Why You Never "Just Send It" Through Flood Water | Your Car Stories
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In this week's Car Throttle Podcast, we hear what happens when you 'just send it', discuss what grinds your gears and the guys shout at each other.
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  • Gareth Johnson
    Gareth Johnson

    Alex likes SUV's, time to unsubscribe :-)

  • ZE4LE

    Strip all the body panels off the E46 and whip it round the track! Make it as light as possible and rag it to its death

  • Steve McRichards
    Steve McRichards

    People who act like they are the "safety cars" of the road should have their faces rearranged with fists.

  • Claire Marie
    Claire Marie

    Jack, that joke was insane dude!! 😂😂😂

  • Claire Marie
    Claire Marie

    Sorry but the woman singing the jingle, it was so depressing!!! You need something upbeat 😉

  • Claire Marie
    Claire Marie

    Wish you guys would talk about Saabs, they are the best cars out there ❤

  • king_ omeir7
    king_ omeir7

    might be a trottle body prob

  • Edi GG
    Edi GG

    23:46 Found the flood story.

  • Reyalty

    "i looked at the brakes earlier, that looks easy" um

  • RoKn ROLLeR
    RoKn ROLLeR

    12:55 I kinda agree with that guy. Concerning All the modern vans, There characterless tractor powered, voguish and plasticity euroboxes. It reminds me of those VW kids that modify their diesel Passat, Or those people that colourcode their windscreen wipers and calipers Haha The Only Vans that can pulloff modifications are oldskool. Like the old Volkswagen campers, The badass 70-80s V8 American vans, Old petrol transits, Bedfords, etc.

  • Leonard Soumi
    Leonard Soumi

    I really feel what Jack is talking about the SUVs and so.

  • CheekiBreeki4Life

    Jack is the only one I respect now, electric cars? SUVs? tut tut tut

  • R Alti
    R Alti

    them trying to guess an aussie name and in my head i had Lauchlin and the blokes actually called Lauchlin! hahahahha

  • Arnold de Vries
    Arnold de Vries

    I actually have a wonder, as I could've bought my dream car, a '67 Lincon Continental 4dr suicide hard top. It was either that, or get married. I got married three months after I decided not to jump on it, and was very sad to hear the car was sold, as they are extremely rare in Europe. My life changed quite a bit since, and if I would have gotten it, I'd not be in the same phase of my marriage, simply because of all the cost that would've occurred around the semi restoration of the Lincoln. I'm happy with my wife and our first kid is on its way, but sometimes I wonder... Keep up these nice podcast, I really enjoy them!

  • Chris Spencer
    Chris Spencer

    Admittedly I've done the pull out on someone during an overtake. The 🔔 end was doing a "slow" over take my cruise control was on 75. But coming up on a truck at speed i had to put an end to his "slow" overtake.

  • Uday Khunti
    Uday Khunti

    To Ethans point, one thing happens to me some time is the adaptive cruise slows me down when someone is turning of onto a slip road and when the car sees its out the way it speeds up which is a bit awkward sometimes if someone is over taking

  • Francis Waters
    Francis Waters

    Hi guys. Theres a tiny thing that's bugging me. That thing when you say something echoing ever more quietly. You guys keep calling it reverb. It's actually delay. Reverb is like an echo you'd get in a big church. Delay is repeating the sound but quieter and quieter.

  • Stephen Butler
    Stephen Butler

    Estate all day long.

  • Sam Betts
    Sam Betts

    Holy sh*t as soon as the bit about landrovers being reliable ended I got a Land Rover ad (Also I have a defender 110 and it has had literally every part replaced)

  • Strike86

    Anybody who prefers an SUV to a wagon for normal road use has 40% of the functioning brain cells of a normal person. Not being judgemental - just stating facts. #TeamJack

  • Bilal Mahmood
    Bilal Mahmood

    22:35 DEAD ☠️ 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Daniel How
    Daniel How

    Ian with the peugeot, check the timing is correct. If youre getting air, fuel and spark, it could be that whoever did the headgasket didnt time it correctly when putting it back together

  • J D 003
    J D 003

    Gareth is only there to say “MORE” n then being blamed for snapping bolts 👏🏽

  • Avery Reiners
    Avery Reiners

    I'm with Jack

  • Marty Crush
    Marty Crush

    I have a 13 plate vw caddy. As a groundworker there is no point cleaning the outside, the inside is a boot free shiny palace 👌.

  • Lee Avison
    Lee Avison

    i wish you boys would leave the swearing in the edit , It's more funny 😂🤣👍

  • AmbiVe

    Damn millennials and their clean Hayes manuals! What next? No ash trays in their garages? 🤣

  • Staysidewayz Z
    Staysidewayz Z

    Can you guys make a video on the carbon neutral synthetic fuels. They need publicity asap. It would help the mental health of the car community greatly.

  • Henry Box
    Henry Box

    'I'll put ChrisFix's email below!' *Honey advert pops up* ffs

  • David Barrett
    David Barrett

    I would nominate you guys for top gear if I could would make it great again.

  • Thomas Hemmings
    Thomas Hemmings

    Listening at home while working on my BMW E39, just to say I hate old plastic pipes which break and take bloody forever to replace, they do my head in when you start one job and end up fixing another because something broke while working on another, in the podcast van visit people and help them with their project cars to fix and repair ?

  • Meaty Beasty
    Meaty Beasty

    I call the drivers that change their speeds as described near the end of the pod cast "VSTs" (variable speed twats). :)

  • Fuming gooner handford
    Fuming gooner handford

    Lol Alex a tosser had me laughing for ages I'd say he comes across like he's got a massive ego for sure and probably the most annoying for me

  • David Gentry
    David Gentry

    Hi guys love the podcasts could you get the carthrottle extra guys on the podcast 👌👍

  • Lazar Tsaprev
    Lazar Tsaprev

    In one day I have watched Chris Harris say he bought an SUV and you guys talking about how good is Mazda CX (it does no matter which one actually) Please stop this prank it is not funny and the stand up seating position is fucking terrible. P.S. I ride bike and it does not have anything with this BS

  • simmc

    The Guy with the 106 should try Reading Out the Errors via the OBD2 Port that is the best you can Go on and should give a rough Idea . A obd Reader costs Not a lot

  • sk8te-penguin

    Did anybody else get a Land Rover advert just after they mentioned their reliability? 😂😂😂

  • Bradley Soole
    Bradley Soole

    It's pronounced Scotto and lockie mate

  • MrBackHades

    The kid with the idling problem sounds like the timing is out, especially if it had been like it after a headgasket change

  • Evan Morton-Rudolph
    Evan Morton-Rudolph

    I miss the is200

  • MegaMC777

    The Volvo XC70 is the perfect compromise between estate and suv. Slightly higher up, but still a wagon.

  • Luke Cowell
    Luke Cowell

    Mk2 golfs are in my opinion built better than current golfs and why not get the best of both worlds and look for a vr/32 swapped mk2. Or a 1.8t mk2 few of them around.

  • Paul Firmin
    Paul Firmin

    I'm not sure I trust Alex's opinion on anything after hearing him say he likes SUV's

  • Dan Hyde
    Dan Hyde

    I wish I had something interesting to email in

  • ben llewellyn
    ben llewellyn

    You can get load rated alloys, common on the vivaro/traffic vans is X5 wheels as they're designed for a 2.8tonne car so are fine on a van with a gvw of 2.8tonnes

  • Loggy S
    Loggy S

    jack seems like the only real old skool petrol head left lol, get him a project car!!

  • random stuff
    random stuff

    Are you ever going to do roast my rides again

  • Y

    Im not even going to bother anymore i love car throttle but u shud let us know when the actual car story is

  • Be em
    Be em

    OMG Alex got old... and not in the good way like Clarksson, complaining in a funny manner about things. Honestly how can a car guy say "I like tweets where police catch people" or want a cx5? Time for a replacement, because these views are bordering with senile behaviour.

  • Lawrence Clark
    Lawrence Clark

    Can u do a cheapest subaru impreza or mitsubishi evo challenge?

  • K2o

    RE The accelerating topic @47:00 I'm fairly sure it s a psychological thing and is often not done on purpose. How, why etc. no idea... RE: the pulling out topic, VERY OFTEN people dont do two takes on mirrors before signalling/pulling out so they have very little awareness of approaching speed, or simply dont care. You will find that with loud cars general people tend to get out the way more often as they assume the approaching speed is fast, the remaining are just d*cks and get in front on purpose for some willy waving action...

  • Jack Parfitt
    Jack Parfitt

    Really don’t like Gareth, get him off

  • Tommy Sutton
    Tommy Sutton

    Anybody else notice the resemblance of Alex to Cartman from south park? especially when he sings!

  • A W
    A W

    Just because someone cant understand why people would modify vans does that mean people shouldnt? fuck whit

  • Tristan Tanti
    Tristan Tanti

    I scrolled down hoping to see a Chris Fix comment

  • Ramiro Membreno
    Ramiro Membreno

    Nice show!

  • Carson Hellberg
    Carson Hellberg

    I'm sorry higher cars are way worse for dogs!!!. My poor baby needs to be humiliating lifted into suvs but loves going for rides in coupes and sedans. Also how dare you say motorcycles make you want suvs I can see trucks as a toy hauler but a big heavy rider killer is what you want after being constantly threatened by them and their oblivious divers whilst riding ??

  • Lewis Tate
    Lewis Tate

    oh christ ive just googled dibble munt

  • Juan Solo
    Juan Solo

    Leave Ethan alone!!! *cries under blanket*

  • unicyclingistheshit

    Rowan sounds like a prick lol

  • Dinis Paulino
    Dinis Paulino

    For the guy who wants a reliable 80's car: get an old Merc!!! Speaking from personal experience, here. I daily drive a '91 300D and it's an amazing reliable classic! If you' ve never driven an old Mercedes, you'll be surprised how "modern" it feels, it doesn't drive like most 30+ yo cars... they're much ahead of their time, future classics with very good potencial apreciation, and incredibly confortable and reliable.

  • Mike W.
    Mike W.

    CarsWithNoReserveReading is run by Luke Shaw, who has multiple convictions and CCJs for clocking/fraud/selling unsafe vehicles.

  • a a
    a a

    Love these podcasts so much, really helps when driving around on the job

  • Formula_AJ

    44:47 - "Ill be officially a racing driver" Idea for another series get Ethan to compete in a track day challenge, a drift challenge and maybe offroad in the Project Z36. Great podcast again guys keep up the good work. xD

  • frank buckley
    frank buckley

    ineed your help whats the email adress

  • cohen. berridge
    cohen. berridge

    Are more videos coming for Ethan’s build ?

  • Rhys Edwards
    Rhys Edwards

    with my old fiesta it was an O2 sensor

  • Griff 34
    Griff 34

    We need to see Jake and Ethan learn how to ride a bike


    9.15 gareths reflexes are shit! If that was a punch he would have a bloddy nose!

  • Matthew Sutton
    Matthew Sutton

    Electric cars are for people who don't care about cars, driving, nor do they realize how little they actually "help" the environment. Funny isn't it? Lol

  • L Vowles
    L Vowles

    35ish mins through, my Mrs had a Saxo 1.1 many years ago, exactly same as 106 basically. It did the same thing with tickover and rough running, turned out to be the fuel filter!! Located underneath the rear of the RH sill as I remember. I changed everything ignition wise up to then, had fuel pump out, cleaned out vac hoses too. Turns out the FSH car had never had a fuel filter change 🙄 Ethan could well be right on this one 😂😂

  • Petr

    That wheel is from what brand/car?

  • Zain Jawaid
    Zain Jawaid

    You know when you just can’t unsee something ethans external HDD is hanging of the desk ,did my nut in

  • Arthur Price
    Arthur Price

    Agree with Scotty from Australia but without Alex, there wouldn't be a podcast. Would be just a silent room. Also, make Gareth a regular, he's brilliant

  • romushkebi Romanadze
    romushkebi Romanadze

    Ethan and jack do a prank on alex and pretend that mile skoda octavia got stolen

  • Abdul Rehman
    Abdul Rehman

    Model s performance

  • Mark Wright
    Mark Wright

    Yes, everyone needs to drive an SUV to dramatically increase your chances of rolling over in much less severe collisions. Had Jack been driving an SUV, that Royal Mail lorry could have caused it to roll and had him hospitalised instead of walk away from the collision. Boot space is more practical in an estate, height is just as good in an estate (the boot floor gets raised with the roof in all softroaders), height of the ground is lower with an estate, better for the dog to get in and out. If the roofline of an estate isn't enough for your dog then it needs a van or horse box, as the space needs to increase length and width wise as well as the dogs get bigger. Estates are better on fuel, have better performance and are cheaper for equivalent spec. They're also less expensive to buy tyres for alongside other wear items due to the lack of extra weight that comes with SUVs. Dealerships will support everyone going to SUVs as they get thousands more when they're bought and hundreds more for every service while barely costing them anything extra to build (maybe a couple of hundred pound of steel, copper for wiring, and material for headlining, sound deadening, etc), every VAG softroader is just a jacked up Golf, yet how much more are you paying for their softroaders vs a Golf?

  • cookiethemelonfarmer

    Don't trust carswithnoreservereading on eBay. They may have no reserve, but they have many many many fake bidders putting the prices up to what they want. Check out their feedback. You'll see loads of different 'buyers' giving them good feedback on cars they have then relisted.

  • RedHeadForester

    A lot of those new shiny works vans are on hire purchase, which can work out cheaper than keeping an old banger on the road especially when you consider lost work as a result of vehicle breakdowns. The modified ones, however... Less likely. They're the really good businessmen.

  • David Breen
    David Breen

    Strong Cartman from South Park energy from Alex's 'unpopular opinions' intro

  • Matt P
    Matt P

    Where were the pictures for the crash?

  • Julian Nauta
    Julian Nauta

    Okay, in general, modified vans are a bit weird most of the time. However, I know someone who had a 90s VW Caddy that he fitted with a bigger engine, turbo, race interior and had properly lowered to only just above the road (but still driveable). Just for how unlogical it was to do that to an old Caddy, it was awesome 🔥

  • Graham Ross
    Graham Ross

    Literally LOL at the line at the end. Thank you so much for the podcast, lads. Brightens my day.

    • Claire Marie
      Claire Marie

      Mine too, I'm a lady petrol head 😎 always been car mad since birth, I listen and watch these guys so much now since my hubby told me about them 😎

  • Mr B-man
    Mr B-man

    Get well soon Ethan

  • Sam Ross
    Sam Ross

    Alex the cx5 is the same size as a Mazda 3 just on stilts

    • Sam Ross
      Sam Ross

      And I got told that by someone that works at MAZDA

  • Keith Boyd
    Keith Boyd

    I'm a bricky and have a 2020 Ford Connect MS-RT. There is nothing wrong with having a nice van. I drive my van 90% of the time. Why would I want to drive a crap van? I need my van for work so I need a reliable one. I'm a car enthusiasts. I also agree with Jack. Turning up to a job in a nice taken care of van shows you will take care and pride in your work. I also have a fiesta st and Hyundai i30N (my wife uses for work) for the other 10% of the time. Is there anything wrong with that or should I have a rust bucket of a car as well? Also enjoying the podcast. Keep up the good work guys 👍🏻

  • Jay Vale
    Jay Vale

    Sorry Jack I really think you should do you cbt. But I am with you on the estate not suv

  • Goddak

    Wheel talk was getting interesting at load ratings.. do wheels have that? Is it likely some vans are rolling on unsuitable wheels?

  • N H
    N H

    50:15 these last couple of minutes almost earned you a thumbs down! SUV.....seriously? It’s definitely not an age thing, it’s a ‘I’ve given up on life’ thing. This can’t be happening, my favourite car channel is moving to the dark side. These are the things that the ‘turn engine on and brain off’ plebs drive. Please let this be a bad dream. 😩

  • Matt Carter
    Matt Carter

    People speeding up when you overtake them is even more infuriating when you're in a truck. Cruising at 56mph on the speed limiter, getting halfway past a car only for them to either match your speed or slowly crawl up the inside of you. Absolute fucking pricks.

  • BudKing96

    next pdcast a lil story of how all you guys met and got onto carthrottle

  • Ahmet Ahmet
    Ahmet Ahmet

    Just give it to me shut up haha

  • Kuldeep Meena
    Kuldeep Meena

    doug demuro just bought the new defender.

  • MrMarty77

    SUV's are just a better way to give your dog a Hernia.

  • MergeCorner

    To link to the Peugeot 107 issue, a common issue is the throttle body cable coming loose and the seal being worn. so when you rev it'll rev up but as soon as throttle is closed it will choke the engine and kill. Potentially a reason? Hopefully that helps whoever's issue it was.

  • sniperlif3

    CBT = Cock Ball Torture.

  • David Bezin
    David Bezin

    Estate > SUV

  • vaporainwaves

    23:40 ur welcome

  • Aluzcz

    To the guy deciding between the two golfs. Stay with the MK5 R32, its a great car, modern classic which have great engine you are and will not be able to buy any longer even in bigger cars. - Its very practical - Its very comfortable - Plenty of mods on the market - Great engine - 4x4 Just stay with what you have, the old cars are nice to look at but hell to drive.

  • Martin McDermid
    Martin McDermid

    Speaking of load rated wheels, I know someone that got fined for running alloy wheels and ordinary car tyres on a transit connect.