Chris Harris On Top Gear Regrets, Crashing Cars & Returning To YouTube
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In this week's episode, we're joined by Top Gear's Chris Harris to answer your questions and discuss the pressures of mainstream television.
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  • NV Motorsport UK
    NV Motorsport UK


  • Jac Koumides
    Jac Koumides

    Chris Harris has worked hard for everything he has and deserves it.

  • Dan and Oliver
    Dan and Oliver

    I hope Chris sticks with top gear...him paddy and flintoff have made the show amazing. Me and my boy watch them as much as we watch the originals on Dave 😅. Great show carthrottle guys. Dan and Oliver, cardiff

  • Fortnite King
    Fortnite King

    Chris harris is a fukboy!

  • Five Nine
    Five Nine

    Chris is up there with Jezza for me, i know jezza can grate on some, but his advice could influence a car you buy, aside the brash and ego he really does know what hes talking about. But for me Chris, jason Plato and tiff are people you really want telling you about how good a fast car is

  • Fat Freddy’s Coat
    Fat Freddy’s Coat

    Chris always struck me as someone who’s never trimmed his pubes, ever.


    Chris Harris' personality and interest in cars is GREAT. BBC stop trying to make old Top Gear, re-invent! If you replace actors in the middle of a movie, it will be sh**, but if you make a new movie with new actors, it might even turn out better.

  • zakura ayame
    zakura ayame

    I forget what side of the car the fuel fill up is about every time I go. At least they don't fill behind the license plate any longer and the gauge cluster usually gives you a clue ;)

  • MrBgapp

    I was aware of Chris when he worked for Evo and even then his columns were an amazing read, my favourite was when he went to Koenssigg(?) to review the Agera R (whit enand black with the top box for skis) it was such a funny read- how it even made it past editing i have no idea! Then he left and I found his content on LTwhite which was just immense (note:Chris please upload the full length 2CV video from Drivetribe because they have edited out so much gold in the shorter version, also best line 'I'm not going to pull out yet because there is a car just over there in the distance and i dont want to ruin his day'. Now the selfish side of me is sad that he did TG because he is now known to the masses where as only true car people knew who he was. Great content with everything he does, and CT isn't bad either! keep up the great work. (also i think people would watch teh youtube stuff on tele)

  • mikecbrblue

    that was great

  • mikecbrblue

    i saw Chris at a services the once when he was testing a Fast Audi. Top man

  • Jack

    Chris Harris is awesome. Top gear now is the best it's ever been, it's back to concentrating more on cars and it's actually enjoying to watch now with the current 3!

  • Ewan Walker
    Ewan Walker

    Chris you have to join car thottle

  • John Wills
    John Wills

    Very interesting and entertaining, Chris Harris is a top man.

  • Tom Oliver
    Tom Oliver

    I do think top gear could benefit from a weeeee bit more car geeky ness

  • Paul Reed
    Paul Reed

    chris is awesome, proper petrol heart!!! couldnt agree more about shit drivers who do 45mph on a nsl road, then carry on doing 45mph when they come to a 30mph limit thro a village...

  • Shaun Keasey
    Shaun Keasey

    What a great podcast :-)

  • Jamie Macfarlane
    Jamie Macfarlane

    Chris' tribute to Colin McRae and the Subaru is one of the best top gear segments made. Top bloke

  • Ashley Holtz
    Ashley Holtz

    Bit late in watching but massive Chris Harris fan what a top bloke.. really interesting to hear about the early 'new' top gear days.. which can i just say is brilliant. Thoroughly enjoyed that, 1 hour 20 has flew past , cheers guys 👍

  • Daniel Norris
    Daniel Norris

    Dare I say it Chris for me is better than JC. He doesn’t feel like a journalist, just a bloke that loves cars that you could chat to in the pub.

  • Hastrup081290

    14:16 - BUY IT!

  • buk kuk
    buk kuk

    TG is Titanic .. that 'fooling around' killed it .. Idiocracy .. Chris Matt and Rory doing real .. car show .. could work ..

  • S K
    S K

    Chris Harris, simply a living Legend.

  • Robert Thornton
    Robert Thornton

    I watched the 'Bigfoot' episode because of this and am glad I did. It's a fun episode.

  • Vince Tanczos
    Vince Tanczos

    What a genuine guy, brilliant podcast, very candid and down to earth. No smoke blown up anyones arses.

  • Baliktusz

    Finally some recognition to the WRX Wagon! Even if it gets put down, at least I see someone actually know the car :D

  • Liam Brandon
    Liam Brandon

    My fixation on chris not laughing is unhealthy

  • Richard Jones
    Richard Jones

    Chris, keep up the great work. Very open and honest which was refreshing. Great presenter on Top Gear and seems a very nice man

  • Doctors n Politicians are Frauds
    Doctors n Politicians are Frauds

    yeh yeh bollocks

  • Owen

    I've got a metal pressed plate and I love it

  • Phil Davies
    Phil Davies

    Great interview. Always loved Harris on Cars, the CLS report was one of the best. Chris is a brilliant journo. Too good to be on Top Gear 😊👍

  • Gino De Haro
    Gino De Haro

    Even when the original three lads were on TG, I always thought they needed someone like Harris doing the car reviews. It's a fun show, but it's more entertainment, not quite car journalism. Wish they tilted more towards car ownership/reviews/industry. I recon Harris has to continue doing his DRIVE youtube reviews to keep himself in tune with real car journalism.

  • Ste Heaton
    Ste Heaton

    Love anything with Chris, he’s fantastic, love his podcasts, videos, Top gear.....anything he does basically!

  • L Turner
    L Turner

    Eithan really is the Andrew Ridgeley of Car Throttle....

  • Juha Ruohisto
    Juha Ruohisto

    bit of overkill with the mic setup - but what can you do

  • Daniel Clark
    Daniel Clark

    With the topic of bikes and vans, respecting them after having experience. Bikes get on with other bikes, vans, people like bikes. Vans and lorries respect eachother (obviously this is generally speaking). The only vehicle that doesn't get or give respect is a car and I think the reason for it and why cars cause a lot of issues with all vehicles is because for most car drivers they've only been in a car, don't care for cars or driving and have no experience with other vehicles and just don't care. I was driving a van the other day and a women in a Peugeot (of course) braked lightly then did an emergency stop straight after and I couldn't stop in time. She was also doing 25mph in a 40 getting a big queue. This past year somehow since covid, the level of incompetence is insane, same as shit lane etiquette

  • Marcke 2010
    Marcke 2010

    What a gent, amazing how Chris is able to be polite about Evans after halving his TG income under him! Tells us all we need to know.

  • SaTaNeAtChEeSe

    I have a new respect for Chris Harris. Good man.

  • Suchar Sharma
    Suchar Sharma

    you did this and the stig podcast on the same day didnt you

  • Sean Walker
    Sean Walker

    Love your work, great stuff, thanks. F#$K all the haters Chris.

  • Zack Klapman
    Zack Klapman

    1. Heck yes to Miatas. 2. The Car Throttle guys seem damn chill. Good show.

  • Paul Merrick
    Paul Merrick

    Lads I'm absolutely loving the pod! Unreal stuff!! Love chris, literally saved the Top Gear brand as far as I'm concerned.

  • neil walsh
    neil walsh

    Chris Harris seems like a top bloke. He should have punched Keith Lemon though. I reckon he's the bastard son of Jimmy Saville?

  • nickorette

    "You've got to be out of your mind to get a performante over a speciale" Speciale is double the price of a Performante. Also, Ferrari's current mid engined offerings are all turbo charged and any performance benefits are negligable for road use. I want naturally aspirated for sound and throttle response. V10's are also not long for this earth. EVO RWD is where it's at 👌

  • Ben Hay
    Ben Hay

    I’d like to hear Chris Harris do the narration on a natural history film

  • cars4 real
    cars4 real

    I love both of you watching car throttle makes me wonder what I would do to my dream car a honda s2000.

  • HeroAK47

    The GOAT is here!!

  • bigE ProDuctiOns
    bigE ProDuctiOns

    I hate Chris Harris

    • 2 8
      2 8

      Why watch it then?

  • lefebvre victor
    lefebvre victor

    I think Chris is the best car journalist ever. At a time where SUVs are really trendy and people love them, he says "SUVs are useless and people who buy them are stupid" and I f*cking love that. He may be presenting one of the world most viewed show, he will never follow the trend to increase the audience number. You feel like you car really trust him

  • Tilen Fidler
    Tilen Fidler

    What a good interview, good job boys!

  • Jason Hasler
    Jason Hasler

    Awesome chat guys, very natural and Chris as always really warm and genuine, keep up the brilliant work you do, always entertaining and creative 👍

  • w00dmii5t3r

    You guys need James May or on this.

  • Dan Griffin
    Dan Griffin

    Chris Harris is a legend in his own right. love his passion for all things motoring.

  • Goncalo Carvalho
    Goncalo Carvalho

    Chris really is a great guy, not just a car guy, always like watching your videos

  • The Polemic
    The Polemic

    Love Chris, but re tinted windows. If they're tinted, how do they know you've got a dark skin? More likely to be stopped just BECAUSE the windows are tinted.

  • Chris M
    Chris M

    Chris's explanation of why he didnt get a bike in his 20s is exactly why i stopped pushing for my licence. 100% i would be dead. i only have to thank the dead motorcyclist who caused the road closure meaning i missed my theory test

  • ryhildo

    I fn loved that...

  • Ben Gillam
    Ben Gillam

    Thought Chris Evans was a bell end before, knew it would be a disaster when he took over, now think he’s an even bigger bell end after hearing how he treated Chris Harris

  • RadicalEmu

    Agreed, drivers who do a constant 45/50 on A/B roads, regardless of the limit... Look in the mirror and have a word with yourself. Great podcast as always!

  • dtprodrive

    My favourite Car vids ever was the choc stuff. I absolutely can’t wait for chris and Neil to get back to the proper stuff.

  • figi940

    Chris please do a reboot of your LTwhite!

  • Richard Gregg
    Richard Gregg

    As a bit of a die hard Topgear fan, as much as I enjoyed the last season and agree there is a trio that work well together. So I can't knock that, unfortunately I did notice a couple of scenes where a repeat of what the old boys had already done. Which I put down to the producers, so keep up the good work and make the show you're own you have proven you can do it.

  • Richard Gregg
    Richard Gregg

    Why has Chris got his headphones on the wrong way round? Once you see it, you can't un-see it haha

  • MoistGoat

    Agree on the mental health stuff massively. Get help as soon as possible, the longer you leave it the more effect it'll have on you and the harder it gets to actually get the help you deserve.

  • Doug Smith
    Doug Smith

    Love car throttle Love Chris Harris. Perfect video. All of you and Chris are doing amazing work on TV and online keep doing it as long as you enjoy it.

  • 1 0
    1 0

    Truly have no clue who at BBC thought chris evans was the chris we as TG fans were hoping for.

  • Joshua Henry
    Joshua Henry

    Been a fan of Chris since his LTwhite days, love to see him get back to the more freeform, no bullshit videos he did on here. His F40 video!

  • iMANTlS

    BMWs recently are utter shit, 1 good car out of nearly 25 models is not a good argument.

  • LW_2003

    Honestly for the road trip I would go for a nk4 golf td gti (1.9 pd 150). You get the benefit of high mpg as well as the sportier suspension

  • Andrew Lofthouse
    Andrew Lofthouse

    Watched twice

  • Andrew Lofthouse
    Andrew Lofthouse

    Loved this pod.

  • Elliott Savva
    Elliott Savva

    Does anyone else think Alex looks a little like Phil Collins?

  • Aryan Rajesh
    Aryan Rajesh

    Did he just call all of us saddos?😭😂😂

  • Shubham Agrawal
    Shubham Agrawal

    Do the youtube bit and do the top gear bit.....we are always here to like whatever you make


    I think I seen Alex today Do you have a twitter account?

  • Adithya Kamble
    Adithya Kamble

    Guys make a vid on Hyundai atos facelift a.k.a Amica in UK

  • Nicky Long
    Nicky Long

    Brilliant guy and has been the saving grace on top gear, he is what keeps the show predominantly about cars. Wish him all the best for the future... and I agree totally on his social media views. People say awful things and get on with their day, with no thought about how they’ve just ruined somebody else’s.

  • Hatz Cu mamaliga
    Hatz Cu mamaliga

    Mine was successful track by *#LAWTOLLS* on Instagram he is the best.

  • Hatz Cu mamaliga
    Hatz Cu mamaliga

    Mine was successful track by *#LAWTOLLS* on Instagram he is the best

  • Gvor

    That was a great one.

  • gofres

    Enjoyed these podcasts but this is my favourite so far. Great job guys and Chris was a great guest.

  • John Cunliffe
    John Cunliffe

    Alex agreeing with George's message about how well Chris is doing with top gear but when the episode in Bolton was on he wasnt the biggest fan of the show 😂

  • Oldskoolclassic .s
    Oldskoolclassic .s

    Love chris hope he stays on top gear he is doing a great job

  • John Scott
    John Scott

    In the taxi repair, they’re all done yearly so you see cars with 160k that actually have 450+ 😂

  • vnItalos

    This is the first podcast episode I have actually watched in youtube. That's all I can say! Awesome!

  • Robert Thornton
    Robert Thornton

    Chris Harris is one of the best car reviewers in the world.

  • Mark Wright
    Mark Wright

    Random thing. I'm listening to this while racing a 2004 Subaru Impreza WRX STI Spec C in a game and happened to be taking a corner in third when Chris said you'd never be in second on the ring, "even at (insert the correct spelling of that part of the track here) you'd be in third". :)

  • N H
    N H

    It’s taken me 3 days to watch this whole thing (Work, kids, life in general), but well worth it. Chris is a legend but I think it shows great respect for you chaps that (whether he likes it or not) a proper TV celeb is happy to come on and just chat. Further evidence that CH is a really decent bloke. Honourable mention to Mike Brewer of course. 👍

  • Graham Murphy
    Graham Murphy

    Love the way Chris says shite, theres a bit of irish there in the way he pronounced it

  • Nathan Phillips
    Nathan Phillips

    As a driver, motorbike rider and cyclist, I can not agree more with the point made at 1:13:54 everyone needs to experience the vulnerability of being on two wheels and being close passed by a van going 60MPH+ when you’re cycling. Can’t believe how some people have no comprehension of how their driving/riding can risk other people’s safety.

  • Mayur Patel
    Mayur Patel

    Reboot the LTwhite channel👍

  • Motaku

    Didn't know Chris Harris was a motorcyclist too! I like him even more now!!

  • Daily2classics

    The best CT podcast yet. The current Top Gear lineup is far better than the last few years of the “old” lineup. And yes Alex/Chris/Stig need to to the 24hr at the ring in an E46 😎

  • Anthony Croft
    Anthony Croft

    Great video

  • e4superfly

    Chris Evans is a dick and will always be 1

  • mark walker
    mark walker

    Love Chris Harris, great attitude, great outlook and insights. Much man love.

  • Quick Expert Reviews
    Quick Expert Reviews


  • chris paine
    chris paine

    Absolutely brilliant, smashed it out the car park there lads and Ethan. How awesome is Mr Harris...🎩 would be great to have a follow up with him and with Jonny Smith...please make this happen. Keep up the great work...💪🏻

  • Liam Holcroft
    Liam Holcroft

    4d number plates are legal

    • 2 8
      2 8

      It depends on the design.

  • Ryan Owen
    Ryan Owen

    Every week, without fail you lads put out such great content. I absolutely love the podcasts and the guests never disappoint, Chris is a legend in my eyes and is a perfect truly down to earth bloke. Taking on Top Gear must have been a nightmare, but Himself, Matt and Rory made it great. cheers and can't wait for the next one!