Can The Stig Teach A Non-Car Guy To Be A Stunt Driver?
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This week, former Stig and stunt driver Ben Collins faces his toughest challenge yet: Teaching Ethan how to drive like a pro!
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  • dmacaulay75

    Ben Collins is a legend. I'd give my right nut to spend a few hours getting taught by him. And Ethan did a cracking job for a non-car guy.

  • Zoya Was Here
    Zoya Was Here

    Hell yah Ethan! Get it boi!

  • Anonymous Caveman
    Anonymous Caveman

    When Ethen said "one more go" all I could hear was Morpheus saying "HE'S BEGINNING TO BELIEVE"

  • mdfk667

    Ethan is the Car Throttle equivalent of James May.

  • Semir D
    Semir D

    Ethan should be an inspiration to all of us. He’s getting more or less forced into these challenges and he tackles them head on. Ok maybe he’s a little hesitant but he gets the job done. I know for a fact a lot of the guys laughing at Ethan wouldn’t dare to even try something like this.

  • Jacob Fulmer
    Jacob Fulmer

    I was grinning the whole time and laughed out loud like 5 times. Excellent vid! XD

  • Coordinator61

    Ben is the top.

  • Thomas shaw
    Thomas shaw

    its like seeinng a nun in a bkikini

  • fatty beast
    fatty beast

    Last 86 sold in the UK today R.I.P Here's to the 2022 86

  • mercedes fan
    mercedes fan

    I think Ethan is a Half-Car-guy.

  • mdhgameplays

    He is such a nice teacher.

  • Brian Lingden
    Brian Lingden

    Michael Schumacher?

  • KyleW

    He looks like a big alex

  • Zenfold

    6:32 don't be gentle it's a rental! Love that

    • Brian Lingden
      Brian Lingden

      It rhymed, didn't it?

  • Thomas Toth
    Thomas Toth

    Let's now see how Alex does

  • Matthew Allcock
    Matthew Allcock

    What’s incredible is that Ethan now probably know more driving tricks than most people do.

  • Sleepings

    Pretty awesome seeing my car being used there!

    • Sleepings

      @Matthew Allcock Better than that

    • Matthew Allcock
      Matthew Allcock

      I’m guessing not that precise car

  • Matthew Parr
    Matthew Parr

    i love how its become project Ethan lol, becoming more and more of a car guy every video!

  • John Smith
    John Smith

    I was so PROUD of Ethan like my brother had done it :D

    • Brian Lingden
      Brian Lingden

      More of a friend for me.

  • a viewer
    a viewer

    Seeing Ethan developer from the camera man into some what a car guy with project cars, installing mods here and there always makes a good watch especially this video with drifting as you can tell he’s uncomfortable doing it but still gave it ago, good video lads.

  • Radon Racing
    Radon Racing

    The helmet tags !😂😂😂😂

  • Rob Tuffin
    Rob Tuffin

    I went from laughing at him for wearing his tags and only ever having accidentally done a wheel spin, to cheering Ethan on like a mad man. So good to watch! Very satisfying seeing him understand it.

  • neil walsh
    neil walsh

    What an excellent student, you can see Ethan listens to instruction very well Would have liked it even more with Chris Harris cos I suspect Chris isn't quite as calm and Ethan would have shit him up more.

  • Linas Vaičiukynas
    Linas Vaičiukynas

    The real question is how much clutch there is left and how expensive it is to replace it ? :DD

  • The Mx5 Channel
    The Mx5 Channel

    Once i needed to turn on a road, and i pulled the handbrake, other people were both amazed and confused like, did he realy do that? And i was like, do you want me to do a 3 point turn? i felt very nice.

  • Chris Chen
    Chris Chen

    Ethan initiated the s🅱️inotto technique

  • Remi Ramos
    Remi Ramos

    I so fucking proud of Ethan. It literally brought tears to my eyes. 🥲

  • naikjoy x
    naikjoy x

    Can't wait for Ethan to participate in the 24 Hours Nürburgring event😊 He is my hero!

  • Rui Carvalho
    Rui Carvalho

    Brilliant job Ethan! You are the man!!!

  • Kyosuke Machii
    Kyosuke Machii

    so this is how stig teached the guests in the show


    I guess I will stick to Assoluto Racing

  • Walter Morgenroth
    Walter Morgenroth

    Some say he owns a toilet that urinates on him.

  • Simon Abbott
    Simon Abbott

    This is like a cross between old Top Gear and Car Throttle. Top Throttle, maybe?

  • Crow Eater
    Crow Eater

    I want a eightsix so bad, it's the perfect trainer car.

  • Undissatisfied

    Uncomfortable Ethan is my spirit animal.

  • QuantumS1ngularity

    Next i wanna see Ethan take place in a racing event. It will be absolutely superb watching him wrestle with another amateur racers. And i bet my left ear, there would be a lot of bleeps

  • adsfinch

    I've never been prouder of someone that I'm not related to or know in person!! Go on Ethan! You'll be the best driver on the squad before long!

  • Andrew KB & Joliverpro!
    Andrew KB & Joliverpro!

    Very envious of Ethan getting tuition from the Stig. Anyone planning to buy a second hand GT86 one day should make a note of the reg and avoid! 😄😄

  • MadJamYT

    The Stig is like the Mandalorian. No living thing should see him without the Helmet

  • Jay HYVE
    Jay HYVE

    "Some say, he was able to teach Ethan how to do donuts" Nah, you're chatting boll*cks now 😂😂😂😂

  • Mister Aki
    Mister Aki

    Ben Collins is a great teacher

  • TheTargetlockon

    If Ethan can do it, I can probably do it heh

  • Aztech productions
    Aztech productions

    The stig looks like Alex's Dad hahahaha

  • Claudiu C
    Claudiu C

    Just sign me up when you have driving lessons with STIIIIGGGG even if I have already cover more than a million miles,can still give some lessons )) !!!

  • Swaggy Crusader
    Swaggy Crusader

    08:10 HAHHA

  • Irishdrivingbloopers

    I think you might genuinely have gotten Ethan into this kind of thing after this lol!! Great video and kudos for getting Ben Collins on here too. Thumbs up all the way!!!

  • JT Virivong
    JT Virivong

    Watching Ethan learn and grow as a beginner is making me crying from happiness 😭😭😭

  • spacecat6416

    ethan is going to be so use to the hp

  • diersa182

    I thought the Stig would be more shorter...

  • liam O'Leary
    liam O'Leary

    Great video! Well done Ethan

  • A. Person
    A. Person

    Ethan is best waifu, that's a fact

  • yodaistheone

    Dayum.......this man can drive.

  • Kurt Peeters
    Kurt Peeters

    2022 Ethan will be Formula Drift Champion.. Said it here first!!

  • Ralfe Niño Astillero
    Ralfe Niño Astillero

    *Some say he changes his Honda Jazz oil for the first time and that replace his brakes and he was becoming a car guy after getting Z4* -Ethan

  • Conor Warnes
    Conor Warnes

    I used to be unsure on ethan being a longstanding part of the channel! He continues to prove me wrong! Top work

    • dmacaulay75

      I came to this channel for the car content. I stayed for Ethan.

  • Curtis Bingham
    Curtis Bingham

    You should do a front wheel drive drift video on something like a Ford fusion

  • ReikoX7

    Lol it would be a xmass for me to be taught by Ben ...

  • Notso Swift
    Notso Swift

    Reverse J-turn, it is a Hopkirk, show some respect!

  • Kenta

    Wait, does he only eat cheese?

  • clay flannery
    clay flannery

    Stig needs his own show

  • Roo The conqueror
    Roo The conqueror

    did he say Sid Vicious?

  • Terrence Havens
    Terrence Havens

    get it ethan!!!!!!!

  • jaasimoes7

    non Ethan gay driver never will get it! Ethan guy (*gay@) superb!

  • Pirasanth Kathirgamanathan
    Pirasanth Kathirgamanathan

    Couldnt stop smiling during this video. Good job Ethan!

  • Lapin Logic
    Lapin Logic

    "Up the ante and do a J- Turn"... At my old work I did a J-Turn in an old banger Peugeot 106 in the works yard, I nailed it carrying full momentum on my first try, its kindergarten driving.

  • Kilgorio


  • yoda calvin
    yoda calvin

    They ran this as and ad lol


    Is that black helmet heavy?? All He's done is lift it's like weighing Him down...

  • Ricky G
    Ricky G

    Ive always said that the best "mod" that you can spend money on to drive better and faster and have more car control is tuition. With a good teacher a non-car person can achieve amazing results pretty quickly, well done Ethan

  • Mike

    The look of sheer panic on Ethan's face when he realised he had been stitched up was classic. Much kudos for facing that fear and still going through with it (not that Alex gave you much choice LOL). The fact that you exceeded all my expectations was a credit to both you and Ben's unflappable teaching skills. You just need to do your CBT now ;). Well done, you should feel proud of what you achieved :).

  • Adam Perkins
    Adam Perkins

    What a legend both of them. Ethan improved so much he should be proud and Ben is such a good teacher always finding the right wording always calm and relaxed

  • Rodrigo

    its a rental dont worry

  • Bormasjien

    This non-car guys is doing more awesome car-related stuff than me, a car-guy!!

  • Anton Taylor
    Anton Taylor

    2020 Ethan - Car Throttle video editor and sidekick 2021 Ethan - Car Throttle stunt driver and main presenter. You guys have created a MONSTER!

  • Behold6The6Darkness6

    Well done Mr. Ethan! :D

  • Tom Evans
    Tom Evans

    They'll make a car guy out of ethan yet love this

  • Conor Cleary
    Conor Cleary

    Ethan gets to do one of my wet dreams (bastard) congrats tho

  • Gladiatus MINIMUS
    Gladiatus MINIMUS

    2020 is a bad year. Ethan becoming a car guy is savning it! Great job Ethan and welcome in the club 😎 you can actually see him enjoying it

  • ChaosPotato

    Ethan is the man

  • Joao Bizarro
    Joao Bizarro

    Ethan is the best Car Throttle Project! :)

  • Andrew Logan
    Andrew Logan

    some say....

  • Frank Eckermann
    Frank Eckermann

    Now, that was a lesson from The Master.

  • Eddie Ford
    Eddie Ford

    "Keep the faith son, it's gonna be OK"

  • sam hopwood
    sam hopwood

    what a teacher! Well done Ethan lad! *Edit: Actually found myself shouting out "YEEEEAAA ETHAN" at my computer when you did that first drift!

  • Mark Wright
    Mark Wright

    No handbrake turn into reverse J-turn? When are we going to see proper Ethan Baby Driver Smale :) . And we need to see Alex Drift Bollard Kersten (as Alex -Pretty Much A- Racing Driver Kersten) go head to head with The Ben The Stig Collins in some challenges :)

  • Da Gamer
    Da Gamer

    Does stig really use a toilet brush to brush his teeth?

  • Youssef Puisto
    Youssef Puisto

    14:46 suicide idea 💡

  • chiffon fairchild
    chiffon fairchild

    Aspiring people who wanted to try or even wanna experience this please do some neck training first.

  • abidamn

    Somesay he had his Honda Jazz's cats stolen. Or that he prefers to do handbrake job without the brake part. All we know he is called ETHAN!

  • Reuben J Johnson
    Reuben J Johnson

    What car is that???

  • Initial VAT
    Initial VAT

    Got 86 dislikes... Bunta???

  • DDN

    If i wanted to see a rat doing tricks with the host of a channel i would've watched the NatGeoWild

  • Colin Howard
    Colin Howard

    Loved the video - doing things I would always loved to have learned when I was a youngster! Well done, Ethan, you’ve brightened a foggy Monday morning. All the best to you all.

  • Dillan Saxo
    Dillan Saxo

    Top videos more like this!

  • John Ryan Asong
    John Ryan Asong

    Plot Twist: Ethan is a car guy but acts like a non car guy for contents.

  • S L
    S L

    Ben is an awesome teacher!

  • Sam Chisholm
    Sam Chisholm

    Anyone else think Ben sounds like Gordon Ramsey??

  • Sadat Sami
    Sadat Sami

    is that the real stig! the way he drifts its beautiful

  • Travis Bourn
    Travis Bourn

    Great work Ethan as a non car guy that is getting in to cars you are amazing keep up the great work 👍👍👍

  • Cooper Long
    Cooper Long

    Read Ben's book The Man in the White Suit if you haven't. He's a bit of a badass when not behind the wheel, too.

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