Our Top 14 Video Highlights Of 2020!
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In a year nobody could have predicted, we still managed to have a lot of fun on four wheels. Here are our video highlights of 2020!
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  • Gregster

    Thanks lads for putting all of this together, you have kept us all going through all this stuff. Keep up all the hard work 👍

  • Swashbuckling Sapphic
    Swashbuckling Sapphic

    The Saab truly deserves more videos

  • Irishdrivingbloopers

    Love you guys. The new Top Gear as far as I'm concerned TBH, considering how that has gone in recent years so it needed to be replaced somehow and you guys did it, in spades!!

  • Dylan

    Ethans title should be petrol head adjacent

  • oS_Turekid

    Thank Christ I discovered this channel, I was dredding the thought of watching new top gear, sorry to say but it’s absolute shit

  • IAN1000IAN

    Please don't sell out to the networks because I just love this shit . Keep it up , you've got me through the lockdowns

  • Ben Bowden
    Ben Bowden

    Have you still got the Audi?

  • Captain Sensible
    Captain Sensible

    Well done guys! Only new and playing catch up. Happy New Year to you and yours. Don't give us convicts too much lip! :P Fave moment: Seeing that 'Chopped' sticker on the BMW. Marty and Moog pointed me in your general direction, that's howI got here. Keep up the good work :)

  • Yellow Jello
    Yellow Jello

    Jack is stoned in this video, just look at him! :D

  • NonsensicalVids

    I'll give you a broken tooth pick and a clothes peg for the audi

  • Dan Jones
    Dan Jones

    What about buying that girl the silver 206CC?

  • Shanes2k

    Fix the alternator, maybe you can then donate it to key worker, nhs etc 👍

  • Genz RBG
    Genz RBG

    Great video

  • Samuel Potančok
    Samuel Potančok

    I have seen literally every single video of 2020. I really enjoyed it :)

  • The Goose YT
    The Goose YT

    Hey Guys and Welomce to the new gaming channel! Hope you all enjoy the videos!

  • maniacteddy

    Only just noticed how much ethan says 'uh'

  • mhd.talat moumar
    mhd.talat moumar

    I'll take the multipla can you ship it Syria 😁😬??

  • Charles Scherer
    Charles Scherer

    I didn't care about cars. I couldn't drive. I passed my driving test in December. Aged 30. Now I watch Car Throttle obsessively.

  • Daan

    Favourite moment is Ethan shouting "This cant be done" when wrenching. hahaha I really need a shirt of that. Give it

  • Harry Perry
    Harry Perry

    Do a cheap VW showndown?

  • Craig Pearson
    Craig Pearson

    About time there was a decent channel doing stuff on bike as well as cars. Since you three will have you bike licence might see you guys around the lakes some time over the summer as I make my way over there pretty much ever weekend from Newcastle

  • I hate you
    I hate you

    Mic sounds a bit off

  • Cars Cars Cars
    Cars Cars Cars

    For a cheap car challenge video, you could buy the slowest car to 60 mph for £200

  • Cars Cars Cars
    Cars Cars Cars

    One of my favourite youtube channels. I've been watching car throttle for 3 years and loved it. I cant wait to see more cheap car challenges!

  • Balbir Singh
    Balbir Singh

    Hey guys when is the next videos on the ford ka and the pug 206cc..

  • MetalDragon

    Ill take the plate off the A4 as its got my inicals in

  • Marcus Talbot
    Marcus Talbot

    Can i buy your e46 330i avant 150

  • Joe Sib Cars
    Joe Sib Cars

    You shouldn't have sold the volvo v70 I'm a volvo enthusiast I own a 2002 Volvo V70 Non Turbo you will regret selling it. It's a very good car take care I hope you never catch covid-19 I've only just Recoverd from covid-19 but I'm now suffering after affects it's a horrible virus I hope you never catch it

  • I haven't showered since 1963.
    I haven't showered since 1963.

    c h o p p y c h o p p y

  • Michel Driessen
    Michel Driessen

    Love your channel 💪👍

  • Matt Whitehead
    Matt Whitehead

    Ill give u 50 pounds for multiple lol

  • TheBradge

    You know what would be a highlight for 2021 already? Getting either Clarkson, Hammond or May OR all 3 on the Podcast!

  • JF Tech/Drones
    JF Tech/Drones

    15:29 .....the WHAT??? lmao

  • mick muller
    mick muller

    I leave this under every video I watched, it helps the algorithm.

  • Bigeein Bigeein
    Bigeein Bigeein

    Massive opportunity for you to get involved with the BTCC. I’m sure Paul ONeil would be an interesting guest. Or Steve Rider

  • steven king King
    steven king King

    Here's to a great 2021 guys.

  • Altin Krasniqi
    Altin Krasniqi

    Please buy 3 cheap cars and make a bigger journey like in the old top gear of course with a tighter budget, but it would be still awesome

  • peter müller
    peter müller

    Favourite experience on this channel is 100% hearing Ethan swear while working on cars.

  • Lukasz Rabiniak
    Lukasz Rabiniak

    New Top Gear. You guys have that mate's feeling. That love. BBC should invest in you.

  • caperez5885

    Greetings from Spain!

  • Redlined

    48hrs in a saab ay jack???

  • R118GSiVVC

    Thanks for the great videos and all the laughs!

  • Ahmed Murphy
    Ahmed Murphy

    We want moar Z3 stuff.

  • Speedtv21


  • Leigh Haines
    Leigh Haines

    Prelude ????

  • Levi Pender
    Levi Pender

    I hope one of the guest are Jeremy Clarkson

  • ludvig borg
    ludvig borg

    the saab is a 93 not 95 the 95 is a bigger version of the 93

  • sen dit
    sen dit

    controversial opinion, I like the c30

  • spacecat6416

    alix: gets insid a car whif 200.0hp alix: ehh bit slow alix: gets insid a car whif 200.1hp alix: i love the speed

  • valknirthegreatest

    please please please get the royal mail lorry driver on the podcast!

  • Deniz Gurlersan
    Deniz Gurlersan

    Boring vid to end the year...

  • Basic Life
    Basic Life

    I am waiting for them completing that Pickup

  • Decan2805

    You should put Alex in the simulator in the gt 86 and the sim driver in the Clio!

  • Noah Tabraham
    Noah Tabraham

    I can't sign up to car throttle on the website, but I really want to. Should I use the dead app

  • TheBLC94

    Been a great year, looking forward to what you bring us this year :)

  • Peter S
    Peter S

    A great year - thanks guys .... Top Gear and The Grand Tour could learn a lot from you........

  • Tom Furie
    Tom Furie

    You should have mentioned getting sister a convertible.

  • Aaron Vannistelrooy
    Aaron Vannistelrooy

    Wow that wagon omega looks very much the same as a VY commodore wagon

  • Tony Martin
    Tony Martin

    happy new year lads

  • Khawer Ozi
    Khawer Ozi

    Adopted patrol head 🤣

  • Nicky Long
    Nicky Long

    2020 belongs to Ethan, the guy has literally smashed it! Driving, fixing and DIY’ing! Great content guys, looking forward to your video’s next year. Shit boxes 4 life 👊 btw I bought another rx8 because of felix 😂😂

  • WJTR._03

    Challenge ideas: £10,000.... Supercar Porsche Rally car Vintage car

  • BalliBT

    I want that A4. shame i would have to drive it to Iceland

  • Jan Barelds
    Jan Barelds

    Great video of an entertaining year of CarThrottle. Keep it up guys, you're awesome. Do hope this channel doesn't slowly change to BikeThrottle though.

  • WilddaggerTv

    More roast my ride !!!! Ffs I sent mine in ages ago 🤣 been waiting for your to roast the sh1t out of it.

  • Michael Gilmore
    Michael Gilmore

    We all need a 2021 Remake of “do you rate my 308”


    great.... nothing else to say🤏🚗

  • Sam Crawford
    Sam Crawford

    Happy new year, hope car season will be on this year you guys should organise a show somewhere.

  • Lee Moody
    Lee Moody

    HNY guys - love your stuff. Thanks for keeping us sane(ish) in 2020. Look forward to you stuff in 2021

  • prasad acharekar
    prasad acharekar

    What's that episode where alex beat eathen on an mx5 I haven't seen that can someone give me a link to it I cant find it

  • Alex Evans
    Alex Evans

    Got into the channel this year! Been great!

  • porleg

    Normally a year wrap up is just a shitty collection of clips, this was great.

  • Mr Fatal Peanut
    Mr Fatal Peanut

    Thanks guys for a great year of entertainment! This has been your best year for content! Looking forward to CT 2021!!

  • Nuss

    I didn't actually know that Miles was sold :(

  • partimepool


  • theBMWF48dude

    favorite moment of CarThrottle 2020: Ethan finally owning a project car

  • Nicolas Tremblay
    Nicolas Tremblay

    This channel has so many original content ! I can't think about a favorite one. I love each of them. The shots you take with the camera would be so nice with 2k or 4k videos quality. I know you guys probably don't have that budget even though I think some of us would like it, if its not possible for now, that's okay. Keep the good content !

  • LunaticTheNick

    What about getting some race drivers for the podcast like Sir Lewis Hamilton or Lando Norris?

  • Khaw Ju An
    Khaw Ju An

    You guys are amazing, keep it up!

  • Joseph filming buses
    Joseph filming buses

    can do more video on phil in 2021

  • Suman 'Sam' Halder
    Suman 'Sam' Halder

    Choppy! Choppy!

  • Tomo Adji 95
    Tomo Adji 95

    This still a most fun channel to watch,keep a good job guys!

  • John Bridges
    John Bridges

    Just sayin' I have enjoyed all of the videos you guys made this year.

  • Glenn Schultes
    Glenn Schultes

    You guys are awesome. Thanks for keeping me sane through 2020. My all time fave video of yours is the VW Kombi trip back to Germany


    2021 Grab TGE On OINK that would be good

  • Al Mascarpone
    Al Mascarpone

    cant wait for the next podcast episodes!

  • AgentJotun

    You fellas should get Gareth as a full time member of the team!

  • Owen Watts
    Owen Watts

    Please get guy Martin on the podcast he would be class😂

  • D. Ave
    D. Ave

    pure class as always cant wait to be along on the ride this coming year

  • ste metcalfe
    ste metcalfe

    Weren’t jack trying to tandem with a Royal Mail lorry in a fwd golf

  • Car Fan
    Car Fan

    I only knew about this channel at the start of the pandemic. So not only did I get to watch all the new material but I got to watch the backlog of all their other stuff. Thank you Alex, Jack and ethan. 2020 has been a dark year and has been hard for everyone. I work on the frontline and as sad as it sounds one of the biggest things that brought me happiness was waiting for the next upload on Friday. Brought a smile to my face everytime and in sum way or another pulled me out of a potential dark hole I felt myself falling down due to anxiety and stress. Thank you lads. Let's hope for a better year with the vaccinne and please please keep this channel going.

  • Charlie Denbigh
    Charlie Denbigh

    Happy new year 🎉

  • Patrick horton
    Patrick horton

    Thanks for all your videos keeping us entertained. Brilliant ladsand Brilliant channel. Happy New year to all of you

  • SF SF
    SF SF

    Smiled the whole way through this, cracking year chaps - Choppy Choppy!

  • Adrius Prime
    Adrius Prime

    What about the broken mr2?

  • Tony Greaves
    Tony Greaves

    How do I 'DM' Jack ?

  • Tony Greaves
    Tony Greaves

    I'll buy the A4 ;-)

  • Tony Greaves
    Tony Greaves

    i'll buy it

  • Self Made Documentary
    Self Made Documentary

    The fact you gut met Mike and became friends is the CT hi light for me.

  • Jack Sharratt
    Jack Sharratt

    They should run Top Gear, I think they would be brilliant!!

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