kick that into touch and wind it up above the 70mph youve done all the way.. Nota true reflection of bikes

  • blaster1 112
    blaster1 112

    I would without a doubt take my Honda Pan European ST 1300 over a train any day (except during heavy rain or snow)

  • Ken 1138
    Ken 1138

    Now please come do this challenge in Montreal in February.

  • Dude Plays
    Dude Plays

    If u want speed get a ninja h2, but if your looking for decent power and outstanding comfortability the tmax 530 dx is for you, it has an amazing electric screen and heated seats/heated grips built in

  • Dude Plays
    Dude Plays

    I would of beat the guys on public transport with my tmax 530 Dx

  • Dfl-stayathomedad

    F..k bus and trains 😎 🏍 all day long 🏍 is way more fun 😎😁👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  • Marco Giovanni
    Marco Giovanni

    This is pretty much top gear... and I love it!

  • Mark

    Get yourself a tail tidy Alex. That plastic reg holder if fugly!

  • samuel Dennis
    samuel Dennis

    Id much rather be on a motobike

  • Nick Bloy
    Nick Bloy

    You lost on purpose dude, for years you've wanted to get your muscles out, I've seen you pump those biceps 💪

  • Zoe Hebden
    Zoe Hebden

    Where are the subtitles??

  • Mark Brooker
    Mark Brooker

    Multimillion pound national train infrastructure just about beats a mid range motorbike that's not really designed for long journeys. Bike still wins for me 😉