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This week, we talk about the best car advert of all time, an awful car sale, and Jack tackles Wrong Answers Only!
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  • dtprodrive

    I always buy a shitbox to stop people parking outside my house

  • Arminder Batth
    Arminder Batth

    The tasteless cyclone proportionately fetch because composition decisively inject toward a free sandra. grandiose, abrupt adapter

  • Leon 's Account
    Leon 's Account

    I got really excited cos I found Gareth's M4 on auto trader

  • Randomaniacs

    Also Alex's South African accent sucks 🤣

  • Randomaniacs

    How about you fix the rust before overlanding it.

  • Stephen Batho
    Stephen Batho

    Need an update on the sale of the M4 😂

  • Sydney Pettitt
    Sydney Pettitt

    you have no idea what its like to be a delivery driver, ill park across a drive if the house is next yours because I already have to walk enough (averaged 10-15 miles a day), sometimes it is literally the only clear space to free up traffic flow on the street and ill be less than 3 minutes, shopping is heavy as fuck, if its an inconvenience to people or they give me gip I tell them to piss off, because its not exactly like you plan on moving out when you're still in your dressing gown and slippers, snarking out your front door like a twat that wants to make a deal out of nothing. jobs worth.. ps everything else I love but that point rubbed me up the wrong way haha

  • somerandommug

    My MX5 was a daily for a long time, I feel like I have way more fun in that all the time than any other car I have driven, also the MX5 has shockingly good fuel economy, did 220 mile trips every weekend in it and cost me just over half what the Mini cost me.


    a 325 e93 " high end" ?

  • Ауто камере Србија / Dash cams Serbia
    Ауто камере Србија / Dash cams Serbia

    Why you upload podcasts randomly? Why not every monday like you used to? :(

  • Moritz Breitinger
    Moritz Breitinger

    engine swap a diesel in the Vitara

  • Scott Cariss
    Scott Cariss

    Gareth, I feel you. I have the same issue with parents leaving their car on the dropped kurb blocking my driveway...

  • superjfbm

    ...sorry... who was pegging?

  • RCTitan

    Guys can you stop talking about 90s BMWs by the time I have enough money to afford one you will have driven up the value

  • Ethan Hatch
    Ethan Hatch

    8 grand would get you in an e46 m3 these days... or a 328i e36 lol

    • Andrew Last
      Andrew Last

      If you got an E46 M3 for under £8k, you are doing well or it's a shed. There is only 1 on PistonHeads at the moment under £10k. They have been on the up over the past few years. I paid £12k for mine 7 years ago and that would be more now.

  • LayCatholicReligious

    They do take like 10-15 litres of as blue... Hated filling them up all the time at the main dealer. If not it's probably the sensor 😅

  • R118GSiVVC


  • 6ettinold

    Many years ago, my brother took me down to Leicester to look at a Fiesta. We couldn't find the guys address, flagging down some passing rozzers to ask them. When they learnt of the address we wished to visit, they asked if they could come too...the lad selling the car was arrested for cloning, his mum was arrested for disturbing the peace and the car was seized. His mum threatened to stab us, the coppers and the neighbours. The moron stuck a different set of plates on the car, with the original ( stolen ) reg. no. clearly etched on every window. Left it a few months before I looked at another car.

  • Thomas Andersen
    Thomas Andersen

    13:53 That's not alot, on a Citröen C3 it can take around 8 liters of add-blue.

  • twitchy penguin
    twitchy penguin

    Lucky for me I've never owned anything new enough or worth enough for a person stealing high end cars would be interested in so I think. I'm safe

  • Kenny Powers
    Kenny Powers

    How do I submit my car for you guys to give your honest opinions! ? How do I submit my photos for you to roast away?

  • Manny Man
    Manny Man

    Gareth really looks like Michael Mcintyres long lost brother

  • D Muncho
    D Muncho

    Best hour ever

  • Luke Morris
    Luke Morris

    Ahha my car got roasted compleatly volvo c30

  • 65435364e

    Should have gone to EO charging Gareth, best chargers on the market mate.

  • Paul Symons
    Paul Symons

    Gareth, did you not notice the school when you moved in? 'Cause I bet it was there before you were - what did you expect? Also, your M4 is overhanging the footway.

  • James

    After taking my car to the garage they rolled back the odometer to zero. Is that not illegal to sell a car showing fewer miles than it actually has? And how can I reset it back to what it was before. Cheers

  • James Davis
    James Davis

    Could buy yourself a facelifted Jaguar XK for 8 K. Surprised Gareth didn't throw that one in the pot xD

  • chris varney
    chris varney

    Moral of the story, do a quick reg check on the car the buyers turn up in

  • Girat 08
    Girat 08

    Zander’s father Mathew looks like a guy that would pay 75k for Phil (if he was real) !

  • Andrew Shelly
    Andrew Shelly

    No mention of the royal mail lorry?

  • Leo Tweedy
    Leo Tweedy

    GTI means Gran Turismo Iniezione

  • Andrew Shelly
    Andrew Shelly

    Gti is grand tourer injection

  • Arthur Price
    Arthur Price

    All this ripping into Ethan is getting a bit boring now

  • mk1600 GT
    mk1600 GT

    For a second, I assumed Gareth was drinking olive oil from the bottle colour haha

  • Andrew Shelly
    Andrew Shelly

    Why aren't you using the van?

  • ar1g3

    Gareth is the kind of person that explains jokes

  • Joshua Rosen
    Joshua Rosen

    Has Mike adopted Alex or something?

  • David Hogg
    David Hogg

    I'm older than Alex and daily an MX5, it's technically the most practical vehicle in the household fleet too! 😂

  • Mathew Gerber
    Mathew Gerber

    LADS !! Is the Honda Stream RSZ still relevant 2021 ?

  • James Stirling
    James Stirling

    I love how Gareth has even mentioned his Ipace in his advert for selling his M4. How much is he being payed by JLR? 😂

  • TRG

    Autotrader is full of timewasters, waste of money listing on there

  • Patrick Bray
    Patrick Bray

    Where is project prelude?

  • Ryan Easterlow
    Ryan Easterlow

    The bmw situation happened to my wife’s uncle with his golf gtd. he tried to stop them and they ran him over leaving him for dead in the street !!

  • Grant Murray
    Grant Murray

    Cat litter inside the vitara xx

  • Alex

    People who park by the petrol pumps when they are not getting fuel but just are going in to buy stuff, ofcourse using the better part of 45 min getting it done

  • Hxrithh

    Damn you guys are close to 3 MIL!!!!!!!!

  • :Dakimakura

    Fun fact, Alex can really sing, u can see it in My Mini :D

  • Rangifulla

    Ethan knows Shooting Brake @ 21:40 I'm seriously impressed.

    • The_Duke_ of_Bork
      The_Duke_ of_Bork

      He missed Pickup

  • Jas McNee
    Jas McNee

    This felt like a very tense podcast a lot of "real shade being thrown"

    • Car Reviews by M A 7
      Car Reviews by M A 7

  • Steve McRichards
    Steve McRichards

    38min. in Ethan, I was 100% thinking the exact same thing: no bloody BMWs suggested.

    • Car Reviews by M A 7
      Car Reviews by M A 7

  • Ryan Owen
    Ryan Owen

    "what does GTI mean?" Gonna Turbo It!!

    • Car Reviews by M A 7
      Car Reviews by M A 7

  • chris paine
    chris paine

    Hows about a B6 Audi S4 Avant for Eamonn. Should be able to pick up a tidy one for around £8k, plus he can be daddy/hubby cool... Eamonn, you're welcome...🎩

  • tinman 001
    tinman 001

    me wondering what tf ad blue is

    • tinman 001
      tinman 001

      @Daniel Storey yeah i had to look it up, never seen that before my country doesn't have emission laws 😅

    • Daniel Storey
      Daniel Storey

      Helps with diesel emissions

  • R3con N
    R3con N

    350z 276hp under 8k???? U can get 300hp one for 4.5/5k lol

  • davidthesky

    As a guy having 51mm(2 inches) tunnels in my stretched ears and "daily driving my E46 Coupe Project Car only in the summer"(in winter I take the tram) Im totally offended by what you Alex said. But just a bit. Love you guys

  • 2760ade

    Are you sure Ethan hasn't been pouring the Adblue into the screenwash reservoir?! Really entertaining hour lads, very funny😁!

  • Eric Collins
    Eric Collins

    I feel like Alex mentioning Jump5, and me RECOGNIZING IT, is both upsetting and cursed.

  • N H
    N H

    I do like Gareth and he’s obviously a clever guy, but listening to him read an e-mail is painful. 😉👍

  • Daren Kenyon
    Daren Kenyon

    I work for a well known currier company and if there is a space to park in to drop a parcel off I will even if it's blocking someone's drive. It's that or block the road (but I'm only there 2 mins max) these days when everyone works from home there isn't a space to park in. Yes maybe for a small car but not for s long wheelbase van.

  • Yega

    Just weighing in on the Supercharger vs Turbo conversation, had a Corrado G60 which is supercharged and it sounded great but wasn't really that much fun. Also had a Audi S3 and the turbo on that was loads of fun, especially after a remap. Personally unless you are pushing at least 500bhp it's not worth to supercharge the car.

  • Yega

    What "grinds my gears" is people that can't park properly within the lines in public car parks. I have 2 kids so when I park I try to do so with enough room to easily open the doors without hitting any nearby cars. Had a woman reverse her Mercedes at such an angle that her rear wheels were completely over the line almost touching my car and I couldn't open the door without hitting her car. I was watching her do it as we were just about to head home. I waited for her to finish the manoeuvres thinking she'll correct it but she just turns the engine off and sits there talking on her car phone. Tried to get the kids in but no luck so I gave her a gentle tap on the window asking her to straighten up so I can open the door and she gave me the most disgusting look, like I just told her there was a turd on her head or something. Absolute tool.

  • Sam

    This podcast upset me. Gareth and Ethan are the wrong way round!

  • Daniel Richards
    Daniel Richards

    No heating judging by your jumpers and jackets? Lol

  • Tengu Drift
    Tengu Drift

    Funny af 🤣😂😭

  • Yega

    I really hate insurance scumbags like that, they try it on not paying out for the thing you are paying them to do. Insurance is there to protect in case your car gets stolen and then car gets stolen and they try not to pay, figure that one out.

  • ken tuckeyfriedchicken
    ken tuckeyfriedchicken

    why does it look like Alex is stood up the whole time and everyone else is sitting down so they're all the same height??

  • Yega

    Did an AdBlu fill up on my boss' Audi a while back, took like 3 of those massive bottles. Like over 5l

  • Yega

    I'll send this to you guys in a proper email once the "saga" is over but long story short supposed to be having my Discover 2 delivered today by a driver I found on Shipley, coming all the way from Yorkshire to Oxford, I get a call about 11 this morning to say he's broken down and getting recovered back to his depot in Hull. Waiting to hear back as to when it can get back on the road but needless to say I am GUTTED! There is more to the story how I managed to get the car in the first place which I will share later.

  • Yega

    Why is he emailing standing up the maniac?!

  • SuperProH2o

    In The Fast and Furious, it's Jonny Tren who uses th S2K

  • Spectre Gamers
    Spectre Gamers

    Don't forget that if he uses paypal to transfer any money to you... he could then do a charge back.

  • Andy D
    Andy D

    For 8K I'd be looking at a Porsche Boxster

  • George Austers
    George Austers

    Never let someone alone to testdrive unless they hand you the cash

  • Domisarmy

    Hey I've heard of an easy way to remove water from the inside of a car. Shotgun to the floor. Worked before.

  • ShopKeeper

    I used to own a Kodiaq. When that warning light comes on you need to put at LEAST 10L in. Garath is right. Put waaaaaay more in.

  • TheMrbazooka

    Top job chaps

  • Leslie Bird
    Leslie Bird

    Hangy ear bloke right here....prick 🤣🤣🤣

  • Mark Wright
    Mark Wright

    20:56 The equivalent of taking 3 tries to insert the USB.... . . . ....twice in a row :)

  • Mark Wright
    Mark Wright

    6:35 This is why you buy a petrol or diesel car. Let someone else deal with building the filling station then you pop in when you feel like you need to top up. Simple.

  • John Schmidt
    John Schmidt

    Literally anything which runs trumps an RX-8. Those things are so cheap because those rotary engines are shite after about 80K miles.

  • Steve's Scrap
    Steve's Scrap

    Gasoline Turbo Injection

  • gofres

    When you mentioned the guys who speaks backwards, I had to look it up. He's incredible!!

  • Paul Ford
    Paul Ford

    Ethan has such an extensive knowledge of cars. I learn something new every week. Great work guys

  • mistreku

    if we're talking sound for 8 grand, CLK 55 AMG (208) will shame all the examples (s4, 350z etc). will probably also outrun all of them, at 347bhp.

  • Y

    That car story ws mad

  • Y

    Ethan shudda sed i know this because im a car guy

  • Janco van der Westhuizen
    Janco van der Westhuizen

    Lekker ouens!

  • d1strappazon

    Did you really just say that Hillary is a unisex name? Are you smoking crack man?

  • Maverick *
    Maverick *

    Hey Garath... I’ve got an idea on how to get shot of that bloody M4... £25 a ticket Raffle 👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️

    • Daniel Storey
      Daniel Storey

      Great shout! This needs to happen

  • lewis woodman-allan
    lewis woodman-allan

    “That pisses the shit out of me” - Gareth 2021

  • Havnar

    As a 30+ year old mx5 owner, I’m offended.

  • Samuel Crozier
    Samuel Crozier

    If you search the used market you can find a lot of great cars.

  • Tom's Wooddities
    Tom's Wooddities

    Cheers for the shoutouts guys, much appreciated and pleased that the vice will go to good use. Don’t have a spare vice sorry Alex, but I’ll send you a pair of armbands as part of your off-roading kit if that’s any good 😉😂

  • FrostGhost

    Get Yiannimize on the podcast!

  • Timmy J
    Timmy J

    When are you too old to own a low, loud and rusty mx5? Asking for a friend 👀

  • Ahmad El Marouk
    Ahmad El Marouk

    On the next episode of Garreth trying selling his M4: the buyer died.

  • Alex Lang
    Alex Lang

    need a rory cam

  • AzerNo5

    Gareth get some cones and come of the front of your drive problem solved. Thank me later Aaron

  • Hbarraid

    Absolutely loving these podcasts