Dumb Things You Do When Working On Cars! | Your Car Stories
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This week, we discuss dumb things we've all done when working on cars, read out your unpopular opinions, and someone eats raw garlic.
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  • Tawer Zadok
    Tawer Zadok

    Watching whilst pooping on the toilet. Pretty much like 57% of all men watching this video.

  • Mr DoctorToYou
    Mr DoctorToYou

    Hate to be that guy but TVR Tuscans are Inline 6, clues in the name of speed six

  • RoKn ROLLeR
    RoKn ROLLeR

    Another good one other than garlic, for the challenge is Cloves, they're very good for you but Rough to eat

  • L42 Nosnibor
    L42 Nosnibor

    They shit on Ethan a bit much, kind of a turn off

  • nisar2878

    Garath i can update your bmw m4 idrive service history to any date you want.official bmw software.If your interested let me know.

  • Stephen Brookes
    Stephen Brookes

    I am trying to pick out the stupidest thing I ever did when trying to repair something. It has to be trying to bump start a well tuned enduro bike, which is basically a road legal off road racing bike. I was running along side, jumped on, dumped the clutch and as it sparked up, the front wheel flew up, deposited me on my rrrrs and proceeded to wheelie across a car park, Fortunately nobody was hurt and only my vehicle and pride were injured!

  • dave matthews
    dave matthews

    Boys get up north in the summer and find a classic car show and got hunting for rust because I'll guarantee you'll AC cobra replica up here and I must of seen 40-50 and the one who used to live near the shops where I grew up

  • Samuel Crozier
    Samuel Crozier

    Now I really want to know which car Conor goes for. I'd probably go for the Jaguar.

  • James Dilkes
    James Dilkes

    TVR Tuscan has a straight 6 engine - Unless you mean the late 60s/early 70s Tuscan V8. Love the podcast!

  • Stavros Banos
    Stavros Banos

    Listening while studying maths 🤣

  • Rico

    hey guys, regarding Gareth talking about not going to mechanic, would you think about starting series on how to fix your engine? Like I mean really thorough one taking all usual engines into account, for example how would I detect what's wrong with my mk3 mondeo tdci

  • Nipple Johnston
    Nipple Johnston

    A guy had just told me, 20+ yrs as ASE tech & A&P Spec, that he was now a better mechanic after 3 days watching YT repair videos. So I watched him remove all the lug nuts and then start jacking up the car. It was on a hill, out of gear only held by E-brake. I was amazed it didn't shift position and crash down on the frame sending wheels everywhere, until he was bending over to pull the 1st off.

  • Nipple Johnston
    Nipple Johnston

    All my cars are practically a kit car after all the personalization & discomfort modifications are installed. There's a modification shop 5 miles away from me, and they restore original AC Cobras and will hand build a 850hp new vin model under their name.

  • RSScott

    No CBT. It's called CAR throttle for a reason lads

  • keep her lit
    keep her lit

    I'm from scotland and that accsent was class hahahah

  • Steve McRichards
    Steve McRichards

    You can't tell how much Gareth likes Superformance, can you? I can think of a few choice words for those people that are indecisive on the roads: nervous, evolutionary bell ends.

  • George Turner
    George Turner

    "How am i gonna photoshop that one" i cried hahaha

  • Paz

    I wouldn't encourage/pester anyone to do their CBT, i've had 5 bikes and finally one big accident (non fault) which wrote off my last bike, other road users are way too dangerous and you'd feel terrible if someone knocked them off

  • Robert Woolsey
    Robert Woolsey

    What about the Maserati Gransport Coupe 4.2V8 - cracking engine and value for money (if it's got a full SH as otherwise could be ruinous!)

  • Wough _Tanker
    Wough _Tanker

    here's an idea for some videos as well as promoting safer bike riding - why not do your IAM or ROSPA advanced training. As an observer for IAM (we're not allowed to be called trainers) I can honestly say that it will make a world of difference to your biking experience... and it's NOT all bearded people doing 40mph everywhere (and that's the frmales 🤣)

  • Dylan

    Listening whilst drinking cans and studying software

  • David Haynes
    David Haynes

    next time youse need to do a shot of fish sauce instead of the garlic

  • Shaun Phillips
    Shaun Phillips

    💯%. It's a must for Ethan and Jack to do their CBT. It would make fantastic viewing😆. Please please 🙏. 🙏.

  • Julian 7160
    Julian 7160

    Watching while sitting in the bed 🛌 lol

  • SR Lawn & Landscape
    SR Lawn & Landscape

    When are we getting bike throttle like? Got 2 bikes in the background and let's face it for those with limited budgets you get a fair amount of fun out of a project bike without the major bills

  • Anything& Everything
    Anything& Everything

    45:09 literally been doing this since I was 17 hahaha

  • Dennis Bull
    Dennis Bull

    you tell me

  • Steve Foggon
    Steve Foggon

    Erm, Tuscan engine is a straight 6 not a v8. And they are horrendously unreliable !

  • Joshua Ting
    Joshua Ting

    I'm Chinese and we eat raw garlic as a condiment to our food. Been doing so since I was a child, and I'm still alive. Definitely safe!

  • Sam Cappell
    Sam Cappell

    Pedant voice. Tvr tuscan is not a v8 its an inne 6. Designed by the same chap who designed the haybussa engine

  • Oilopak

    watching from new zealand, and garlic has a few health benefits that are easily found with a quick google

  • Matty Sea
    Matty Sea

    Ethan is spot on with the FType

  • Filipe Rodrigues
    Filipe Rodrigues

    Regularly watching your podcasts somewhere in the north of Portugal, in my garage, in front of my half dismantled 94 fiat punto restoration project which I inherited from my grandfather. More of a sentimental value to the car than the actual pre-classic value of it once, although it is a rare spec, it still is just a 1.2 old punto with 325k km on the clock. Keep up the good work guys.

  • Chris John
    Chris John

    you can buy generic stamps for your book saying serviced and a date, you don't need to lie to have a stamp

  • Luke Warren
    Luke Warren

    In TVR's defense it's been a while since they made an awful car...

  • TheDimHall

    42:56 That's why you carry rocks in your doorcard, nothing gets you moving like a rock through your back window

  • SimFlow 24
    SimFlow 24

    I'm studying with u in the background 😂😂

  • MrSimplicity

    YEESSS!! Get 'em on bikes hahah, it would be amazingly entertaining! Best part, I reckon Jack would actually change his tune hahah

  • Mike Kingston
    Mike Kingston

    Yes! Get the lads on bikes

  • Md Ariffin
    Md Ariffin

    I actually listen to the podcast while doing my homeworks

  • yeahitskimmel

    Kit Cobra's are still super cool if they're functional and y'all are just wrong

  • Faizan Ahmad
    Faizan Ahmad

    This was such a funny video, I love the spontaneity, its like having banter in the living room with your mates, guys keep up the good work. P.S. Alex's Scottish accent had me in tears with laughter.

  • Evan Gomez
    Evan Gomez

    At work 😅 hello from Costa Rica BTW

  • Michael Slater
    Michael Slater

    Gareth : ‘not every day you eat spanners’ Nope just potatoes and paper 😂

  • William Dawber
    William Dawber

    listening while painting some wood work

  • Vlad Tataranu
    Vlad Tataranu

    Clove of garlic? No problem ;)

  • Twig Nshiz
    Twig Nshiz

    yesss make them do the cbt

  • gasfitter78

    I didn't hear Connor mention a price range but a AMG black series V8.

  • Martin

    Once I was sitting cross legged on the ground with a bowl of petrol/gas scrubbing some carbie parts clean with a brush when the bowl tipped all over my groin..............instant burn like being dipped in molten lava ! .... I ripped my pants off and thrust my groin under a running tap to a chorus of laughter from my mates! It stung excruciatingly for 5 minutes.

  • edward jones
    edward jones

    Wank Only joking, I’m currently working on a 1992 xj40 sovereign 4.0

  • Christopher Wheatley
    Christopher Wheatley

    On the subject of kitcars, you need to check out the 1:12 lap that the Ultima GTR did of the top gear test track. Not too shabby for a road legal car back in 2007!

  • Fuming gooner handford
    Fuming gooner handford

    Guys if u ever wanted to do a motorbike build I've got one for u that's not been used since 2017. Iam disabled and my bikes been just sat there in parents shed since May 2017. Gsxr srad 750 in corona colours 96 plate

  • Fuming gooner handford
    Fuming gooner handford

    You guys hilarious

  • richard chan
    richard chan

    I guess you guys haven’t tried Korean barbecue- raw garlic galore......!!!! And for the record, raw garlic is actually really really good for you....

  • GankMan

    Why arent the wires on the floor behind the wheel :D

  • Martin Knowles
    Martin Knowles

    Worst selling decision ever was selling a 1989 911 Supersport (one of only 237) in 2002 for £15K. They are now £120K. I still cry about that everyday :(

  • Martin Knowles
    Martin Knowles

    "TVR's not that reliable"!!!!!!! Bollox. I bought a 1999 Tuscan in 2001 for £39,995. I had it for two years & it was off the road for 18 months. After £20K bills, two new engines & multiple other issues later I sold it for £15K. Worst purchasing decision EVER!!

  • Jonah Wilts
    Jonah Wilts

    Saw someone driving a jazz with an unknown flat tyre, ethans wife, you're not alone...

  • Luke Baker
    Luke Baker

    I am so unbelievably sorry, I’ve been watching your videos for at least 2/3 years and I’ve only just realised that I’m not subscribed.

  • Stephen Dare
    Stephen Dare

    of course, it's dumb as cars can't speak

  • Jay TheGinger
    Jay TheGinger

    If anyone is after the mic the lads and Ethan are using its the Rode Podmic Dynamic Podcasting Microphone

  • Official Keynation
    Official Keynation

    Can Jack read or is it that he just putting it on ?

  • Joey Nockolds
    Joey Nockolds

    one of my neighbours was trying to jack his car up by the sump using a little bit of wood to try not to puncture the sump. That failed and just indented the sump the size of the wood and pushed the top engine mount out 😂 was a clio so was just funny to watch 🤷‍♂️😂

  • ImNotIwanThomas

    V8: Ferrari 360 45k, Vantage V8 25k, McLaren MP4-12C 69K

  • Silverback

    Normally I listen on a long driving journey, but right now listening while doing massive amount washing up.

  • Phil hanmer
    Phil hanmer

    watching in spain

  • Jacob Porter
    Jacob Porter

    Get some good goretex textiles for the bike. I commute in all weather and the cold and rain is my favourite. If you're wearing the right stuff its like being sat in your favourite chair all cosy watching the rain outside

  • Peter Coombs
    Peter Coombs

    I love all the bike stuff. You guys are great at creating content and more bike content would be amazing! Please get Ethan and jack on CBTs it would be so good! Keep up the good work!

  • stewal

    Jack's right: I signed up for cars too! Leave the bikes for other channels.

  • David Gentry
    David Gentry

    Hi carthrottle could you please invite Adam C on to the podcast loving the podcasts

  • Jack James
    Jack James

    [Sad Gareth noises]

  • karlo ojeda
    karlo ojeda

    Brooooo this is gold

  • Peacekeeper640

    Listening while driving my Ford falcon Love from Australia

  • Donaldson Maxi
    Donaldson Maxi

    Its currently 2:00 am i cant sleep

  • Joe Iley
    Joe Iley

    Im watching from a certain large Japanese car factory in the north east of England, id send a photo but id likely be sacked as im sat next to some brand new equipment for a car that hasn’t been revealed yet...

  • TheMrbazooka

    Top job chaps

  • Casavult

    "At this pooont" 😂😂😂😂

  • H P
    H P

    Ethan and jack + bikes YES

  • xSnelling_97

    Yes! Jack and Ethan CBT video!

  • Martin La Grange
    Martin La Grange

    F-type a 'most beautiful car ?' the Lexus LC500 V8 GT is prettier by far if you want a last hurrah and is built like a bank vault...

  • Bouncin Gaming
    Bouncin Gaming

    Yes we wanna see Ethan and Jack do the CBT test then some kind of bike challenge for them

  • C.V Wright
    C.V Wright

    My friend died in may this year because he was riding like an utter cock womble. Estimated at over 120mph in a 20mph residential area at 5am. 4x4 pulled out of a notoriously blind junction, my mate grab the front brake dropped the front and hit the car at over 90mph. The last hour of his life he suffered the worst injuries I’ve ever seen someone breath with. He was the nicest guy I met but one hell of a dick head on a bike. The car driver was never at fault, he didn’t stand a chance and has to live with this for the rest of his life. I ride every day, riding is my life but people need to go on track for those speeds.


    Is it me, or does Garrett sound like he is from South Africa?

    • Daniel Seelye
      Daniel Seelye

      It's _Gareth_ and yes, he's from SA.

  • Ross Maher
    Ross Maher

    I mentioned about the CBT training for the two lads couple videos back! And couldn’t agree more, on that it will make a great video or even series...?? Maybe they can could talk us through what’s it like for a new person to learn how to ride

  • zanderboy

    can i just say? these guys are just absolutely awesome. no knob heads, all seem to be down to earth. can watch them for hours! as i am currently

  • R R
    R R

    Big up swing bridge in countess wear, Exeter 👊

  • Adam Trask
    Adam Trask

    Make Jack do his cbt, would love to see this

  • APEX Marbella Property Spain
    APEX Marbella Property Spain

    This channel just gets better and better, especially the podcasts and especially in the lockdowns. Thank you for the lolz in these times. Love from Spain.

  • Tmjpwns

    The Wera calendars are pretty good, I have gotten the last three ones, and use them all often.

  • Tmjpwns

    Listening while wrenching away on heavy equipment, the last podcast I had on while replacing the cab on a mid-sized excavator.

  • Kayaking Cameron
    Kayaking Cameron

    Watching from the toilet as I’m sure half the audience is 😂😂

  • Brody Taylor
    Brody Taylor

    Watching on a day off with a good cup of coffee from Mayerthorpe Alberta Canada. I haven't laughed this hard in a while, thanks for being yourselves and making awesome content!

  • Jonathan Sutherland
    Jonathan Sutherland

    Watching in the brass House, don't think you want a picture.

  • random stuff boi
    random stuff boi

    When is 2 guys 1 car coming back

  • Adrian Kingdon
    Adrian Kingdon

    Who is this bloke from Car Throttle who swears too much?

  • craig wallace
    craig wallace

    AC Cobra based on AC Ace which was a British car

  • ScarZy

    i work as a greenkeeper at a golf course, enjoy the podcasts as they make the time fly also where is ethans z3!!

  • mjflorent

    The Skoda Octavia that is called milles

  • mjflorent

    Show us miles


    😂 these podcast are brilliant