£1000 Studio Van Conversion: Full Build
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This week, we spent 6 days, £1000 and a few swear words transforming a campervan into our mobile podcast studio.
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  • Andy Bush
    Andy Bush

    brillaint entertainment.

  • Jerry N
    Jerry N

    Alex and ethan are like an abusive couple during the build

  • Boring Car Reviews
    Boring Car Reviews

    This definitely needs to be called PodVan!

  • Riding Free
    Riding Free

    Second podcast van sadly lads as steve o had his podcast van for a couple of years


    They make this Van I mean "Bus" anyway the make that tiny "bus" look so big.

  • Seb Saad
    Seb Saad

    The Car Throttle trio is like the Top Gear trio to me. Just look at them!

  • Wiggysan Wiggysan
    Wiggysan Wiggysan

    £600 ? ........ sorry lads, you were robbed !!

  • ZE4LE

    subzero are okay but not exactly professional.... unless these are more high standard products to what I've tried from them...

  • NikonGuy

    Ethan definitely knows what he’s doing. He’s secretly trying to educate the ape that is Alex.

  • zeb123dee123

    How many fingers were lost in the making of this???? 🥴🥴

  • Makke

    I am SORRY, a Swedish Sauna??. Oh dear, what a ghastly comment from ze German.

  • m_ fanatic
    m_ fanatic

    lets gooo bosnia

  • J R
    J R

    Thanks guys you really do cheered me up 👍👍👍👍👍😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 and yes, when i first saw the van i thought 💭 .........scrap 👍🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🤪

  • ElizabethAras

    I think it'd be nicer if you just left it as an RV project,but personalised it to fit the channel more.

  • Stephen Rowan
    Stephen Rowan

    Not hating. just asking! Why didn't they just get a van that hadn't been built out?

  • Berkan

    Alex is literally Jeremy Clarkson in this video. He’s not Big, but a small cavemen disguised as a German living in great britain.

  • James Hatton
    James Hatton

    27:46 I'm really sorry guys but it does, unsurprisingly, sound like you are talking from within the back of a wooden van.

  • Uday Parthiv
    Uday Parthiv

    Ethan, I told you a year ago to go see a chiropractor! Maybe do it now?

  • Adrian Mc
    Adrian Mc

    Ethan knows way more about wood work than cars. Cute chippy .

  • RushkihRRZ

    Ok dummie

  • Jon Scott
    Jon Scott


  • Adam

    I loved this so much! Great job guys!

  • Jim Osborn
    Jim Osborn

    Shame this was never used for a podcast.

  • Alexandru Cormos
    Alexandru Cormos

    stunning job you guys, especially Ethan, well done!

  • Paul Mills
    Paul Mills

    nice travel during a pandemic and no masks, awesome work

  • Andor Radnai
    Andor Radnai

    Does the Van have a name already..? If not, petition to call him Van Kilmer!

  • cars of the UK 123
    cars of the UK 123


  • neil walsh
    neil walsh

    Superb job. Really cool to have your own premises and it's mobile too, win win

  • Travel-van-world

    Great interior 😎👍🏻💪🏻👌🏻

  • Alex Harley
    Alex Harley

    Is Alex becoming Jeremy?

  • Luke Seddon
    Luke Seddon

    Looks great, may I suggest you raise and clamp the mic stands to the corner of the roof. You will be able to lift them up and get past them easier to reach the back seats.

  • Brick Movies
    Brick Movies

    That’s sick

  • Stephen Henley
    Stephen Henley

    Ethan says cunt at 23:23

  • Peter

    "hopefully noone will break into this van" Does a build video and now the whole Internet knows about this van This will need an actual dedicated badass alarm system to and probably a bank vault to keep safe from the trash part of humans

  • Hamza Rubeyi
    Hamza Rubeyi

    " get wood"

  • M You
    M You

    Loved this slightly different content.

  • Chokyo

    Imma be honest. Kinda looks like a fake taxi kinda thing but just a van

  • Paul

    This van is actually perfect for Albania, not bringing attention, cheap and little bit messy

  • Friday Akpeh
    Friday Akpeh

    If you have FNB bank or CAPITEC bank Started bank or luno wallet you can earn up to 17000Rands in less than 24hours... you can contact MR Tony for more info on the link below👇🏻👇🏻 facebook.com/Tonymorrison0

  • JDMricist

    Actually Steve-O did the podcast van first but great job guys! Yours definitely has that homemade touch that looks absolutely fabulous! Built not bought my guys! 👍

  • Andrew Peel
    Andrew Peel

    i'm a long time subscriber to Martin on Houseless not Homeless as i'm a van dweller myself sad to see the van been stripped , hope your watching the weight fellas that's mighty think wood your using .

  • jaasimoes7

    Portugal!!!... where you dont need a home ... stars will be your ceiling and the moon your light!!! ... bit poetic but only bcos I'm portuguese!!...LOL . ;) Lovely people and weather too!!!

  • Karl Gilder
    Karl Gilder

    That’s really good!

  • Joshua

    Was I the only one who thought they were given a fan belt with the sound kit? I was seriously confused!

  • Zeb

    £600? Surely you mean 600 carrots?

  • The Pizza Loving RedPanda
    The Pizza Loving RedPanda


  • ajrestivo

    Ethan is an American icon.

  • nixsound

    Remember when Ethan was behind the camera? I liked the show much more then. Get jack in front with Alex, they have a much nicer interaction and seem to be on the same level, with more wit, rather than the constant bickering we've got to endure/cringe with Ethan

  • Angus

    How are you guys not 4K yet?

  • Lin T
    Lin T

    They used a £500 recycled old van, £130 in recycled wood and then fitted brand new audio equipment instead of getting used gear off Facebook or ebay for £Peanuts... Just seems a bit incongruous.

  • bryan

    Get it over to "the ring" get Robert to do a lap while you podcast an episode with Misha as Boris. Eithan can be upfront with Robert to give him the correct line and gear for any given corner.

  • Cameron Smith
    Cameron Smith

    Don't know why but I would love to see someone like Collin furze strip the inside of this and use his imagination lol 😆

  • Mark Bowker
    Mark Bowker

    Been following housless not homeless for a couple of years now I highly recommend subscribing to his channel and looking through his videos. You will not be disappointed

  • IAN1000IAN

    Great minds must think alike as I've got the same tiles my fire place hearth .

  • Mr Upliftmofo
    Mr Upliftmofo

    I can't see them getting 4 people in there

  • Julian Slator
    Julian Slator

    wow £1000 for that well done most cost £10000

  • Aussie Aus Deutschland
    Aussie Aus Deutschland

    Fake Taxi boys will start hiring it out from Car Throttle boys.

  • Gerard Benoit
    Gerard Benoit

    The flat euphonium anteriorly chase because sex additionly admit on a statuesque sturgeon. brash, violent acoustic

  • Fortzon

    15:35 SWEDISH?!

  • Collin Burke
    Collin Burke

    Steve-O had a van podcast first he’s the real pioneer

  • JLM PC
    JLM PC

    you really need basstraps

  • lpfin ytdec
    lpfin ytdec

    "No tools working in this van overnight"

  • adsfinch

    Fuck it, I'm getting a van.

  • Thomas :D
    Thomas :D

    450 000 kilometers, NO ALOT?? excuse me, what is much for you? 03:14

  • MARK mark two
    MARK mark two

    Put a shrink tube on the screws that you use as headphones holder so the threads don't damage the padding on them

  • Constant Throwing
    Constant Throwing

    Scrapping my prelude. Very sad.

  • Fire Fox
    Fire Fox

    UK MOD universal repair kit MK.1 And MK.2 ( duct/gaff tape & cable ties) 😁👍

  • Mike Bell
    Mike Bell

    It looks bloody brilliant, nice work guys.

  • IbanezRG

    speak to victron energy

  • Beatsarehazard Is who i am
    Beatsarehazard Is who i am

    Ethan is crippled

  • Christopher Sparkman
    Christopher Sparkman

    Poddy McVanFace! 👏👏👏

  • Ben Richardson
    Ben Richardson

    Wonder how many wanks have been had in the back of that van

  • Mikael Ryynänen
    Mikael Ryynänen

    Do you realise that talking about a swedish sauna instead of a finnish one is like me saying "ahh yes I just had some proper Irish fish and chips". Get it right Alex👁️👄👁️

  • Paul

    Car throttle sign is not central and its annoying me lol.

  • Paul

    They lost there studio lol.

  • SA Adventures
    SA Adventures

    Anyone else hear Ethan say the C word at 23:21 and it wasn’t bleeped 😂

  • Dan Druft
    Dan Druft

    Fucking adverts, I've got every adblocker and they still don't work on my laptop

  • Docks Carpentry
    Docks Carpentry

    Are you guys at portsdown Hill portsmouth at the beginning it looks familiar??

  • Allinsport


  • DaveVespa

    So Ethan is a non car guy and a non DIY guy. Is there anything he isn't a non of?

  • Angelo TV
    Angelo TV


  • Matchbox motion
    Matchbox motion

    1:23 hello kitty cat

  • Aidar Sharafullin
    Aidar Sharafullin

    Awesome build, amazing work on the table, all looks really good with sound absorbtion padding. Guys, the sound isn't nice in the end, maybe it's your new mics, or maybe it's a very limited space in the room with a lot of easily reverbating pallet wood, but it has to be fixed, otherwise whenever you upload a podcast the sound Will be like you are podcasting from a shipping metal container

  • Lafemmebear Music
    Lafemmebear Music

    Tan... dirty... both ima say both. Great video though 👌

  • Charley Battles
    Charley Battles

    Steve o was the first podcast van before you coin that phrase for yourselves.

  • Pauls

    Don’t tech screws cause hundreds of little holes in the body work?

  • Michael Gurd
    Michael Gurd

    Mid Sussex Wood Recycling looks fantastic.

  • Elliot Crump
    Elliot Crump

    Vanny McTree would have been a fantastic name!

  • BigPed

    Lol seen this van over the 5 years and can say..... mnmm worth it and he's a good lad happy to see this agen with yous

  • Christopher Differ
    Christopher Differ

    I hope there will be some more on upgrading the performance and looks on the outside too. That be cool.

  • Malte Spielt
    Malte Spielt

    The music store really sent you 80 pound mics.... yikes

  • Adam Paterson
    Adam Paterson

    Brilliant video!

  • P B
    P B

    You wouldn't see this much SCREWING on Pornhub 😉

  • J S
    J S

    One thing Finns are really proud of is their saunas and Alex just keeps calling it a Swedish sauna. This hurts.

  • R Y A N
    R Y A N

    Ethans a handy man????

  • Jacob Andrew
    Jacob Andrew

    Disappointed in the lack of comments about that soundproofing material on the walls. It isn't parallel! It is seriously triggering me.

  • Hal Lee
    Hal Lee

    I want it to be called Podvan McCastFace

  • Andrew Douglas
    Andrew Douglas

    I’m convinced they got this idea off of Smith and Sniff 😜

  • Jan Bernauer
    Jan Bernauer

    Can you do a Phill vs Jacks Miata

  • Anorexic_ribbon

    They took a nice can and made it worse