£500 Ultimate Daily Driver Challenge
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This week, Alex, Ethan and Jack have each bought what they think is the ultimate £500 daily driver!
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  • Scimmia

    Oh dear! Top Gear wanna-bes.

  • Rohit K
    Rohit K

    All this prgram need is intro theme music

  • Craig Blackburn
    Craig Blackburn

    They need to just put these lads on top gear and save the show before the clowns that are on it now put it in the ground forever

  • louis Holloway
    louis Holloway

    I had a look at what I'd buy for this I found a Volvo s60 for 400 quid I believe I'd win 🤣

  • TheGreatestPlayerInTheWorld

    I haven’t laughed so much in months 😂😂

  • Superwhaa1

    Mr brewer would be a proud man seeing Ethan going fully yabbo

  • YourAverageJoe

    One day I will own a multipla honestly

  • Harry_Rudge

    The multipla is the ugliest car ever made, prove me wrong

    • YourAverageJoe

      Perhaps, but I love it, I think the Aston Martin Lagonda shooting brake is up there: drivetribe.com/gallery/WoWpIHYAS6e1k-UqNSvaRQ?iid=IKuVrpb8SmWlOlT6-Cee1Q&mid=XkcTuoZFSG2G_q_eyXZddQ and also the Ssanyong Rodius is up there too: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SsangYong_Rodius#/media/File:Ssangyong_Rodius_(17047402870).jpg

  • Martins Smits
    Martins Smits

    Multipla and SAAB has the same engine

  • Thomas Westra
    Thomas Westra

    I love that Saab

  • Mike Rotchburns
    Mike Rotchburns

    Finally something to replace topgear

  • Lithuania's Warrior
    Lithuania's Warrior

    That ain't a Vectra, it's a Saab

  • B Razvan
    B Razvan

    Who the heck puts a christmas tree in a car with the top first?

  • J-エリコ

    I hate it when dudes say Saabs are just rebadged Vauxhalls, the reason why GM was so poor when they owned Saab is because they always went their own way, Saab had a better Sat-nav, a better Stereo, and sometimes even better engines.

  • 686sami

    Who ever owns a multipla is mentally ill 😂😂😂😂lol

  • D. Daniels1990
    D. Daniels1990

    More like this please 🙏🙏

  • Andy Millen
    Andy Millen

    Multipla fan here.

  • ReaperPL04

    Good direction guys!!! It worked for Top Gear because of their personalities and good jokes. You might change the 3rd guy😱 or make him more interesting like James May was. Why you didn't do the LAP?


    12:49 "oh there is no jesus handles" 🤣🤣🤣

  • victor romeiro
    victor romeiro

    i love how they get a new daily every week

  • Chris martin
    Chris martin

    Well done jack you did this right

  • Thijmen Postmus
    Thijmen Postmus

    Alex: Clarkson buys speed and sporty Ethan: hammond buys a weird shitbox Jack: may buys something good with no power

  • Gaming4U

    Saab + ratchet strap = life sorted

  • Sticker Ticker
    Sticker Ticker

    Please more stuff like this really awesome has some legit top gear vibes loving it

  • Roberts Dmitročenko
    Roberts Dmitročenko


  • I don't Know
    I don't Know

    Alex : Jeremy Jack : Richard James: ethan It was made to be 😂👏🏻👏🏻

  • Johnathan Hropic
    Johnathan Hropic

    Saab wagon all day as a daily… it’s ment to be practical, comfortable, safe and dependable. The rest is what the project car should be.

  • GOrDoN ReMseY
    GOrDoN ReMseY

    Love Jack's SAAB "Vectra" 😂🤣

  • Just a human
    Just a human

    What is this shite. Rather stick with top gear.

  • Rob Mead
    Rob Mead

    Ford puma has got like 3mpg

  • VolantEnigma

    Can't drift in a FWD lol

  • Fyrværkeribrødrene Dk
    Fyrværkeribrødrene Dk

    Alex: This is the car equivalent of me. Good looking, nimble. Jack: And a piece of shit. Dead

  • NegativeJam

    I loved that Saab. Looks sleek and nice. I’m a huge fan of 4-doors as well, and the hatchback style has always been my prefrence

  • EZ2ACTux

    God I want a Saab

  • Tawer Zadok
    Tawer Zadok

    0:38 a Saab vectra eh? Didn’t know they made that model.

  • Alibaba2703

    Clarkson would have got the Fiat, May the Saab, and Hammond the Ford.

  • James Davis
    James Davis

    Where is the track they film this on?

  • windows xp gamer
    windows xp gamer

    I live in europe yey!

  • Luke Mallory
    Luke Mallory

    Even if I had a few million quid, I'd still proudly own that Saab.

  • TrooperLFC

    Feels like watching a weird Top Gear

  • Swashbuckling Sapphic
    Swashbuckling Sapphic

    This video has me addicted to Saab wagons, pls more videos for the Saab!

  • Lee Rose
    Lee Rose

    What have u done to ethan youve broken him

  • Baris A
    Baris A

    Ford Puma totaly the winner

  • Anar Samedi
    Anar Samedi

    Car Throttle = Buzzfeed of the car world

  • MK Smoke
    MK Smoke

    This reminds me of old top gear this is brilliant 👍👍👏👏

  • Dave Gibson
    Dave Gibson

    It's a Saab GM bought Saab after that model came out I know this as I'm a Saab owner and it's the best car there the others are sheds and the Saab is the best looking car by far

  • Rutger Blom
    Rutger Blom

    I'd need a hazmat suit to get into the multipla

  • Enrique fuentes
    Enrique fuentes

    This gives me old top Gear vibes, hell yeah

  • jonnnyonion

    Ethan should be disqualified in the first and third race 😂

  • Sam Hindle
    Sam Hindle

    Ethan the trick to racing a Multipla is to take all the back seats out, my brother did that and it was surprising ahahahahaha

  • Asagao

    Atleast now we know where the new UK strain of covid game from... A multipla

  • Thomas

    My Favorit is the Saab

  • Will Maskell-Taylor
    Will Maskell-Taylor

    My dad used to have that model SAAB, it was awesome but something was always going wrong with it, it wasn't even that old either.

  • Jayden Kowalski
    Jayden Kowalski

    0:36 That ain’t a vectra

  • tmolson461

    Jack’s second drift got us all like “Nani?!”

  • Shocko

    Top gear on a tighter budget

  • RoflLink Whitfield
    RoflLink Whitfield

    I like the biggest brother, The Ford Probe

  • One Sad Tech
    One Sad Tech

    Damn, Jack is one hell of a driver! He can really throw that Saab around!

  • Bren Steven
    Bren Steven

    Why are you trying to be like Top gear?

  • Sadra Moradi
    Sadra Moradi

    Top gear 2.0

  • alfie needham
    alfie needham

    budget top gear so basically sh1t but its funny to see how they dont know anything about cars

    • 2 8
      2 8

      They know more than Clarkson, Hammond and May.

  • puneeth poduri
    puneeth poduri

    More challenges with all three of you please

  • Yousef

    this whole channel is better than new top gear

  • Karl Hamad
    Karl Hamad

    Why weren’t these guys given the chance to take up TopGear? Better then the dicks presenting now

  • François M
    François M

    Thanks for your video. Is it normal you guys swear a lot? It would be great if you could tone down a bit.

  • Ur boi
    Ur boi

    Claim your “before they were famous” ticket here. By the time they’re all 40-50 years old I reckon they’re gonna be our next top gear ❤️

  • Francisco

    UK: cars are so cheap UK insurance: thats why cars are so cheap.

  • kamoboko86

    Please stop saying Jesus so casually 🙄

  • Korey Trott
    Korey Trott

    I'll take the Saab over the other two any day

  • 7eis

    Here hoping for a follow up

  • Bruno Lang
    Bruno Lang

    23:27 that reverse entry tho

  • Bruno Lang
    Bruno Lang

    This is starting to become bootleg top gear and i like it

  • 0ggy313

    Well to be honest, at SAAB they've changed the Vectra so much that it doesn't have as much in common with it

  • Lidge1994

    Of course Ethan would go for the famously "Ugliest car ever"!

  • DA boss
    DA boss

    how cheap are cars there??

  • MTBallard

    That Saab is like the weirdo celebrity you shouldn't fancy but you do

  • Maxwell Hardy
    Maxwell Hardy

    As an American, the way they pronounce the word apparel is hilarious

    • 2 8
      2 8

      They are clearly saying it as a joke.

    • Chris O'Meara
      Chris O'Meara

      I'm English and pretty sure he's saying it wrong! It's not really a word we use much if at all.

  • Shadow79

    Love the saab

  • slow bird
    slow bird


  • George Berry
    George Berry

    I wonder where they got their tops


    For that price he could've gotten a showroom condition multipla... But honestly I can't think of anything that would be better than the Saab for that price. I guess it would've been better if it had been manual, the auto makes it so slow. Also the Puma should be disqualified automatically it has horrendous gas mileage compared to the two others.


    why did you take the multipla? cuz its ugly

  • Skylxne

    Would still have the Puma, as long as it does the job good enough thats good enough for me as I would want something fun as hell to drive too

  • Jesse

    The only car that isn't a joke is the rebadged Saab!

  • BlitzGamer3850

    I wanna just get a hose and Explode water in the Renault it's so fucking dirty

  • Rareș 48
    Rareș 48

    Its not a friking vectra the vectra is made by chevy opel and vauxhall

    • Rareș 48
      Rareș 48

      @2 8 oh rip didnt know, i was just confused cuz i own a opel vectra B from 98 and it looked nothing like it

    • 2 8
      2 8

      Yes but GM owned SAAB and it is a rebadged Vauxhall/Opel.

  • Sleepings

    That's a cute BMW you've got in the video !

  • RobbieM

    Can Saab come back without the gm bits plz

  • József Szabics
    József Szabics

    Beartrap loooool :D :D

  • Sleepings

    Man my 4 adblockers have to come up with a way to block in video ads

  • Marcus Edwards
    Marcus Edwards

    Good advert for the straps

  • Anna Arabyan
    Anna Arabyan

    Im watching bootleg the grand tour

  • Atay Sığırtmaç
    Atay Sığırtmaç

    you cant get a bike for 500 pounds in turkey

  • ToeVeZ

    Those 27 minutes flew by. Great work!

  • Lobsin

    Saab 9-3 ftw, that guy tried so hard pissin on it gg :)

  • Sahnoune Khaled
    Sahnoune Khaled

    clarkson, may, hammond ...younger

  • Simon T
    Simon T

    Wait. Explain to me why you didnt show Alex's skid(marks) [lol] in real time?

  • Hemen DARWISH
    Hemen DARWISH

    Mr. smart has his air con when he is drifting and in a cold day

  • ball bag baggins
    ball bag baggins

    Need much more like this lads, Jack had me creasing, "your not my dad " , "iam today "🤣

  • Hali

    apa-rel? lol