Why The Police HATE Your Steering Wheel Covers | Your Car Stories
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In this week's Car Throttle Podcast, Ethan eats garlic again, we find out what grinds a police officer's gears, and read out one of the most gruesome motorbike crash stories with a twist. You have been warned!
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  • Car Throttle
    Car Throttle

    Win a Supercar or a car with £100,000 cash in the boot with BOTB. Hurry, as this competition closes at midnight this Sunday 20th December 👉bit.ly/BOTB-Supercars-Or-Car-Plus-Cash

    • Miff

      BOTB is a scam. A spot the ball competition where they don't actually use the actual position of the actual ball they removed as a guide to who got closest.


      jack i just want the saab dude.....

    • _Generation_ Youth_X
      _Generation_ Youth_X

      33:30 Ethan, I’m currently doing an advanced motor course at college, this EV thing is going to really disrupt the work jobs and how professional you can become, gone are the high paid jobs, instead I am going to hope for a good used market career and maybe performance brands, motorsport or joining the automotive journalism like you four.regardless I’m looking forward to it!

    • _Generation_ Youth_X
      _Generation_ Youth_X

      Just wait till they bring out a electrified MX-5! That’s the one car I want

    • billy2rivers1

      Another banger guys first rate .

  • ZE4LE

    i agree on jack when it comes to being a petrol head

  • ZE4LE

    bmw 330e!!!

  • M C
    M C

    Forget the podcast - Just Jacks Jokes from now on...

  • S G T P E P P E R B O I
    S G T P E P P E R B O I

    Nice yawn at 1:00:48 Jack 😂

  • Unknown

    That’s not in a zr it’s a zt all day long.

  • Alfie Norton
    Alfie Norton

    Well CBT does stand for c**k and ball torcher

  • AidenZR01

    The bloke with the fluffy steering wheel cover gives MG a bad reputation, but as a MG owner I still burst out laughing 😂 keep up with the good content Car Throttle 👍

  • Chazdubh the great
    Chazdubh the great

    i see no dashboard

  • HEN

    You guys have developed sooo much, really filling that JC,RH and JM vacuum. keep it up, dont stop podding its poggers

  • Gemma Earnshaw
    Gemma Earnshaw

    cheap motorbike challenge

  • dave matthews
    dave matthews

    I think you should frame that fan with Colin

  • Stolas

    in my country police hates everything that isnt stock. you cant supercharge your car but granny can go to dodge dealership and get a hellcat

  • Aaron Davis
    Aaron Davis

    Are petrol motorcycle's being banned or what ?

    • Rogue

      No they are not being banned.

  • Truzo

    I really want a motocompo

  • Mehlman62890

    You GuYs Are Awsome Great Year. This Is Michael M

  • spyburn007

    In Australia you get 3 points for speeding but 5 points if you’re caught on your phone and they have cameras on the motorways using AI to spot people using phones whilst driving.

  • Rusty3ghz

    Gareth talking about that emergency braking reminded me of something that happened to my dad a few weeks ago. He was driving a rented Peugeot on the Autobahn, outside lane of course, and someone pulled out right in front of him. The Peugeot initiated an automatic emergency braking maneuver which he could not override (maybe there is a way, but with the Peugeot being a rental he was obviously unfamiliar with such car-specific behaviour), so he came to a dead stop on the outside lane of the german Autobahn. Luckily the car behind him seemed to be equipped with an automatic emergency braking system as well and thus was able to avoid a crash, but still, this was a bloody dangerous situation that could have ended in a very bad accident.

  • Hastrup081290

    39:46 An EV isn’t a car. It’s a vehicle, - but not a car. For it to be a car, according to the Oxford dictionary, it needs to have an engine. An “engine” is defined by NASA as a device that creates its own energy, and turns it into movement. Like a rocket, a jet engine, or an ICE. A “motor” on the other hand, is defined by NASA, as a device that takes existing energy, and turns it into movement. Like an electric motor...

  • oJoFace

    i watch while trading items in the video game counterstrike global offensive :) if it makes you happy ive made around 28$ while watching your podcasts

  • theBMWF48dude

    i listen to this while playing video games.

  • kevin iveson
    kevin iveson

    If you need to mod an electric car, just strip down your washing machine. 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Steve Pelletier
    Steve Pelletier

    i refuse to buy a bike.....Ariel Atom ltwhite.info/pack/l9tmibCb2Niffp0/vaizdo-ra-as.html

  • Joke Assasin
    Joke Assasin

    At a minimum Pizza and Beer.

  • TwistSouth

    What’s the sort of triangular thing with a hole always sitting on the desk?

    • Ali C
      Ali C

      I had an RX8 , bought it with a dead engine and put a nearly new engine from a wrecked car . Brilliant engines but notoriously fragile, expensive to rebuild and hard to maintain , there's a car throttle video where Alex got the engine rebuilt on one they bought.

    • TwistSouth

      @Ali C just had to look up how these engines work. That’s nuts, I’ve never seen anything like that!

    • Ali C
      Ali C

      It's the rotor from an mazda RX 8 rotary engine . Equivalent to the piston in a normal engine.

  • Marc Hamilton
    Marc Hamilton

    Bike story was class.. I was riding my yz250 and the back wheel hit a hole in the track we were riding bucked me off the bike and I slamed into the ground with my head hitting a rock thank god I had my helmet on was knocked out for 25 minutes woke up and after another 10 minutes rode the bike home and continued to ride for years after it... dont be scared lads

  • TheGoose47

    Ambulance drivers? You mean paramedics fs! Highly trained medical clinicians and you refer to them by the fact that they drive a van as part of their duties... and of course are highly and advanced trained in that aspect too. no need for a 2 bit race enthusiast thanks!

  • Mr Bauer247
    Mr Bauer247

    Ambulance CREW vs police and fire. Top Gear did it already. We WON!

  • michael beevers
    michael beevers

    Hi, paramedic here.. We are professional drivers Alex.

  • Jonathan Anderson
    Jonathan Anderson

    I placed on order for a t shirt over a week ago from car throttle s shop . still not posted after a week , despite emails automated answer , your e mails very important to us . bullshit they seem more interested in portraying them selves as poor mans top gear Ive asked for a refund avoid the shop

  • Jonathan Anderson
    Jonathan Anderson

    I placed on order for a t shirt over a week ago from car throttle s shop . still not posted after a week , despite emails automated answer , your e mails very important to us . bullshit they seem more interested in portraying them selves as poor mans top gear Ive asked for a refund avoid the shop

  • sam

    If you're in public there's a reasonable expectation to be filmed, especially with CCTV and dash cams etc. Release the footage and do it

  • J-George 698
    J-George 698

    Hows that £150 e39 doing, id like to see it again sometime soon

  • 4 Four
    4 Four

    ltwhite.infoH_1GkOVvsok mikes lost shipping container 😂😂

  • Paul Sheehan
    Paul Sheehan

    Get brewer back on! I always feel like he's about to be accidentally sexist or homophobic but the anticipation is awesome.

  • Fredrik Holt
    Fredrik Holt

    Where is the royal mail lorry mention?

  • Kayne Craddock
    Kayne Craddock

    Electric cars are still bad for the environment because of the mines for lithium and power plants where the electricity comes for burn fossil fuels. so until totally renewable energy is a thing the environment will still suffer.

  • Josh Louis
    Josh Louis

    Hi guys, I do Automotive Engineering at uni and they are beginning to prepare us more for the electrification of the industry. I have a number of more electrically oriented modules and in particular ones that focus on hybridisation. Once you can integrate an electric motor with the I.C.E engine, making the whole car electric isn't that much more difficult. Also Formula Student (which is a single seater racing competition held annually between universities) has an electric division which is constantly growing.

  • Ed Silvester
    Ed Silvester

    Don’t fear the Electrics! I’ve had one for a while and it’s addictive. I love the speed and the silence. It’s slick. My S2000 still has the ability to put a grin on my face but I find myself looking forward to driving the i3 more and more.

  • David Archer
    David Archer

    Why does nobody call a more modern car nut a "motor head"?

  • Neo

    As far as I know, electric cars are at a disadvantage in cold environments. And finding parts for tesla is said to be a nightmare

  • Matt P
    Matt P

    So you've talked about the EV laws in 2030 and you've talked about bikes. Do you think that bikes will also have to be electric and what do you think about them?

  • Mick Well
    Mick Well

    first time listening amazing stories and content

  • GoFelicia go
    GoFelicia go

    Smart motorways are bullshit Just another way to make money when I first heard of them I thought it might of been inductive charging for EV car what would make sense but no just loads of cameras and more narrow lanes

  • TheTechGame

    The smart moter way on the m25 between junction 20 and 15 sometimes I find that the signs are put on for no reason sometimes, there will be normal flowing traffic of the signs drop to 60 or 50 coisedtaly next to the where the speed cameras are the after the camera they are turned off again so I do think it is bit of a money grab too

  • big marc
    big marc

    To the guy that liked the Smart Motorways, you are deluded about how safe they are. I look after all the technology on these and its utter crap, we wont even access the sites any more due to the countless near misses we've had, some of which are human error on behalf of the staff in the control room.

  • Dimitri Hadzitomov
    Dimitri Hadzitomov

    Did Ethan just say "good look getting that Sylvia"?! He really is turning into a car guy.

  • Massimo Montagna
    Massimo Montagna

    I’m at uni (third year) doing mechanical engineering and I just completed a module called engine technology so no change just yet. However, we are making an electric car for our formula student competition 2022.

  • James Hunt
    James Hunt

    Smart motorways!!!! i still remember that clip played out on radio 2 of a family broken down on a smart motorway speaking to a 999 Responder. they were ploughed into and killed during the call! Fuck smart motorways

    • James Hunt
      James Hunt


  • GBUK101

    Love the channel and the podcast, they are always brilliant, but must say they are even better when Gareth is on, he's so good! 😂

  • wyrazowfkp

    You are a little bit clueless about electric cars, mechanics, scene etc :D Not much will change --- all electrics have : AC, heat, cooling, brakes, suspension, interior, oils etc (in differentials, brake fluid, coolant, ac refrigerant and so on).... just one -two changes -- 1 speed gearbox and no clutch (or maybe there will be ev manuals :) because they are fun -- watch Ken Block ev Fiesta on rallycross track - new problems with fun driving without gears) and just electric motor instead of ice engine (which is even more complicated really). Does electric starters or alternators not require maintenance ? Those are first things that go in modern tech cars :) Sure ev have brushless engines - but construction is very simmilar just the size is bigger. There are also complicated parts that ice car don't have -- charger, contactor, big main fuse, motor regulator etc. (also inside electric motor is quite complicated with everything). Tuning will be same as now -- suspension, brakes, looks etc. and more into software .... also better motors or battery packs from tuners ? Same as today instead of better fuel pump and better engine :) . I don't see that much change. Just less oils usage in maintenance (you dont change the diff oil that often as an engine oil ;) in Telsa -- first 1 year or 12k miles -> next every 8 years or 100k miles or something like that you have to change the diff oil, brake fluid every 2 years, coolant every 4 years :) ac when needed .... also there will be more electric nonsense to go wrong (brake vacuum electric pump, electric water pump, front louvers motors, electric ac compressor etc etc...

  • Smoke EA Graffiti
    Smoke EA Graffiti

    Dundeeeeee thts where im from lol

  • Andrew

    0:02 why does ethan's avatar look like he's just sexually satisfied himself? Ps keep up the good work boy's.

    • Stephen R
      Stephen R


  • Pontus Olin
    Pontus Olin

    What about hydrogen cars, instead of a battery you have a tank with hydrogen and a fuel cell... Can we have some content about that?

  • Pontus Olin
    Pontus Olin

    What about the Prelude? Hope you scraped the K20 and did a H22 swap! Keep the Prelude heritage!

  • Lee Fall
    Lee Fall

    Gap Yarrrr Motoring

  • David Higgins
    David Higgins

    As much as I love the podcast ever since it’s started we don’t get anywhere near as much new content like we’ve seen nothing of the mr2 or the a2 and the bought them months ago

  • I Damian
    I Damian

    The electric car scene will continue with the mods. Look what richiebkid is doing with the teslas and his electric mini. The courses at universities and technical colleges are already in the transition. We all are waiting for a Car Throttle electric car challenge! Let me know if you want a hand around Manchester

  • stewal

    If that bike story does not tell you all you need to know about motorbikes then I dont know what will! Taking up motorbiking in middle age is only a good idea for transplant surgeons! Ethan and Jack keep resisting!

  • Andy Lund
    Andy Lund

    Hi lads. I've sent in an email to carstories about an mx5 with a 320d and a e46 330i track cars, both sort of inspiration from you guys. I hope you get to read it even if you don't get chance read it out on the podcast

  • Harry Townsley
    Harry Townsley


  • Saku

    You wondered how you mod electric cars. Hopefully motor swaps, custom windings, upgraded batteries, controllers and software.

  • Matty Matmatmat
    Matty Matmatmat

    I saw the dumbest / most dangerous car mod ever yesterday on my way back from work. Someone had decided to fit red bulbs in their front fog lights. Anyone got anything to beat this display of idiocy?

  • blimpism

    Only guys of a certain age will get this, but...there was a lad who lost a testicle ironically on a Raleigh Chopper on our estate in the 70's...some of the older kids used to sing "Remember Your a Womble" (one-ball) at the poor lad 🤦‍♀️

  • Nathan Shutes
    Nathan Shutes

    From Merritt Island Florida. Love watching you guys and I'm a huge fan of Mike and the "hold out your hand" bit. Thanks guys.

  • Tony Wood
    Tony Wood

    Why can't car manufactuers get together and build a generic battery pack. All you would need to do then is to dive into a service station and within 5 minutes a new pack would be fitted. Is this too much to ask for? I'm sure if the worlds governments had the collective will this could happen.

  • thanos mousios
    thanos mousios

    That is an MG ZT not a ZR so that a strong choice for a classy car 🤣

  • mike mac
    mike mac

    From a university perspective, I have friends who run our new course on autonomous driving. They focus a lot on self driving cars and hyrbid/battery power trains. But still have the time for conventional IC theory. I am not in automotive persay, but I do work in Aerospace so there is some crossover.

  • bryan

    Smart motorways are just wrong. IF an electronic system THINKS a vehicle isn't moving, IT DEPENDS on an alert worker watching a screen/ reading a warning,then it's THEIR opinion on whether to throw up" lane closed " signs . To many variables compaired to a hard shoulder only occupied by a non moving vehicle.

  • qqunee

    46:00 when that emal was read I was eating

  • Evan Hughes
    Evan Hughes

    Evan from Glasgow whilst cleaning my Mk1 TT Quattro Sport

  • Luke Chapman
    Luke Chapman

    In the states they call us gear heads... its probably just gonna change to motorhead... most petrol heads dont even modify their diesel golf they just slam it and put wheels on that are worth twice as much as the car

  • A Macca
    A Macca

    Gareth pulled more triggers than Jesse james 😂

  • hexlgaming

    Steering wheel covers should be illegal

  • doggo

    Gareth zooms into the future whilst Ethan, Alex and Jack smoke blunts watching Elon musk documentaries

  • Wassabi


  • James M
    James M

    20:40 - D.I.Kersten... I see what you did there Ethan 😂 Thanks for the great content guys 👍🏼

  • Miska Gano
    Miska Gano

    Alex, stop rushing.......

  • N H
    N H

    Jack strikes again with quote of the day....”that’s a thick bitch isn’t it?’ Gold. Another podcast triumph 👍

  • Josh Thomas
    Josh Thomas

    Moto compo nowwwwwww pleaseeeeeeee

  • george howard
    george howard

    Where is the van?

  • brandon kelly
    brandon kelly

    I'm a training mechanic now in my last year and we are working on petrol, diesel, hybrid and EVs.. Have been for a couple of years now

  • Mark122 Paterson
    Mark122 Paterson

    Jack and Ethan really need to do their cbt!


    Alex, get it into your head NO ONE IS ASSED ABOUT BIKES!

  • de Moritz z
    de Moritz z

    It looks like a few squirrels wraped around the steering wheel

  • LetsTorqueCars

    Garlic cake 😂 so savage. Great podcast as always kids

  • Fridtjof Riibe
    Fridtjof Riibe

    Petrolhead EV: Buddy Tiny Norwegian three seater

  • James Grandone
    James Grandone

    I guess the UK car people are just going to have to adopt a common US descriptor: "Motor Head" .

  • Hariharan Shekar
    Hariharan Shekar

    At 13:22 when Gareth says that I-pace's are sitting in an airfield in Leicester, It seems to Bruntingthorpe Airfield & Proving Ground maps.app.goo.gl/aegHYjnLNqzyUuAS7 (FVR9+8G)

  • Jan Pruijser
    Jan Pruijser

    I think for some people cars are just a mode of transport. It’s a thing to get you from A to B and for petrol heads a car is much more. It’s more of a real relationship you’d have with e.g a dog. You genuinely love your car and want to look after it.

  • Jan Pruijser
    Jan Pruijser

    I think for 98% of the people EVs are perfect. It will be better for our air quality and hopefully reduce global warming. And it means the other 2% (the petrol heads) can still enjoy their cars. I’m sure there will be loads of cool mods to old cars and upgrading them to a modern petrol car.

  • Ola Sigurd Vestbøstad
    Ola Sigurd Vestbøstad

    In norway it is illegal to be on your phone even when you are stadig still on a active road.

  • Brandon Dolphin
    Brandon Dolphin

    Please do the mobile phones and driving video. I can recall honking at a lady and she dropped her phone down the side of her seat. Felt great

  • Harshith Sadhana
    Harshith Sadhana

    the john story about his balls accidents. jeremy clarkson said it on top gear news.

  • Parvez

    I always thought Alex owned Car throttle

  • Matt

    I'm not sold on electric cars but I do like the idea of converting an existing car too electric

  • Vlad Solodenkov
    Vlad Solodenkov

    Couldn't care less about bikes and electric cars. This was car enthusiast channel, ain't it?

  • Mate Nagypal
    Mate Nagypal

    Currently in isolation for potentially having covid, waiting on test results. The only thing getting me through it is the CT podcasts, keep them up lads💯💪🏼

  • Dingo Dash
    Dingo Dash

    It was fairly fun until it got pretty "graphic" with the R6 story.

  • Betr8er


All my cars, EVER!