Project Car Novice Tackles Brakes & Suspension!
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Welcome to Project Z3, the series where resident non-car guy fixes up his project car to prove that 'if he can do it, then so can you!' This week in Episode 1, Ethan attempts to swap his brakes and suspension...
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  • Joseph White
    Joseph White

    Ethan using Mac tools cause he knows it’s the best company

  • Chris Condliffe
    Chris Condliffe

    Brilliant start, looking forward to seeing more

  • lindvior

    Proud of Ethan, over the years went from non car guy to low key car guy :)

  • Emmet Mc Garrigle
    Emmet Mc Garrigle

    Why didn't they clean and repaint the break calipers

  • Andre Johnsen
    Andre Johnsen

    - Let's eat... - There's a spider!!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Tom Carroll
    Tom Carroll

    Ethan is my spirit animal

  • lewis Blackford
    lewis Blackford

    Instead of getting new wheels why don't you just refurbish the stock ones and paint them. When's the next video of project z3.

  • Abcdefghijklmnñopqrstuvwxyz

    Unnecessary mechanic work. The cars was not designed to be so low. A lot of risk on the road. Don't do it.

  • Tad Cobert
    Tad Cobert

    Oh man, for Ethan to put up with the crap you guys dish out, he is my hero!! For all us non-mechanic car guys...he is now our mascot! I feel your pain bro

  • Dan and Oliver
    Dan and Oliver

    'Don't f*ck it up cos it'll take your face oof '

  • Mr Dewy
    Mr Dewy

    Without a doubt you guys are the best factual entertainment and banta...ever! Keep it up!

  • victor h
    victor h

    I really love this series🤣

  • Billy Gray
    Billy Gray

    I wish we had pizza breaks at work

  • henry porter
    henry porter

    10:45 why you should never use a gun tightening up

  • dustin stonebraker
    dustin stonebraker

    Too many Ugga duggas

  • Nah

    Poor Ethan =(

  • Keizo Jestem
    Keizo Jestem

    co za amator.

  • Dj Potato
    Dj Potato

    Anyone know what impact gun that is 👍🏻?

  • Mikey Mooney
    Mikey Mooney

    The garage I work in now the last two years and they did not let me use a inpack gun for first 4 months of my apprenticeship and I pulled spanner’s before then for many years why did yous let him near one 🤣

  • Aaron Gordon
    Aaron Gordon

    "Old out yer and" always gets me bes t part of the vid give me spring plz

  • Maruf Rahman
    Maruf Rahman

    4:57 “it’s taking the weight of the car, I think your 50 kilograms is alright” 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • 79ferret

    Ethan would rather pay Kwikfit, They'd sell him a set of tyres then charge him extra for supplying his own parts. OMG it's painful to watch him working on a car.

  • Spooky

    lol f

  • Mason Gunn
    Mason Gunn

    As a novice myself it’s nice to watch other people suffer

  • Henry Black
    Henry Black

    I love that Ethan is such a novices, it gives me hope before I venture into the garage

  • Barry Duff
    Barry Duff

    Let's get the Haynes manual and torque to spec....or we could just snap the bolt with the impact to make an example and make him learn from it.

  • Austin Boston
    Austin Boston

    More project car! Episode every 3 days if ethan can handle it :-)

  • Thomas Toth
    Thomas Toth

    Nothing against Gareth, but I enjoy these more when it's only the three of you.

  • Jeff B.
    Jeff B.

    Can we get a breakdown on that jack/brake disc stool creation at 19:23? I feel like that's something I need in my life.

  • Charlie Hall
    Charlie Hall

    Hello guys I am looking for a z3 for a project car to do up and I would like one under 1200 quid and I don't know where to search any help would be appreciated please

  • MrFlaten92

    Ethan has thought me something in this video: Dont do it yourself, just pay a garage to do it.

  • Zach Wyatt
    Zach Wyatt

    When's the next episode

  • Alex Meighan
    Alex Meighan

    12:26 Ethan regretting his life choices...

  • BrateTebra123 t.z. Streptomicin za muski rod
    BrateTebra123 t.z. Streptomicin za muski rod

    This was awful to watch

  • Sleepings

    That Omaze website lol. I never donate, I always get an entry in free without donating. Won a lame SUV and traded it for 75% of its value in cash. I only drive 2 door sports car

  • neuclearb0mb

    How is brewer just there so casually

  • Damian Islas
    Damian Islas

    Real quick... did Ethan use brake cleaner before putting the brake disc in?

  • Rasmus Roost
    Rasmus Roost

    Ethan forgot to change the blinker fluid

  • Eoghan Barrett
    Eoghan Barrett

    Eathan needs props not meany people could make it through that

  • Jas M
    Jas M

    Can we petition an episode of a colab between donut media and car throttle? That would be an amazing 2021 starter

  • Worm Tech
    Worm Tech

    I want to see Ethan do a rocker cover gasket

  • Stewart Grindlay
    Stewart Grindlay

    EBC are very good brakes. Very strong when needed

  • Janis Baturs
    Janis Baturs

    Gotta love how he is scared of the noise of undoing a nut

  • Nathan Brown
    Nathan Brown

    Was that a Dewalt battery on a Milwaukee?

    • Nathan Brown
      Nathan Brown

      Actually it’s MAC. Are the batteries interchangeable?

  • Luna Skiles
    Luna Skiles

    11:20 had the same thing with my Ram 2500 and had to buy a new hub, only I was taking the bolts off when several of them broke because that's just the way things go when you're working on a 22 year old truck in Minnesota

  • Matthew Bruerton
    Matthew Bruerton

    all part of the fun ethan! I just spend 3 days pulling the entire knuckle, hub, axle etc out of my truck just to discover the issue was a shagged drive flange xD

  • Martynas Kručas
    Martynas Kručas

    I have BMW Z3, i install coilovers... the way how you done is terrible.... use "gun" to tighten bolts... what you expect? cut the springs... there is just 4 bolt to change springs...

  • clint lashley
    clint lashley

    I'm a month late but that bit where ethan says, I'm not axil grinding.....the next shot, ethan's axil grinding 😅🤣

  • Badusername2000

    You better start actually teaching him something, seeing him fuck up over and over is not gonna be entertaining

  • daniel forber
    daniel forber

    You was meant say the spacers are hubcentric

  • Elliott Marsden
    Elliott Marsden

    The way ethan looks up after any sound is great😂

  • NikonGuy

    If you really want to challenge Ethan, get him to replace an Insignia power steering fluid pipe. Chinese contortionists struggle with that job. Yes I drive an Insignia, I'm poor.

  • Tony E
    Tony E

    What size Eibach wheel spacers did you use front and rear?

  • Ivano Huljev
    Ivano Huljev

    Bruh 1 bolt snaping is nothing i had 3 bolts snap on my exhaust manifold

  • grand tour burnout
    grand tour burnout

    What size spacers did you use?

  • Derek GB
    Derek GB

    Lazy and heavy-handed methods using the "gun" on every nut. The two blokes taking the mickey don't seem much better to me!

  • Beer Arcade
    Beer Arcade

    I Absolutely LOVE that i got a kwik fit ad for this video

  • Mitch Weston
    Mitch Weston

    I'm so sad that mike is leaving that unit, hopefully they continue to work with him

  • Tae Wuk Kang
    Tae Wuk Kang

    12:27 mental break down hahahaha

  • W D 14
    W D 14

    You forgot about the Z1

  • George Croney
    George Croney

    Please swiftly replay every time Ethan hurts himself in slow mo. I really like him but I like rewinding those bits aswell

  • George Croney
    George Croney

    Winning 20k dollars seems so depressing when you think it's not pounds. So ungrateful but every time I see a competition prize in $ I almost feel cheated

  • MrcabooseVG

    Gareth made this video, just a piss taking god

  • FuZe Zempahz
    FuZe Zempahz

    Damn same bolt same place broke on my e36 🤣🤣

  • Kidd Wong
    Kidd Wong

    Despite all the piss taking and psychological warfare you wage on Ethan, I gotta say you guys are great mates to help him out with a project car.

  • Josh Lia
    Josh Lia

    You need to fix the passenger airbag

  • Keith Murphy
    Keith Murphy

    Best advert NOT to do this yourself! Lol.

  • CorndogCrusader

    That bolt snapping was completely Garrett's fault, he did say "more", the fuck did you expect, him to say "Nah, I know for a fact that's too much, I'm done."?

  • Louie the bike Mechanic
    Louie the bike Mechanic

    I’d love to see Ethan do a timing belt

  • Elliot Jones
    Elliot Jones

    I love my z3, not the fastest but drives fantastic

  • Jason Ball
    Jason Ball

    Most important lesson: Do not use a rattle gun to tighten bolts!

  • Cori Hawke
    Cori Hawke

    Your not doing it tidy until you rip a fingernail off

  • CrazyInWeston


  • Derin 82
    Derin 82

    Just do the clutch and seats next time

  • Leroy

    Mike Brewer legend 💯

  • cookiemonsta212

    They are really messing with ethan lol, should've tought him about using hand tools first tho and then later went to the gun as if he doesn't know how tight to put it by hand then he's definitely going to break bolts the first few times he uses the gun.... and how did it take you guys 10 hrs to do a brake job and change out springs lol, did this on a car for the first time and it only took me like 2 hrs to do all the springs and then another 30 mins to do the brakes lmaoo (the car I did it on was also a pile of rust)

  • Steve P
    Steve P

    Loved this and totally get Ethan’s frustration. But please cut the innuendo Alex, it’s not funny and it’s embarrassing when watching the video with my teenage kids.

  • Dima Yakubov
    Dima Yakubov

    Yet, that's luxury to wrench in a warm garage with space between the car and walls! Also be able to make loud grinding without being reported.

  • Mr DoctorToYou
    Mr DoctorToYou

    Mike Brewer has a tool kit!? Is it still in the packaging from Halfords??

  • YellowVanMan

    This series is amazing and a brilliant idea! Can't wait to see him rebuild the engine in a future video!

  • Drake

    You did this in a day as a "novice", DAMN THAT'S QUICK!

  • random person
    random person

    one last thing. most of us are adults and dont mind a bit of swearing. hell im half Irish so it comes as second nature to me!!!

  • Rod Rebman
    Rod Rebman

    Never seen so much joy taking off a wheel.

  • random person
    random person

    also, the old car in the back of the garage, is it an austin 7 or 10?

    • random person
      random person

      or maybe an a6 perhaps?

  • random person
    random person

    you have all those tools there but no welder? see if you had had a welder you could have welded the the bolt head back on and then slowly undone the bolt like that. it isnt easy and doesnt always work, but more often than not it will be your only job and take about 10-15 minutes

  • Karol Hodurek
    Karol Hodurek

    on the one side i hate shit like that , because i feeal it like it was me ... but on the other side it is ethan....soooo... still kinda hurts

  • soundseeker63

    I feel like Ethan deserved way more respect than he got here. This is quite an involved job even for an experienced DIYer. For a newbie it was probably quite daunting - guys should have been more supporting of that, he did good for a first time job!... The Ethan of 3 years ago wouldn't have even attempted such a thing, so credit where it's due, he has grown as person. Maybe not a true car guy just yet, but well on his way.

  • Nuss

    This video is sponsored by your local mechanic

  • RichieT5

    I feel very proud of Ethan and his progress! Great video guys

  • Ben

    Everyone who's ever worked on a car felt their stomach sink when he went for that last shot with the gun..

  • Brizzzle Kicks
    Brizzzle Kicks

    We need episode 2!!

  • Patrick Thornberry
    Patrick Thornberry

    not a fan of mike.

  • Guntur Triantaka
    Guntur Triantaka

    All you need to do is just to... "A bolt" 😅🤣🤣

  • The Batman
    The Batman

    This is what nightmares are made of.

  • Blindcattan

    I've had a shit day. Ethan has really cheered me up. Good work Ethan. My favourite bit was the utter despair on Ethan's face after the bolt was broken

  • Blindcattan

    This is probably the best car throttle I've seen

  • neil walsh
    neil walsh

    Love how the axle stand is teetering on the edge of the wishbone on the front pass side. What a set of amateurs 😂😂😂

  • william 911 turbo s
    william 911 turbo s

    Z3 vs Phil

  • gi8809

    LOL'd at the grinder part.

  • Laquel

    Proper torque for everything: tighten until you hear a snap, then quarter turn back