When A Dent Repair Goes Horribly Wrong | Your Car Stories
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In this week's Car Throttle podcast, the guys discuss a dent repair gone bad, and Ethan eats a potato!
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  • MT Ryan
    MT Ryan

    Yes more motorbike content please.

  • Josh Bacon
    Josh Bacon

    The story about the car dent gone horribly wrong is at 43:12.

  • Sam Fowler
    Sam Fowler

    Can we have the roast my ride back please

  • Ieuan Herbert
    Ieuan Herbert

    what about one of the 3 trios off the original top gear??

  • TheGoose47

    Get the Royal Mail lorry driver on as a guest.

  • New Western Grove
    New Western Grove

    I would love to see Jimmy Broadbent on here, he might also be able to get James May on since he has his contact information.

  • Remus Gherase
    Remus Gherase


  • p1mmyt0w3ll

    i had a set of bronze Rota Grids on my old EP3 (i know, common as muck) but i really liked them so i definitely have a soft sport for rotas and would for sure recommend. i too heard a lot of people saying theyre cheap but i loved them.

  • Homy Ficta
    Homy Ficta

    Gareth Potter = South African????

  • Martin Jenkins
    Martin Jenkins

    yes to more bike content

  • Ken Brandon
    Ken Brandon

    Ethans mum needs to mind her buisness

  • Manti

    33:00 I've looked into this, from what I saw it says approximately 7 seconds for your average car

  • kieran sidey
    kieran sidey

    Jason And Sue from 44 Teeth is a great shout !

  • Stavros Banos
    Stavros Banos

    I think I'm interested more in car content than bike content

  • Jay

    Smart motorways but keep hard shoulders Nothing can be considered 'smart' if they're overseen by people

  • RevanTheFallen

    more bikes please

  • Nathaniel Lewis
    Nathaniel Lewis

    Make a new channel called bike throttle

  • Daniel White
    Daniel White

    With the lane merging thing, there is a feeling when driving that everything someone else does is purely to piss you off, and so people think you drove dow that lane just to annoy them and so they try stop you, they don't realise that actually you're improving traffic as a whole

  • Tobias Waidhofer
    Tobias Waidhofer

    Please do a podcast with adam lz

  • Morgan Bagert
    Morgan Bagert


  • Ghostv8

    maybe his van was low on ad-blue.+

  • Tommy Bergqvist
    Tommy Bergqvist

    My thoughts on bikes. I would much rather have a vehicles with AC in the summer, Heat in the winter (not the opposite), cupholders and a radio. Dont really see the point of riding a bike... sorry!

  • 91downie

    Jack doing his CBT needs to be a carthrottle episode

  • Matt Ballard
    Matt Ballard

    I had the same opinion of bikes until I finally took my CBT and I'm sure anyone that enjoys driving would enjoy riding if they just give it a try. It doesn't have to be about speed either. Being on a motorbike at any speed is fun.

  • Kim Hansen
    Kim Hansen

    Love your show...But please...No more bike shit :)

  • Mark Lally
    Mark Lally

    Alex i feel your pain about height 😪 I'm 5 foot 7 with really short legs.

  • Dogathon

    Yes, more bikes.

  • Dogathon


  • Farzaan

    You could try get Ethan and Jack to do a track day on small bikes (125s or something slightly bigger like a duke 390) with an instructor and professional coaching, rather than doing their CBTs if it's other road users they're worried about.. no excuses then lol They'd get to experience the thrill of riding with less of the potential dangers you experience on public roads and additional safety measures such as run off areas, paramedics on standby etc

  • Tarell Edwards
    Tarell Edwards


  • Luke Broughton
    Luke Broughton

    Get dmo deejay on

  • Jonathan Loome
    Jonathan Loome

    Chris Harris would be a great guest or Ted kravitz

  • Fraser Buchanan
    Fraser Buchanan

    You still believe that MR2 was 'crashed into'? It quite clearly has been drifted into a kerb. Why else would the body panels on that same side be perfectly OK?

  • Matt Bishop
    Matt Bishop

    There's a CT Podcast shaped hole in my life this week :(

  • Luke Tesciu
    Luke Tesciu

    Hi Lads! What a content !!! Loving it, listen to all 17 podcast in 2 days, haven't done much at work but whatever ;) try to get on podcast any of following; Matt Watson Matt Armstrong Chris fix Hamster Or Dwayne Johnson ;))) Keep up good work

  • Dorian Bury
    Dorian Bury

    I often find waze warns me faster than the smart motorway signs. We have the technology so why have we not got some form of distress signal to trigger the "smart motorway" and warn other drivers??

  • Lyndon Troy
    Lyndon Troy

    Please make a video where Jack and Ethan do a CBT, do it on a freezing cold day in February! I don't think that will get them into bikes but it will be funny to see

  • Paul Short
    Paul Short

    This was one of the best podcasts you have done. Mates dont need scripts.

  • Aminul Choudhury
    Aminul Choudhury

    Defo make a vid of Ethan and Jack doing the CBT. Even if they never ride afterwards the CBT itself and how they feel afterwards would be good to see!

  • Tommy Hartman
    Tommy Hartman

    Anymore Roast my ride coming anytime soon?

  • Krasimir Kanev
    Krasimir Kanev

    Traffic explained , so when you wait till obstacle and jump in free lane you only make car behind stop which causes traffic ltwhite.info/pack/yq2sqrWR0pywonc/vaizdo-ra-as.html&ab_channel=CGPGrey

    • English_Drifts69 (GTx-RED)
      English_Drifts69 (GTx-RED)

      Everyone who has done the theory test knows but they are just retards who dont go by the highway code. Like smart motorways for instance are really good for traffic flow because every car goes the same speed or the risk a ticket with how many cameras are in them. In the highway code it even says that you gave to stay on the nearside unless overtaking. In motorways technically theres only 1 lane and then 2 or 3 overtaking lanes

  • Dylan Bloomfield
    Dylan Bloomfield

    For a video teach Jack how to ride a motorcycle 🏍

  • Andy Genner
    Andy Genner

    LTwhite channels to watch. Bad obsession motorsport and mighty car mods.

  • Andy Genner
    Andy Genner

    Ellie Goulding should be a guest

  • Dyl98

    More bikes!!!!!!!!?

  • 2760ade

    Harry Metcalfe would be an entertaining guest as would Ian Seabrook (AKA Hubnut), both pretty good LTwhiters themselves. Great podcast by the way - very funny:)

  • Matthew Tucker
    Matthew Tucker

    No bikes thxs!!

  • Dylan Oake
    Dylan Oake

    solid video but please no bikes stick with the superior vehicle

  • Michał Sopa
    Michał Sopa

    A piece of mind regarding motorcycles and Ethan not even taking full enjoyment out of driving a car. I am a crappy driver. I have no crashes on my account, I like driving in general, but I dread multi-lane roads with, especially in the city when the lanes are narrow. I never feel confident enough about where my far side wheels are - am I running into the car on the lane beside? Am I keeping way too more distance and almost fall out of the lane to the other side? I have no clue most of the times. On the motorcycle I don't feel that. I know exactly where every part of my vehicle is, I feel like less of a threat to other road users, I drive with more commitment and more predictably in my opinion. Not a huge fan of speed, but I do like the fact that I can accelerate faster and be at the other side of the crossing before the cars I was waiting for the light change with even start rolling. I have to admit that I also just like bikes, I always thought they were cool and for me it was a cheaper option to get something exciting, as I probably wouldn't get anything roadworthy and even close to this power to weight ratio for the price of my bike. These things are so light and nimble they don't even need to be fast to be fun and exciting in my opinion.

  • Jacob Foster
    Jacob Foster

    Is there no episode this week?

  • Will Greaves
    Will Greaves

    If you want to do bikes as well, make a Bike Throttle channel

  • Carson Hellberg
    Carson Hellberg

    Please do more bikes!

  • James Heffer
    James Heffer

    Some ideas for possible guests: Scott Kilmer Luke / torque steer Car cleaning guru Monky London

    • Anas Chunara Man U fc
      Anas Chunara Man U fc


  • James Gaughan
    James Gaughan

    Jack! Thank you for suggesting Juice///box for you. Great channel and amazing car stories.

  • Simon Pope
    Simon Pope

    Don't make Jack do his CBT Bikes are pointless when cars are readily available. I've never broken a bone falling off a car. Love the channel guys

  • Yowdawg _
    Yowdawg _

    Alex : I got my motorbike at 34| me at 22 who got a motorbike at 18 thinking about the life choices I made XD

  • Big Bike Adventures
    Big Bike Adventures

    More bike content please

  • barlowdaniels

    Alex and Gareth should start a second channel called Bike Throttle!

  • Mohammed ALQattan
    Mohammed ALQattan

    Go unscripted. Feels more natural like friends hanging out.

  • Rikki Jacobs
    Rikki Jacobs

    @Carthrottle get the 44 teeth guys on that woudl be a right laugh!

  • Heikki Remes
    Heikki Remes

    Ethan! 17 inch TSW VENOMs!

  • Josh Mcsweeney
    Josh Mcsweeney

    you guys should get different microphone stands so you can all relax :) sorry I don't have any to recommend

  • lee nevin
    lee nevin

    Smart motorways work at crawling speeds dont they?

  • Mark Wright
    Mark Wright

    YES YES YES bike content please

  • T K
    T K

    Get Mat Watson from carwow

  • Jon Green
    Jon Green

    You need to get Sue Perkins and Jason Statham on.

  • Cameron Wyllis
    Cameron Wyllis

    Apex wheels are the only option for BMWs.

  • Sam moore
    Sam moore

    Would love to see guy Martin or the project binky guys as a guest!

  • Handford

    Guys I passed my full motorbike test at 19 back in days before all the newer rules u had to be limited to 33bhp for 2 years or until 21 what ever comes first, but at 20 I went got a gsxr 750 at 22 I had a aprilla rsv millie, didnt get my first car till I was 23. 36 now bikes all the way, I love your show lads keep it up

  • Handford

    Where is Gareth from? Wierd posh accent can't work it out

  • Gustavo Souza
    Gustavo Souza

    How about Abbie Eaton?

  • supasixfour

    Guy Martin, Jason Plato, James May

  • bing quadby
    bing quadby

    Ethan have a look on zroadster.org forum there some great resources on there for z3's i have 2 z3's a 2.8 and a 1.9... style 108 bbs split rims are nice... I have a set

  • User454

    23:00 - I was getting ripped off at garages, just because I'm a foreigner. I've had enough, so I just buy the part I need, get it shipped, and fix it by myself.

  • Lulu

    Pls take Gareth off. He is just bad vibes 🤣

  • FrostGhost

    Jon Bentley? He might be a good laugh?

  • Rob K N I G H T
    Rob K N I G H T

    100% More Bikes Please ....

  • Matthew Horton
    Matthew Horton

    get Colin furze back on

  • MegaMC777

    I just noticed the potato on the table

  • User454

    For the love of god don't sing, unless Phil Collins is the guest.

  • Golden Golem
    Golden Golem

    unscripted the best!

  • Thomas Adams
    Thomas Adams

    Get the lads from juiceboxforyou on !!!

  • Baz Owen
    Baz Owen

    On the cbt subject, why don’t you bring him round to mine I’m local ish to u guys, i have a cbr 125 the 2 GIRLS can get a taste on private land and won’t cost a penny, drop me a message if ur up for it you can find me on Facebook same name

  • Simon Ray
    Simon Ray

    Get Chris fix on and stop the bike shit 😤

  • Jamshaid Hameed
    Jamshaid Hameed

    Do a virtual podcast with ChrisFix 😃

  • Andrew Cordingley
    Andrew Cordingley

    What about a video chat with the guys from Mighty Car Mods? Other guests could be Tiff Needel, Guy Martin, Sid North (Sideways Sid) and Abbie Eaton from the Grand Tour.

  • Paddling Matlock Michael davies
    Paddling Matlock Michael davies

    Do they read these comments? 🤔

  • Brad Newsome
    Brad Newsome

    Get james may on 😂

  • David Gentry
    David Gentry

    Could we have drew Pritchard or paul cowland both motor enthusiasts 👍👌

  • swimmerthon

    Alan Milliard is an amazing fella he's so talanted. He'd be pretty cool to have on

  • swimmerthon

    More bikes! More bikes! More bikes!

  • Stu Willis
    Stu Willis

    No bike content. I am a biker of over 20 years. I watch bike shows for bikes and car shows for cars. Sorry Alex

  • Y

    48:00 the whole minute made me laugh keep it up🤣😂🤣😆

  • Y

    47:35 lool he crosses the road🤣🤣🤣

  • Y

    Gareths voice is actually sooo annoying

  • Y

    42:40 country lanes and shit🤣🤣🤣

  • H P
    H P

    Maybe get royal Jordanian here

  • H P
    H P

    Yes please more bike content. Youve converted ethan into car guy now do it with jack as well as eth turn them into bike guys

  • Adamwallace09

    Hey joe Achilles on

  • Smithy Bobber
    Smithy Bobber

    I was just about to ask about the Mr2 until 30 seconds in ..... 👍🏻