How 'The Stig' Hid His Secret Identity & Life On Top Gear | Your Car Stories (feat. Ben Collins)
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This week, we're joined by former Top Gear Stig Ben Collins to discuss his secret identity, working with Clarkson, Hammond and May, and what's coming next!
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  • Ellis James
    Ellis James

    I’ve always thought they definitely break the speed limits when shooting top gear and working with the police too

  • Anas Nasir
    Anas Nasir

    I had the theory that, in order to get away with the controversy of using more than one driver for lap times, they just cover up the driver behind helmet and suit.

  • Harry Lockton
    Harry Lockton

    It's genuinely depressing how uninterested ethan is when he's talking

  • 1am570yl3z

    Never ask a man what hes spent on his mazda.

  • MIchael Sinclair
    MIchael Sinclair

    Ben is bloody interesting. Well-spoken and knowledgeable.

  • Gixermouse

  • Swefax

    The nodding from 1:35 and the face had me laughing so hard Alex XD

  • Lester Shisler
    Lester Shisler

    Believe it or not, in a different context, "podding" is a thing. In a game called Eve Online, your avatar lives inside a miniature space ship called a "pod". To be shot at and killed by another player while only in your pod is called "podding" someone.

  • Mihajlo Vucinic
    Mihajlo Vucinic

    Love the little Seb story about his Suzuki lap. :D

  • M C
    M C

    What an awesome guest. So many great anecdotes and told well! Great podcast.

  • Nathan Marron
    Nathan Marron

    16:20 Alex: My Mazda is essentially a Porsche Ben: Yeah. Alex: 250hp, weighs a ton, it's great Ben: How much have you spent on that? Alex: ...anyway, so then

  • Louie Montinola
    Louie Montinola

    For what it's worth, Phil wins in the looks department over a Z3 in my book😁

  • Carl

    Ben and Gordon Ramsay on fast food?

  • Lucas Delaney
    Lucas Delaney

    As weird as it sounds, I found out Ben was the Stig about 6-7 months before it all came out, simply because someone made a Reddit post saying his dad ran their own laundromat and Ben had taken the Stig suit in and asked for it to be cleaned etc and told his dad he was the Stig and to keep shush thinking his dad wasn't well informed about the show, so he told the son and he in turned shared the story and the picture of Ben and his dad together holding the Stig suit

  • seewhathappensRacing UK
    seewhathappensRacing UK

    That was actually jenson buttons veyron the first time

  • Wiggysan Wiggysan
    Wiggysan Wiggysan

    Loving the podcasts lads but can someone on the team make the Playlist play in order please? Episode 1 first with new ones added to it at the end, that way, if you have saved the Playlist, they will play in order. Many thanks. All the best for 2021 ...... kick it.

  • Kissel

    You have to be stupid to believe that stig wasn't a different driver all the time, it's literally frank from death race scenario

  • Thomas Binder
    Thomas Binder

    So that mx5 is a "jdm" chassis with a porsche-designed jag engine built by Ford? Is that not just the best combination you've ever heard of? Lol I love that id love a good build bio of that car. Where's Larry Chen when you need him

  • giles217

    i knew he was the stig when i was a child because my dad was friends with the owner of GPR his old helmets. BUT no one believed me in school when i said "Ben Collins" lmfao

  • OvAeons

    Podding Navigating through life without any real purpose To be doing absolutely nothing important. Laying around, not going outside, just doing nothing. Sadfrog...


    Book ordered 👍🏼

  • NikonGuy

    I would have questioned the insurance company if I was Paul. I had an unfortunate car/lamp post interface once and I called my insurer to query my excess. I decided not to make a claim but they registered it as a claim. I told them it wasn't a claim, just an enquiry and they took it off my file.

  • 14725800369

    28:47 that's the interview you're looking for

  • Jay

    Why swap a fiesta st for a diesel? It's only a 30 minute commute 🤦‍♂️

  • Brandon Parker
    Brandon Parker

    If we convert internal combustion engines to run on hydrogen we won’t lose current engine technology, just upgrade it. P.S When you burn hydrogen the exhaust is just oxygen and water. WiN wIn

  • TheSecretVault

    Saw 3 apples and thought, 3 muppets and clicked off.

  • gofres

    As for insurance... don't get me startedriding

  • gofres

    Nathan? You mean Ethan? 1:25:26?

  • gofres

    Quick question... why do you all wear headphones?

  • gofres

    A mate of mine who is into the world of motorsport had leaked who the Stig was many years before it was general knowledge. Trouble is, this guy was so full of sh*t that none of us believed him... although it turns out he was telling the truth!

  • GE_22

    Jack could definitely be the stig after his backward drift in the Vectra estate

  • Scooter Grant
    Scooter Grant

    It's kinda sad when you think about how all the people who pushed to uncover the stage helped edge him off his career in Top Gear.

  • ashystyle

    Was the diff lock in the center, rear or at the front?!?!

  • Michael Loach
    Michael Loach

    It's ok Jack, I had to ask my wife who Ellie watsit was! Thankfully you are ok. All the best............

  • Bence Gábor Slezák
    Bence Gábor Slezák

    "Why don't we call him the Ben Collins?" A living legend!

  • Heikki Remes
    Heikki Remes

    What a guest!

  • Rory Robinson
    Rory Robinson

    Epic interview with Ben Collins!

  • David Ryde
    David Ryde

    Would love to see a Ben Collins overland series.

  • mick muller
    mick muller

    I leave this under every video I watched, it helps the algorithm

  • kapten awesome
    kapten awesome

    Is there any info on who was after Ben as stig on top gear?

  • Robb

    I failed my first test for doing a 40mph in a 60mph. Ducks hill

  • hoops3

    Getting Ben Collins and Chris Harris on the podcast has been incredible viewing! Great content!!

  • Joe Thisyeareveryyear
    Joe Thisyeareveryyear

    Man is a Driver

  • Cha Leowin
    Cha Leowin

    44:01 zombie apocalypse starting. Don't ignore those sirens.

  • Steven Hart
    Steven Hart

    Did anyone ever find out who took over from him? Or was it right that several Professional drivers just took it in turns?

  • Car Vs Moto
    Car Vs Moto

    I am wondering, is the UK only country where insurance grows in an accident where it is not your fault? I Mean, come on, you receive money from the insurance but then you end up paying this money back due to your payment rises. Doesn't it make insurance company useless? Not even mentioning the fact that your vehicle will become cheaper after the accident anyway

  • Saeglopur89

    Please edit out sound of chuck/swallowing/clicking with lips etc. :/

  • rowen

    Some say that if he produces food via photosynthesis and that he recently bought a punching bag the shape of Rubens Barrichello. All we know is, he's called the Stig

  • Chris Ward
    Chris Ward

    With you guys on the Golf GTD choice, I am blessed to drive a 19 plate one with DSG and it is absolutely brilliant and love every aspect of the car because it ticks all the boxes.

  • ashystyle

    30:14 who is Ben talking about? Why are't you mentioning that??

  • Flavio Gaspar
    Flavio Gaspar

    Best Podecast Ever!

  • Ryzza5

    You forgot to ask Ben about his work in video games.

  • Evan Swaby
    Evan Swaby

    What happened to the podcast van, why not use thag

  • Mr.E

    Some say he has a massive ego........and they’re right.

  • Richard Gregg
    Richard Gregg

    I think you need to get Ellie Goulding on for an episode would be a good follow up 😂

  • Ryzza5

    No timecodes?

  • Thomas Dufall
    Thomas Dufall

    where's the van!!!

  • Ben Thompson
    Ben Thompson

    When Ben asked how much has been spent on the mx5 an advert come on and the guy was whistling 😂😂😂 Made me laugh

  • Chris Jamieson
    Chris Jamieson

    kinda agree with the merging rant when on a slip road you've gotta give way to the traffic already on highway

  • T1NY

    "I take it out on people I get hold of" looks straight at Ethan XD

  • Luke

    An elderly couple drove into the back of my Lexus, they accepted fault and were lovely about the whole situation but I now have to disclose it as a 'no fault claim' and my insurance went up £70. Not my fault and I have to fork out extra cash as a result, utter scam.

  • Greg Wayne
    Greg Wayne

    8:23 FYI boys the "Reverse "J" turn" you refer to in your videos is NOT actually a "Reverse "J" Turn". I'm sorry but you all MUST learn to call it by it's proper and ONLY greatest name ever. It is known as "The Rockford". The reason for this is that in North America late1970's to the mid 1980's there was a Show in TV called "The Rockford Files" and the main character played by James Garner was a very poor Private Eye. Poor in the money sense not the ability sense. lol. His character "Jim Rockford" drove a 1979 Sierra Gold coupe, Pontiac Firebird Formula 400. It was supposed to be a "Performance" type of car and I guess at that time it was. But everything in that era of cars in the USA especially had been hit with the Smog mandates and other rules that killed all the power in ALL the cars of the day. So this car although having a 400 CI V8 made only about 180 HP. Although torque figures for the V8's helped a lot to give it some Oomph. In almost every episode there of course was a car chase for excitement and the big Firebird cut a nice look but we all knew it was a duck under the hood. SO to make the chases seem much more exciting they would often and frequently have Jim perform a very fast a vigorous "J" turn. They did this so much that people started to refer to the maneuver as "The Rockford". Now it isn't just because people started calling it that due to the show but because the show and James Garner (Rest his soul) has become somewhat of an underground icon. A Cult Classic if you will. As well has the good ol "J" turn..... I mean "The Rockford" maneuver. SO please in the future and as you live your youtube lives entertaining us Deplorable's remember it's not just a "J" Turn. It "A Rockford". LOL. Sorry for the long comment but it was necessary. Thanks guys and love the show! lol.

  • kingofl337

    Why not modify the suspension on the RS to make it nicer around town?

  • poochey1

    These Ben Collins episodes have been the best! Did you get any footage of him checking out the MX5?

  • scooter dogg
    scooter dogg

    so did Schumacher actually take over after Ben or was the reveal a joke

    • Ryzza5


  • RR Showtime
    RR Showtime


  • Ryan Kingdon
    Ryan Kingdon

    Is the new Stig Ethan

  • Poddy Hadden
    Poddy Hadden

    Only time I've ever not been pissed about an add on LTwhite is the fact that one plays as soon as Ben asks Alex how much his mx5 build costs

  • Emerald Saiyan
    Emerald Saiyan

    The stig was litterally the superhero on top gear

  • Dominik Wilde
    Dominik Wilde

    "Bloody 'ell" - take a shot 😂

  • English Mustard
    English Mustard

    Amazing interview. Utterly compelling viewing

  • london man
    london man

    how do you win the book ?

  • Michael Lauter
    Michael Lauter

    These podcast are superb

  • Steven Millar
    Steven Millar

    some say he is copying the grand tours platform but with food and he cant cook

  • Suchar Sharma
    Suchar Sharma

    you did chris harris and the stig podcast on the same day didnt you

  • Thiago Albino Santos
    Thiago Albino Santos

    Then Barrichelo showed up... cheater...

  • Iain Macdonald
    Iain Macdonald

    I really hope you got footage of ben in the mazda! 👀 great podcast. 😀

  • Joel Brown
    Joel Brown

    I recently drove a Z4 with a 2.3 litre engine and it was all revs and nothing else, it lacked in power so much! Maybe that would have been different if it was a Z4 M it would have been quicker, but yeah the Z4 was slow!

  • Sven W
    Sven W

    Is he that guy that killed the Mazda Furai?

  • Big Moncrief
    Big Moncrief

    Being an endurance sports car fan in the late '90s / early '00s (in which Ben was a regular driver), it was fairly common knowledge that he was 'the Stig'. What I think gets forgotten now, is that, even after its relaunch, Top Gear was a fairly low key thing on BBC2 for many years. Not many people knew much about it, yet alone who the real Stig was.

  • Naz Nomad
    Naz Nomad

    Perry is the real Stig

  • N H
    N H

    The insurance thing is a real scam. I got hit by an uninsured driver (who then drove off) causing £2K damage. As the insurance company couldn’t recoup the costs it’s now on my record as a no fault claim. Currently paying around £100 more per year than I was. I got my excess back luckily but it’s the fact that I’m still paying for an accident that wasn’t my fault. Great podcast 👍

  • RatRaceProducing

    Ben Collins is the man. Between this and the Chris Harris podcast the best ones you have done

  • Malcolm Hardwick
    Malcolm Hardwick

    Great stuff guys !

  • Henry John
    Henry John jack golf accident

  • LRS

    If the guy asking for diesel advice is reading comments. Dont go for golf GTD, Audi make an A3 with the same engine as the GTD, quicker to 60 because its four wheel drive, same power, same mpg, sub £13k, debatably looks nicer inside and out.

  • Arminder Batth
    Arminder Batth

    The wise tuesday antenatally shiver because enemy peripherally lie besides a defiant red. insidious, fretful cupboard

  • kevin6666123

    Always thought Ben was the black stig and then white stig was someone else but just checked the supersport lap and that was white stig so guess ben played both.

  • Ollie Johnson
    Ollie Johnson

    12:53 Urban dictionary: "The act of displeasing someone, often while cheating in a video game or being better than the person that is accusing you of poding." Also found it to mean the act of removing peas from their pods... Your welcome 😂

  • Jaco2k

    There should be a drinking game for all the plugs on this interview - everytime Ben plugs something, we should have a drink. Surprised he didn't plug his niece's nail salon too... Or something :)

  • Can Bozkurt
    Can Bozkurt

    Amazing episode.

  • Stuart Wells
    Stuart Wells

    New Co-host??????

  • Sepehr Mn
    Sepehr Mn

    I always wondered if he actually could hear the musics playing in the car while doing a lap?

    • Ryzza5

      Certain TG DVDs had laps without music, so it's safe to say the music was added in the edit.

  • vrsmartin2981

    13k would get a nice mk3 octavia vRS wouldn't it? Nice eco car, plenty of go and space for stuff. Map it and they are rapid

  • Honk Honk
    Honk Honk

    I worked it out the buggatti supersport did 0.32 miles per gallon on track and that's assuming it was totally empty by the end so it's actually worse

  • Jake Caruana
    Jake Caruana

    Awesome episode lads. Ben Collins... what a legend. Top gear used to be my favorite show and it's so cool hearing from 'the stig' and his perspective and experiences on the show. Keep up the great work

  • Andrei Gauna Adamson
    Andrei Gauna Adamson

    Is he Phill's brother?🤔

  • Shoots true
    Shoots true

    What about the first stig, the one that made the stig famous “Perry McCarthy”

  • TeamAtterz

    Does Ben have a contact email for lessons? 😅

  • jason hobbs
    jason hobbs

    Thanks again guys, I'm a bit late watching. Absolutely love your pod cast keep up the excellent work.