Living With A Ford GT
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This week, Alex finds out what Ford's savage supercar - the GT - is like to live with!
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  • darbo

    I sometimes think back to how I discovered this channel, which was through Adnan's review of the RCZ back in 2011 surprisingly, cuz I was thinking of buying one back then; but oh my god, look at this amazing content we get now! This video just honestly gets me hyped for the Ford GT and makes me wanna own one. Thank you so much for all these amazing videos guys, I watch these on a regular basis, even finding myself often rewatching older ones, and I just need them in my life ^_^

  • Ellis James
    Ellis James

    Clarkson had one was funny watching him get in and out of it. I’d love one

  • carl westernut
    carl westernut

    I'd prefer the multipla

  • Kristian

    "Win Ford GT.... Taxes and shipping are included..." - Well I live in Antarctica. you better hope i don't win.

  • Josh Roy
    Josh Roy

    where is luca, only thing missing

  • Craig Mitchell
    Craig Mitchell

    Iv got into car throttle late but during lockdown in Scotland 1,2,3 can’t wait to c how u lot take over the car world in a world without covid I read a lot of comments about u three being new top gear as a fan of top gear u are well smashing it out the park plz come up and record in Scotland massive fans up here stay safe

  • Conor Wilson
    Conor Wilson

    These guys have gotta have a TV show..

  • Shaun Greer
    Shaun Greer

    “this car has been stolen”

  • Tony was at TWICELIGHT 2019
    Tony was at TWICELIGHT 2019

    To us American it was actually scary when you were at the gas station and said "diesel" because in America most gas station has the green handle for diesel fuel and black for gas


    Nothing more annoying than this guy and the stupid beeping for his cry baby wussy cussing.

  • Kevin RS
    Kevin RS

    Very nice 👌

  • Rahul Sohoni
    Rahul Sohoni

    "AN average shop, not YOUR average shop" 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • JT1989

    I have just realised that the white stripes on the bonnet pay homage to the white lines on the road that you have to straddle because the car is monstrously wide

  • Manu Manu
    Manu Manu

    The faster you go, the longer you spend at the petrol station.

  • Brad Wolf
    Brad Wolf

    I own Ford Motor Company. - Eugene Kwok

  • masud hassan
    masud hassan

    i have been driving a ford gt for the last 3 years

  • wenton moore
    wenton moore

    10:32 alex: what we thinking jack, diesel?? 10:35 also alex: *starts pumping petrol*

  • Tater Army
    Tater Army

    I love the ford gt40 which I'm pretty sure won a lemans race in France and I also like toyota supra!!

  • gj rt
    gj rt

    That bitch is bad looking. Going down the road tho. Glad to see your making videos again. Still being the the bane of most British men.

  • Delkio Gaming
    Delkio Gaming

    Hey those are the switches in the gt7 trailer inside ford gt

  • Diego Arias
    Diego Arias

    Not exist covid?

  • エルネストErnieXny

    They copied fortnite smh 🤮

  • CrazyInWeston


  • Commendatore

    if i would win the lottery someday, this car would be the first one i would buy

  • Nameless

    WOW. That big bum trying to exit the car haha


    7000 go like hell

  • Dino Palatiello
    Dino Palatiello

    That’s the classic dream of a 14 years old boy. Love it

  • Puro Fierro
    Puro Fierro

    A pickle and some oil huh 😏

  • Кирилл Док
    Кирилл Док

    Было бы прекрасно посмотреть данное видео на русском!

  • Lamborghini Ford
    Lamborghini Ford

    One of the best car in history

  • Dip Space
    Dip Space

    an average shop, not your average shop, hilarious !

  • surge 45
    surge 45

    Win a ford Gt,but can't afford the taxes

  • Toasty Scoot
    Toasty Scoot

    He can’t even make a right turn😂literally halfway into the road with the wheel cranked 1/4 way and wonders why he has to back’s like watching my great grandpa try to drive

  • Toasty Scoot
    Toasty Scoot

    You an tell this is his first time driving it lmfao

  • Toasty Scoot
    Toasty Scoot

    “V8 FORD GT” oh rly I thought it was the 4 banger xD

  • dana swand
    dana swand

    Ford Gt + body builder + small parking lot 🤣🤣

  • Sai Charan Pallati
    Sai Charan Pallati

    Everything is affordable with this car, apart from petrol 😀

  • emre yonluer
    emre yonluer

    i love this car 😍

  • BLAR

    At least the fuel cap is on the right side and not the drivers side. Imagine a right hand drive version - meaning that you need to do the lizard trick every time you fill it up (every day) 😂

  • Le Ju
    Le Ju

    22 Liter per 100 Kilometer 😂😂😂 I Think thats very fair

  • XKilersX234

    11:29 actually that's not that bad, my Subaru goes with 15-18l/100km

  • rising tide
    rising tide

    Now Imagine a tesla model 3 sport. 😏

  • Suraj Tonde
    Suraj Tonde

    Now go to Rockport city


    The most beautiful car in the world

  • Fear RL
    Fear RL

    Where da fock does he live

  • StiKz

    These videos are just ridicoulus and stupid XD The car is intended for everything, but not to be a daily driver, and everybody who can afford a Ford GT, will not use it as a daily driver, bceause he has probably others cars


    Nabudúce zaparkuj ako človek nie ako idiot

  • VossWaterKim

    Before watching the video, my first thought- BOIIII YOU MUST HAVE THAT GAS MONEY

  • Smoker Ace
    Smoker Ace

    Omaze is Total Scam! Don´t try it.

  • zerxis blances
    zerxis blances

    That car looks mean

  • MΔЯСΘS Gaming
    MΔЯСΘS Gaming


  • pilavcı bagcilar
    pilavcı bagcilar

    Harika makina

  • pilavcı bagcilar
    pilavcı bagcilar

    Türkiye İstanbul selamlar helow

  • zeus lim
    zeus lim

    I want a ford GT because of the door. I wanna squeeze out of it all the time.

  • tso kai lo
    tso kai lo

    There is no disadvantage in buying a ford gt in your daily life, you know why? People who can afford one can surely afford a 2nd car for their shoppings.

  • Jens Jensen
    Jens Jensen

    Buy a tesla

  • Enrico Edison
    Enrico Edison

    Niceeee 🤣 it is what it is: Car Throttle

  • gamerhook 053
    gamerhook 053


  • gamerhook 053
    gamerhook 053


  • SCU Later
    SCU Later

    Next videos 5 things I love about my Ford GT 5 things I hate about my Ford GT 5 changes I would make to my Ford GT 5 problems with my Ford GT I'm selling my Ford GT Been watching the game for too long.

  • gamerhook 053
    gamerhook 053


  • TheBurnAlive

    sorry , but you guys don't travel very fast

  • Shay Vidas
    Shay Vidas

    *like this if you own a ford *comment which one u have

    • Eesa Din
      Eesa Din


  • Al Bori 28
    Al Bori 28

    Even my Corolla can smoke that GM junk pit

  • Delta Pheonix
    Delta Pheonix

    It must be hard to live with a car like that when you earn minimum wage and have a car that needs a new S belt, Clutch etc. If I won the car which I am not entering, I would sell the car and fix my car, pay my bills and save the rest because of these uncertain times with employment.

  • El Explosivo
    El Explosivo

    A Classic brand from Ford, this car means a lot from me, it looks like the GT40 from Lemans

  • Makya Kino
    Makya Kino

    Moral of the story: You don’t eat a cake for dinner

  • ANIKET Yadav
    ANIKET Yadav

    I hope I had a Ford 2017 GT

  • Joseph Watson
    Joseph Watson

    The ford gt40 snd Mclaren F1 have always been the best looking cars in my opinion, the gt40 was always the coolest though!

  • Spencer Gittins
    Spencer Gittins

    Imagine having a car like that. All I have is a Prius!

  • Strom Berto
    Strom Berto


  • Sachi Deshmane
    Sachi Deshmane

    The Petersen automotive museum is a scheme for rich people to avoid paying taxes and admire expensive things. It doesn't actually benefit the world in any real way.

  • Derrick Moses
    Derrick Moses

    ...mine woulda been keyed, dented, windows bashed out, tries slashed, hoses slashed,etc.

  • Ramon Sanchez
    Ramon Sanchez

    Lo primero perdón por la cordialidad pero para mí no vamos a quitarle lo chulo que está pero para mí i on es por hacer publicidad pero para mí si vas a cualquier sitio ikea o ala aldea Ino puedes meter en el maletero un saco de patatas o una bolsa de ropa como coche no vale para nada si o no

  • Fábio Lima
    Fábio Lima

    Legends in portuguêse ? Intendi

  • Falcon 4917
    Falcon 4917

    This is the best car man ever made.

  • TheGamingGuys

    How are you supposed to enjoy cars in England? All the roads are bumpy, narrow, and have the overgrowth creeping over the edges... its terrible too, because its so open and beautiful, but holy crap, you can't go anything over 60 without losing control because of all the bumps lol

  • Ein meme König
    Ein meme König

    Ford gt: 22L on 100 km in down E55 amg w211: 22L on 100km in down Me who is gonna buy a e55: *GAS PLANT INSTALLED* ( i mean it seriously im gonna buy an e55 )

  • Jinwon Kim
    Jinwon Kim

    I am watching this while I can't even afford the Renault Captur in the thumbnail.

  • Andres Garcia
    Andres Garcia

    Imagine getting a rock chip or a ding at walmart!

  • daddysbeautypalace

    I hope i am going to win it. Can't wait to go to the supermarket in it. Thanks for the great review 😀

  • kindlytoxic

    all the dislikes are the ferrari fanboys

  • Mordred1337

    thank you for bleeding ears after 10 secs.. ffs why do people edit in such loud fucking bleeps

  • Daniel Garcia Alonso
    Daniel Garcia Alonso

    Only 4 sunday

  • 이이

    why not wear mask???

  • Swing Trade Solutions
    Swing Trade Solutions

    Car has better MPG than my 2011 v6 mustang lmao

  • NovaFox

    If i would win the car and the 20k$ i would donate the money to my local charity

  • Rom

    FYI: if you're in the USA, just take the prize cash instead ($200k) so you don't go broke with the income taxes. Omaze only gives you 25% of the car value for taxes but a car this expensive puts you in the 35% tax bracket. That's before you even try to insure & fuel a supercar.

  • András Borgátai
    András Borgátai

    the ferrari slayer.. don't make me laugh

  • Lubicos 723
    Lubicos 723

    Excellente vidéo ! Je me suis toujours demandé comment vivre avec une Ford GT. J'ai maintenant compris que je risquais de perdre ma tête ...

  • Trollskyy

    For me, this is the best looking car ever produced. These harsh lines, the simplicity, love everything in this car.

    • Daily dose of Vitamin J
      Daily dose of Vitamin J

      Nice but not the best looking car ever made

    • LucaH

      @Young stainless still garbage but not as bad as the time-old ford

    • Young stainless
      Young stainless

      I think toyota gt86 is the most beautiful car

    • LucaH

      another thing is the lights, they are butt ugly

    • LucaH

      @Carl Lorenzo i mean neither can you, nor can any of us

  • Thatoneguy YTP
    Thatoneguy YTP

    My bet is €3.56 btw the pump price still shows on the pump

  • Evo Coil
    Evo Coil

    You got like 5 ads plus how many fkn bs paid ads..? Foookin baytah waaankah

  • Don

    I don’t have a single car that gets under 20 liters/100km lol

  • Emre Senturk
    Emre Senturk

    Ford gt in mi var derdin var kardeşim

  • Jhony Martinez
    Jhony Martinez

    De que año es?

  • Champions League
    Champions League

    Le mans dna

  • petros pago351
    petros pago351

    ah yea the ford gt the most beautiful yet impractical car in existence

  • Rebecca Berton
    Rebecca Berton

    i saw 1 thers a new one

  • Geoffrey Wylie JR
    Geoffrey Wylie JR